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September 16, 2016 (Fri) sold for about high 5 figures (mid 6-figure yuan) in private transaction. LNR may mean 老年人 (elderly people). Source:

A domain investor spent $75k (500k yuan) to acquire just to please his girlfriend with same English name. I can hear her saying next, "Tiffany diamond ring please" Source: sold for $30k (200k yuan) in recent auction. TTTJ may mean 天天特价 (everyday special price). Source: sold for $29k (192k yuan) in recent auction. 8351 rhymes with 半生无忧 (not to worry for half a lifetime). Source:

September 15, 2016 (Thu)

.cn registration reached 19.5 million as of end of August. (.cn is No. 1 extension in China with .com being second at about 11 million). Source: sold for high 4 figures (mid 5-figure yuan) to investor in private transaction. Pai may mean 'auction' so domain name can be used to develop auction site. Source: sold for $20k (135k yuan) in recent auction. 8703 rhymes with 百艺能生 (hundred skills can be created). Source: sold for $29k (194k yuan) in recent auction. 5916 rhymes with 我就要来 (I want to come). Source:

September 14, 2016 (Wed) and sold together for about 6 figures (7-figure yuan) recently in private transaction. PY may mean 聘用 (recruit) and GZW may mean 公众网 (public net). Source: sold for $16k (106k yuan) in recent auction. 8734 rhymes with 发财绅士 (a gentleman making a fortune). Source: sold for 4 figures (5-figure yuan) in private transaction. Mang is 1-pin and may mean 忙 (busy). Source: sold for $29k (191k yuan) in recent auction. 5719 rhymes with 吻情永久 (kiss and passion forever). Source:

September 13, 2016 (Tue) sold for $36k (242k yuan) in recent auction. QGD may mean 全国贷 (nationwide lending). Source:

VC firm Shuang Chuang Jie (双创街) acquired in private transaction with price not disclosed. Company's official website is which is still operating. does not resolve. Will the shorter name be used as official website? Source: sold for $19k (125k yuan) in recent auction. 53666 rhymes with 网商乐乐乐 (net business fun fun fun). Source: sold for about 6 figures (7 figures yuan) in private transaction. DDZ may mean 订订座 (book a seat). Source:

September 12, 2016 (Mon)

Investor bought 11 .cn domain names for a total of low 6 figures (high 6-figure yuan). The names are:,,,,,,,,,, and Source: moved to China recently but price unknown. is an operating educational service site by Xiao Niu Dun (小牛顿 = little Newton). Domain upgrade? Source: sold for 6 figures (7-figure yuan). 3555 rhymes with 想玩玩玩 (want to play). Source:

TMK.COM sold for $150k (about 1m yuan) in private transaction to angel investment firm in Germany. Domain name moved to China only a year ago. A sign of two-way trade becoming mainstream in China. TMK may mean 条码卡 (barcode card). Source:

September 10, 2016 (Sat) sold for $75k (500k yuan). In this case, 0 is good. Why? 0551 is dialing code for Hefei, the capital and largest city of Anhui Province. Source:

Single letter sold for $7.5k (50k yuan) in September 7 auction. Quite a nice sale on a new extension. LTD = Limited. F may mean 发 (make a fortune) or 富 (wealth). Source: reportedly sold for $30k (200k yuan) in recent auction, according to Similar 'news' also reported by eName. No details on auction given. Source: sold for reportedly 6 figures (7-figure yuan) in private transaction. Was sold in another transaction last year for $270k (1.8m yuan). SAO is 1-pin and may mean 扫 (sweep). Source:

September 9, 2016 (Fri)

Shanghai-based Jia Li Lai paid $18k (120k yuan) in March this year for a new extension to launch new website. Website name is Hu Li Wang (互礼网), which does not match actual name indicated on website (HuliFuture), and does not match domain name 120.GS. (120 is emergency call for medical services and GS seems to mean 公司 = company). Company does not own and, and and do not resolve. Source: sold for $22k (144k yuan) in recent auction. BR may mean 病人 (patients). Source: sold for $44k (292k yuan) in recent auction. STZ may mean 三太子 (three princes). Source:

Problem with long name. China International New Media Short Film Festival organizer announced next festival to be held in November. Its official website is Why is the domain name CSFF? Maybe a shorter name need to be considered. Source:

