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(2018.10.18) Two long .cn domains and were sold together for 120,000 yuan to New Zealand buyer recently. Plan for water bottling company Otakiri Springs (corporate domain to enter China? Note that sub domain has a minor share of the .cn market in China.

(2018.10.18) 好的域名,价值千金。域名大王Rick Schwartz在1990年代花了很少钱注册了Teem.com域名。2016年,域名大王以现金加1.5%的股权将Teem.com卖给设施管理软件初创公司Teem。今年9月,该公司被众创空间鼻祖WeWork收购,导致Rick手上的股权被清算。结果,前后这个域名给域名大王赚了80万美金。厉害吧!

(2018.10.17) Cloud is "yun" (云) in Chinese. Some of the cloud-related domains reportedly sold in China this year are: million yuan),,000 yuan), yuan), and (30,000 yuan).

(2018.10.17) 好的域名价值长期上升。三字母域名Gab.com在2014年以22万美元成交,最近该域名再次出售,以25万美元成交。Gab有“饶舌、多嘴、爱说话”的含义。这域名简短好记,方便搜索,适用企业宣传以及推广。


Posts and pigsy's journey to the west

(2018.10.13 Sat) When I was a child, I enjoyed reading a story called "Journey to the West". It tells of a Chinese monk traveling to far off places filled with mystery and adventure. He has three companions and one of them is pigsy Zhu Ba Jie (猪八戒), a pig who often gets into trouble but also displays a character of being tolerant, soft-hearted, and optimistic.(Read)

What is the Chinese meaning of

(2018.10.6 Sat) A reader asked me recently for the Chinese meaning of the domain So, in this article I'll explain how I create Chinese meanings for numeric domains. I use the word "create" here because numbers have no intrinsic meanings in Chinese. They are given meanings by using the rhyming technique.(Read)

What TechCrunch has taught me about the future of domains

(2018.9.29 Sat) I read TechCrunch almost everyday. It's a real pleasure to enjoy, but it also gives me a glimpse into the future of domains. (Read)

Is confidential information leaking from your domain?

(2018.9.22 Sat) Several years ago, I had an experience which shows how confidential information of your company may leak to outsiders if you don't own your brand-matching .com domain. The problem highlights human weakness when sending emails.(Read)

What is the digital address (domain) of your store?

(2018.9.15 Sat) Would you like to visit me and see all the works I have done? Just enter my digital address in the address bar of your browser. You see, such digital address is hard to remember and so that's where domains come in.(Read)