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Kassey Lee
Coreile Letter

我出生香港,大学毕业后赴美学习,获得国际管理硕士学位。我曾任职于一家德国跨国公司,在香港、台湾、以及日本工作。近期,创立了,提供域名服务,也曾经是国际域名大会DomainFest 2016主讲者。



I was born in Hong Kong. After graduating from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, I spent various times living in Taiwan, USA, and Japan. I currently reside in New Zealand and publish Coreile Letter, a Chinese domain name market newsletter. I was a speaker at domain conference DomainFest 2016.

About the Avatar
Yes, it is an image of me. I gave my sister-in-law a recent photo of me and images of some ancient Chinese scholars, and asked her to morph me into an ancient Chinese wise man. The result? I sure look ancient, but unfortunately not wiser. The eyeglasses? Despite my protest, both my wife and her sister think I look better with the glasses on.