September 8, 2016 (Thu) and sold for $29.4k (196k yuan) and $29.3k (195k yuan) respectively in recent auction. Source: bought from overseas seller for about 6 figures (7-figure yuan) recently. 359 rhymes with 上网购 (go online to buy). Source: sold for $3k (close to 20k yuan) recently. FJCJ may mean 福建财经 (Fujian finance and economics). Source: sold for $17k (110k yuan) in recent auction. 4147 rhymes with 思游思吃 (think of traveling and eating). Source:

September 7, 2016 (Wed)

.club registry launched Chinese IDN on .club extension on September 6. No domain names are reserved but all are available on first-come-first-served basis. Source: sold for more than $150k (1m+ yuan) a while ago has been developed into renovation website named 敲敲打打 (Qiao Qiao Da Da = hammering) -- very appropriate naming. Source: sold for $53k (350k yuan) in recent auction. YXC may mean 游戏城 (game city). Source: sold for about 6 figures (several million yuan) recently. 516 rhymes with 无忧乐 (fun without worries). Source:

September 6, 2016 (Tue)

More money means even better name. Personal finance provider Jin Fu Zi (金斧子=golden axe) recently received Series C funding. Domain name also upgraded from exact matching to even shorter Why not? already set the example by upgrading to a while ago. Source: sold for $2.4k (16k yuan) in recent auction. 299 rhymes with 爱久久 (love for a long time). Source: sold for $36k (240k yuan) in recent auction. RFH may mean 锐凤凰 (a sharp phoenix). Source: sold for $26k (172k yuan) in recent auction. 2435 rhymes with 安世商网 (peace business net). Source:

September 5, 2016 (Mon) sold for $20k (130k yuan) in September 2 auction. 0729 rhymes with 邻居爱酒 (neighbors love wine). Source: sold for $18k (122k yuan) in September 2 auction. 4185 rhymes with 西医伴我 (western doctor being with me). Source: sold for $44k (295k yuan) in recent auction. TZS may mean 天之神 (heavenly God). Source: sold to well-known investor Yue DAI for more than $150k (1m+ yuan). KLG may mean 快乐购 (happy buying). Source:

September 3, 2016 (Sat) sold for $32k (210k yuan) in September 2 auction. 58777 rhymes with 网吧趣趣趣 (internet cafe fun fun fun). Source: sold for $29k (192k yuan) in September 2 auction. 5296 rhymes with 我爱酒楼 (I love restaurant). Source:

Evernote's main site in China is not (which appears to be owned by someone else) but which matches its trading name in China: 印象笔记 (impression notebook). This may stop Chinese consumers knowing Evernote is the global brand. Source:

真人棋牌.wang sold for $7k (49k yuan) on 真人棋牌 means playing card-and-tile games with a sense of realness. Source:

September 2, 2016 (Fri)

.mobi still alive. Wan Dan (玩单) received angel investment recently. Wan Dan is a marketplace for hand-drawings, and its official website is the exact matching domain name Source:

A business association (广东老字号协会) in Guangdong Province has launched Chinese IDN.IDN (老字号.广东) using the geo extension .广东 (Guangdong), Official website is, which is 5L. Source: sold for $1.5k (10k yuan) BIN price on West .cn. 28 rhymes with 偶发 (happen by change). Did you know .cx is the country extension for Christmas Island? Source: sold for $189k (1.26m yuan) in September 1 auction. ZA may mean 真爱 (true love). Source:

September 1, 2016 (Thu)

微在 (Wei Zai), Chinese equivalent of Buzzfeed, received Pre-A Series funding. Official website uses Wezeit .com where "we" is English and "zeit" is German. That's tough to remember. Source: caught by DropCatch on August 29 for $9,560 has excellent Chinese meaning. Bai Fu Mei is 3-pin and has only 8 characters. The name may refer to 白富美 (white, rich, and beautiful), which is a popular phrase in China to refer to girls that have white skin color and are well off, beautiful, stylish, and elegant. Source:

NLLL developed into site. Tour operator 8只小猪 (meaning 8 pigs) recently received Pre-A Series funding. Official website uses 8pig .com. Source:

Leadinfo .com sold on West .xyz markeplace for $1k to overseas buyer. Two-way trade will become the norm. Source:

