Domain Strategy Bulletin
Published Every Saturday
Kassey Lee

I publish Coreile, a domain strategy bulletin, in order to share my passion in the subject of domains - the digital addresses in the virtual world. We are still in the early stage of this new world, which is dominated mostly by businesses and large organizations. I believe that in the future everyone will have a digital address as their private home in the virtual world. In their digital home, they can store their digital assets, invite their friends to come in to socialize, and have a lock to lock up their home for protection and privacy. Also, there will be different types of addresses: commercial, residential, government, and others. Within the residential addresses, we'll see luxury mansions as well as ordinary houses. Certainly, free accommodation offered by the likes of Facebook or Wechat will continue.

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Yes, it is an image of me. I gave my sister-in-law a recent photo of me and images of some ancient Chinese scholars, and asked her to morph me into an ancient Chinese wise man. The result? I sure look ancient, but unfortunately not wiser. The eyeglasses? Despite my protest, both my wife and her sister think I look better with the glasses on.