August 31, 2016 (Wed)

4-pin can sell. WuJinJiDian .com sold for $1.2 (8k yuan) on West .cn. At 11 characters, Wu Jin Ji Dian (五金机电=metal hardware and electric tools) is quite long. Source:

Domain selling is no longer a one-way street to China. Pye .tech and eLe .onLine sold for $563 (3,750 yuan) and $1k (6,668 yuan) to overseas buyers via West .xyz domain marketplace. Source:

English name used! Quan Yu Yi Liao (全域医疗) recently received large funding. Domain name used is Allcure .cn, which matches with meaning of Chinese name. Source: completed 10-day .xyz domain name auction. Dozens of 3N, 3L, 4N, 4L domain names sold, giving a total sale of $30k (198k yuan). Highest price achieved by 181 .xyz at $3k (21k yuan). 181 rhymes with 要不要 (want it or not?). Source:

August 30, 2016 (Tue) sold for about $1m (high 7-figure yuan) likely in private transaction. XR may mean 笑容 (smile). Source: sold for about 5 figures (6-figure yuan) to investor. 958 rhymes with 购物帮 (the shopping gang). Source:

Investor Huan Le Cai Shen (欢乐财神) and owner of recently bought and Che and Fang are both 1-pin meaning 车 (car) and 房 (house) respectively. Purchase prices not disclosed. Source: sold for about 6 figures (7-figure yuan) to investor. "OK" is commonly used in business names so no translation is required. Source:

August 29, 2016 (Mon)

A Chinese startup with no Chinese name. Teambition just secured investment from Tencent. The company's official website is matching No Chinese name is found on its site. Products are for managing team-based projects: mostly targeting business users but not consumers. Source:

Meidi (美的集团) has obtained license to offer payment services, but official website does not match company name. It also owns matching but unused domain name (minor extension imo) but failed to secure and Source:

Use of for commercial purpose? Gene research company Geneplus Technology (吉因加) just received $30m (200m yuan) funding. Official website is matching but extension lacks clarity as .org is generally used for non-profit organizations but in China anyone can register a name on the extension. Source:

Mobile lender Feidai (飞贷) features lending from mobile app up to $45k (300k yuan) with no collateral and no interview required. All done in 3 minutes. The company owns matching domain name 2-pin Price of this domain name rose from $450 (3,001 yuan) to $180k (1.2m yuan) within two years until it was acquired by Feidai. Just shows domain price can spike once end user comes into the picture. Source:

August 27, 2016 (Sat)

Rising market cap helps Tencent to dethrone Baidu as No. 1 internet company in China. Tencent recently boosted investment in and became its largest shareholder. Source:

Both sides covered! launched yesterday as platform for all buying, selling, inspection, insurance, and wide range of car-related services. MaiChe may mean 买车 (buy car) or 卖车 (sell car).Great name! Source: sold for $24k (160k yuan) in recent auction. TB may mean 淘宝 (treasure hunting). Source:

English domain name spotted. Startup You Ke (优客) -- which provides shared office and business community for startups -- just received about $15m (100m yuan) Series B funding. Company name not exact match of domain name but likely rhyming with "u" and "k" in domain name. Source:

August 26, 2016 (Fri)

English words used but meaning unclear. Jing Wan (镜玩=fun with mirror) just received $750k (5m yuan) angel investment. Official website is, a one-to-one live streaming service. While "cam' is related to the service, what about "folk"? Maybe a long stretch to mean "one-to-one". Source:

2-pin reported to be sold for 6 figures (7-figure yuan) recently. Meirong may mean 美容 (cosmetics), which is a big money word. It was sold for $330k (2.2m yuan) in April auction. The cosmetics market is $15b (100b yuan) or 1.8% of GDP of China. Source:

A play with word, but does it work? Jia Jia Yi (家+1), provider of artificial intelligence-based interior design plus furniture sale just received $2m (13m yuan) funding. Official website is where + is translated to "jia", but can consumers remember the domain name easily? I'm not sure. Source: sold for $14k (91k yuan) in recent auction. 702 rhymes with 千里爱 (love that spans thousand miles). Source:

August 25, 2016 (Thu)

Consumer electronics maker Suning launched Chinese IDN.IDN site using 苏宁.集团 ( Website contains contents about products and retailer location. Source: sold for $43k (288k yuan) in recent auction. NWT may mean 你我他 (you me him) or 你我她 (you me her). Source:

A play on domain extension. Bookmark management service Shouqu (收趣) just received $6m (38m yuan) angel investment. Official website uses which as a whole means 收趣我 (my fun in collecting). Cool name! Source: (易介) is partnering with .ws registry to auction off large number of 2L and 2N .ws domain names, such as and Minimum bid is $900 (6k yuan). The extension is being promoted in China to mean 网商 (web merchant), 微商 (micro business), or 卫生 (hygiene). Source:

August 24, 2016 (Wed) and sold for $1,200 (8000 yuan) and $750 (5000 yuan) respectively in auction. 138 rhymes with 一生发 (be rich all your life) and 426 是爱乐 (is love and fun). Source: sold for $2.5k (17k yuan) in August 22 auction. 182 rhymes with 一辈爱 (love for the lifetime). Source:

Short is good and .cm sells too.,, and sold for $1,410 (9,400 yuan), $1,050 (7,000 yuan), and $750 (5000 yuan) respectively in recent auction. MP may mean 买票 (buy ticket) and OR may mean 偶然 (by chance). Source: went to China for 6 figures (7-figure yuan) recently, according to a post on domain forum 705 rhymes with 起来玩 (get up and play). Source:

August 23, 2016 (Tue)

.win exceeded 1m registrations. As of August 18, 1,002,491 .win domain names were registered, making .win the 4th largest new extension in China, after .xyz (6.5m), ,top (.32m), and .wang (1.1m). Source: sold for $1.4k (9,200 yuan) in August 21 auction. 029 is dialing code of Xian. Source: and sold for over $3k (20k yuan) each in auction. 181 rhymes with 要不要 (want it or not?) and 186 要发了 (going to make a fortune). Source:

Startup Yi Fang Wan (一房网=one house net) launched real estate website on "i" is wrong choice as domain name now means 爱房 (love house). "e" or "Yi" would be better. Source:

August 22, 2016 (Mon) sold for high 5 figures (mid 6-figure yuan) in private transaction. PZL may mean 拍照乐 (fun in taking picture). Source: sold for $36k (240k yuan) in August 18 auction. QKJ may mean 取款机 (automated teller machine). Source:

Old Jingtailan company Beijing Fa Lang Chang (北京珐琅厂) launched website using Chinese IDN.IDN 景泰蓝.网址 (Jingtailan.netaddress) to redirect to 5L official site Jingtailan (Cloisonne) is an ancient technique used in decorating metalwork objects. Source:

Want to grab good domain name? Burn mid-night oil. Well-known investor Feng ZHOU (周峰) stayed awake at 3am and seized in last 4 minutes of auction. Chuangtouquan is 3-pin and stands for 创投圈 (venture capitalist community), which matches same company name (创投圈) Zhou already owns using domain name Source:

August 20, 2016 (Sat)

One "r" too many. Financial service provider Yin Ke Wang (银客网=silver customer net) finally upgraded from to Source: sold for $36k (242k yuan) in August 18 auction. RZQ may mean 融资期 (financing term). Source: launched to match brand name Wei Sheng (维胜=maintain victory) to provide financial products. "v" rhymes with "wei" in this case. Source: sold for $3k (20k yuan) in August 18 auction. 186 rhymes with 要发了 (going to make a fortune). Source:

August 19, 2016 (Fri) sold for low 5 figures (high 5-figure yuan) to end user recently. LCP may mean 理财品 (products to manage finance). Source: sold for $3k (21k yuan) in August 17 auction. 181 rhymes with 要不要 (want it or not?). Source: sold for $1,350 (9k yuan) in August 17 auction. 8 rhymes with八卦 (gossip). Earlier, was sold for $900 (6k yuan) on Source: sold for close to $42k (280k yuan) in recent auction. DTP may mean 大图片 (big picture). Source:

August 18, 2016 (Thu) sold for 6 figures (7-figure yuan) in recent auction. 095 rhymes with 你找我 (you're looking for me) and 95 is also associated with 九五至尊 (idiom=supreme). Source: sold for close to $42 (280k yuan) in recent auction. DYZ may mean 大宇宙 (big universe). Source:

Single letter sold for $195 (1,300 yuan) in recent auction. Just shows rarity does sell, though at low price compared with mainstream extensions. may mean 吃鱼 (eat fish). Past sales include,,,, and, at prices between 1,000 and 2,000 yuan. Source:

Beijing-based Teleinfo announced new services to help foreign registries entering China to obtain approval from MIIT. Teleinfo was instrumental in helping Verisign getting .com and .net approved by MIIT recently. Source:

August 17, 2016 (Wed) sold for $35k (234k yuan) in recent auction. PNQ may mean 陪你去 (go with you). Source:

Domain + TM future trend? plus TM in category 35 (advertising) sold for close to 5 figures (6-figure yuan). Wuage is 3-pin and may mean 五阿哥 (elder brother number 5). Source:

.shop appears to be keen at China market. Hiroya Tsukahara was the only CEO of domain registry invited to roundtable discussion at Alibaba-organized The Computing Conference held in Beijing August 8-9. Early access program will start Sept 1. Chinese consumers' affinity with online purchases and burgeoning ecommerce startups must be of great interest to him? Source: sold for $45k (301k yuan) in recent auction. CHB may mean 策划部 (planning division). Source:

August 16, 2016 (Tue) sold for $46k (305k yuan) in recent auction. JHM may mean 金海马 (golden sea horse). Source: and both sold for $31k (204k yuan) each in recent auction. 7195 rhymes with 千要购物 (really want to go shopping) and 2395 rhymes with 爱上购物 (love to go shopping). Source: sold for 6 figures (7-figure yuan) in recent auction. 237 rhymes with 爱相亲 (like match making). Source: sold for $42k (280k yuan) in recent auction. XZQ may mean 选择权 (right to choose). Source:

August 15, 2016 (Mon) once sold for more than $300k (2m yuan) finally landed in end user's hand. Landing page suggests baby-related business. Bei is 1-pin and may mean 贝 (cowry). Source:

Simple English word sells. sold recently but price not disclosed. Value comes from both as 3L and as single word which is easy to understand. Source:

4-pin is usually the max to go. Human resources platform Da Xiang Ren Shi (大象人事=elephant human resoruces) just received about $1.5m (10m yuan) angel investment. Official website is matching domain name At 13 charaters, it quite long, though meaningful and easy to remember. Source: and sold for $31k (204k yuan) and $30k (203k yuan) respectively in recent auction. Source:

August 13, 2016 (Sat)

A joke is circling in the Chinese domain industry about young men loving toilets. A young man uses half a million dollars of angel investment to create an ecommerce site. He calls it Aitao and spends $45,000 to buy Soon, he receives an infringement letter on the word "tao" from Alibaba. He goes into the toilet and cries over his stupid plan. The business fails and he sells the only asset he has: for more than $150,000 . Overjoyed, he goes into the toilet and laughs -- over his wise purchase. Source: sold for $38k (252k yuan) in recent auction. JGX may mean 金龟婿 (wealthy husband). Source:

More fund, better domain name. Match-making startup Zhen Ai Wang (珍爱网) preparing new round of funding. Company started with then upgraded to matching company name. Source: sold for $23k (156k yuan) in August 11 auction. NG may mean 南瓜 (pumpkin). Domain name was sold earlier in May for $25k overseas. Source:

August 12, 2016 (Fri)

Strong funding but weak domain name. Cheng Yi Sheng (橙医生) just received $5m (30m yuan) Series A+ funding. Official site is matching but does not own better extensions and Source:

Humble name but good traffic. Latest stats on job site give average number of visitors 417,000 per day and average number of pages viewed 6,672,000 per day. Source: reportedly sold for 5 figures (6 figure yuan) to water purifier manufacturer. Shui is a Pinyin word for 水 (water) so is very appropriate. Domain name does not resolve yet. Impressive .top name sale! Source: sold for mid to high 4 figures (mid 5 figure yuan) to end user recently in private transaction. 1 may mean No. 1 and WX 武侠 (martial arts). Source:

August 11, 2016 (Thu)

Strong funding but weak domain name. Yi Qi Xiu (易企秀) just received $9m (60m yuan) Series B funding, but is using non-matching as official site. Source: sold for $70k (465k yuan) in August 9 auction. NYS may mean 纽约市 (New York city). Source: sold for high 5 figures (mid 6 figure yuan) between domain investors. Name can be seen as year 1951. Source:

30 single-letter doman names on country extensions were auctioned on Taobao yesterday, including,, and HN may mean 海南 (Hainan province), YSL is a French luxury fashion house, and may mean 买奶粉 (buy powdered milk). Result not known yet. Source:

August 10, 2016 (Wed) sold for 6 figures (7 figure yuan) recently to domain investor. JR may mean 金融 (finance). Source: sold for $38k (250k yuan) in August 8 auction. HBQ may mean 回不去 (can't return). Source:

Messaging app becoming new auction platform? for sale message was posted on Wechat and within 2 hours was sold, as announced by seller. Price not disclosed. Faster than traditional listing on auction site. Source: sold for mid to high 5 figures (mid 6 figure yuan). 0799 is dialing code for Ping Xiang district, Jiang Xi. Source:

August 9, 2016 (Tue) and sold in recent auction both for low 5 figures (high 5-figure and low 6-figure yuan respectively). 4593 rhymes with 食物介绍 (introducing food) and 7181 is easy to pronounce. (Note: news confusing. may actually be Source:

Specular business but plain domain name. Fruit selling startup Shan Dian Gou (闪电购 = lightning fast purchase) has received massive funding from the likes of Alibaba (Series A $100m, Series B $25m and lately Series C $40m) but operates on cheap and non matching Unfortunately, both matching names and are already owned by investors. (Edit: As of this writing, the company seems to have secured which is showing the same contents as its official site Good on the company if they have bought the exact matching name.) Source:

English words work well in China. owner Tian Tian Guo Yuan (天天果园 = everyday orchard) just received $15m (100m yuan) Series D+ funding to expand its fruit selling business. Company also owns but does not use for brand protection. is easy to remember but does not match company name, though. Source:

Another company using "mall" name spotted. Bai Wan Cang (佰万仓=a storehouse with a million of items) just received several millions of dollars of angel investment. Its official website can be found at where BWC is acronym for its company name. Source:

August 8, 2016 (Mon)

.top exceeds 3m registrations, according to latest stats from ntldstats. Top 3 are .xyz, .top, and .wang. Source: and sold for $35k (230k yuan) and $20k (135k yuan) respectively in auction. 3079 rhymes with 身临其境 (feel like you are actually there). Source:

eCommerce sites in China racing to apply VR to online shopping, e.g. virtual fitting room. readying launch of VR site on Landing page only for now. Source:

China's CNNIC lastest report: Internet population 710m, still low at 52% penetration rate. 93% access from miblile phones. Source:

August 6, 2016 (Sat) sold for $40k (267k yuan) in August 4 auction. MQZ may mean 煤气灶 (gas stove). Source:

Will .mobi rise again — in China? Arguments presented: mobile internet is on fire so .mobi will become the supreme leader in domain world. .mobi is the only extension in the world to cater for mobile phones and mobile devices. Also, Chinese IDN .mobi is highly supported by MIIT. But, will you buy these arguments? Source: sold for $39k (260k yuan) in August 4 auction. GJF may mean 国际法 (international law). Source: sold for 5 figures (6 figures yuan) recently. Was sold in May auction for $21k (143k yuan). JP may mean 精品 (gifts). Source:

August 5, 2016 (Fri)

Total number of domain registrations rose to 37m, with .cn 53% at 20m then .com at 11m. New extensions biggest gain. Source: sold for $55k (365k yuan) at recent auction. Was sold last October for $40k (265k yuan). NTQ may mean 泥土气 (earthy smell). Source: sold for $3k (20k yuan) recently. Much lower than similar sale acquired by for $15k on Sedo. Registration of .tech domain names currently at 170k. Source: sold for $44k (290k yuan) in recent auction. FLJ may mean 福利街 (welfare street). Source:

August 4, 2016 (Thu) sold for high 5 figures (6 figures yuan) recently. DaFuHao is 3-pin and very short at 7 characters. It may mean 大富豪 (very rich person). Source:

Local bank with 625 employees launched site on 5L .wang. Jiang Su Yan Cheng Rural Commercial Bank operating on launched new site with duplicate contents on New domain name better as it matches company name. Source: sold for $39k (257k yuan) in recent auction. YRS may mean 羊绒衫 (wool clothing). Source: sold for $40k (262k yuan) in recent auction. CXN may mean 粗心男 (careless man). Source:

August 3, 2016 (Wed) sold for $1.28m (8.5m yuan) on (BIN price, August 2). KF may mean 咖啡 (coffee), 客服 (customer service), or 看房 (view house). Source: sold for $42k (280k yuan) in June now launched into cooking website named 做饭乐 (fun in cooking). Source: sold for $10k (66,666 yuan) recently. FYHB may mean 风云变幻 (Chinese idiom: changeable situation), 飞扬跋扈 (bossy and domineering), or 泛亚环保 (Asia-wide environmental protection). Source:

Airbnb launched Chinese site on registered only in March this year. The domain name does not resolve yet but Chinese contents can be found at Its official name in Chinese is not available but Aibiying may mean 爱必赢 (love to always win), 爱必应 (love to always respond), or 爱彼鹰 (love that eagle). Source:

August 2, 2016 (Tue)

Some investors like buying domain names as a set. Recently, investor NONO (nickname) spent high 5 figures (6-figure yuan) to acquire,, and together as a set. NiuMaNa is 3-pin and may mean 牛妈妈 (cow mother). Source: sold for $7k (48k yuan) in recent auction. MaLingShu is 3-pin and may mean 马铃薯 (potato). Source: developed into virtual reality site. The domain name was rumored to have been sold for close to $1.5m (10m yuan). Source:

Pinyin .club sells too. was sold on for $2,800 (18,890 yuan) on July 31 at BIN price. The domain name was registered only a day earlier. Well, almost hard to believe! Fende is 1-pin and may mean 芬德 (not likely a common phrase, meaning fragrance and goodness). Source:

August 1, 2016 (Mon)

.vip sites spotted: (music fan club for teens) and (fan club of Korean pop group). Source:

.top website development. Vinus developed for the Chinese market, but is owned by someone else and not resolve. Why didn't they try to buy Source:

English words used in Chinese domain name. recently received $450k (3m yuan) funding from angel investor to expand email services. Source: recently developed into website by startup Ying Tou (盈透). The company offers technology products. However, domain name does not match company name. Research gave no hint on naming logic. Source:

July 30, 2016 (Sat) sold for high 5 figures (mid 6-figure yuan). KKK may mean 快快快 (hurry up), 看看看 (look!), or 酷酷酷 (cool). Source: and sold for about $20k (130k yuan) each. With 3N becoming so expensive, 4N domain names are still attractive for end users. Source: sold for $51k (342k yuan) in recent auction. XKT may mean 新课堂 (new classroom) or 修空调 (repair air conditioners). Source: sold for high 5 figures (mid 6-figure yuan) to end user. Gou is 1-pin and may mean 购 (buy), 沟 (a ditch), or 狗 (dog). Source:

July 29, 2016 (Fri)

In interview with during World Domain Conference, Crystal Peterson of Neustar pinpointed .co and .biz in partnership with Will .biz see growth in China? Interview in Chinese can be found at Source: site launched. Was sold for $150k (1m yuan) in July, 2015, then $1m (6.8m yuan) in June this year. Price hike incredible! XT may mean 信托 (trust), 小兔 (small rabbit), or 祥泰 (auspicious and peaceful). Source: sold for high 5 figures (mid 6-figure yuan) recently to investor. ZZZ may mean 转转转 (turn, turn, turn), 赚赚赚 (make money, make money, make money), 制造者 (maker), or 主宰者 (ruler). Source:

VR market said to be $231m (1.5b yuan) in 2015 to grow to $829m (5.7b yuan) in 2016, then $8.3b (55b yuan) in 2020. was sold for close to $1.5m (10m yuan) a while ago, and is already a developed VR site. Source:

July 28, 2016 (Thu) sold for $49k (325k yuan) in recent auction. H9 may mean 好酒 (good wine), 喝酒 (drink wine), 很久 (a long time), 红酒 (red wine), or 怀旧 (nostalgia). Source: sold for $135k (900k yuan) in recent auction. QP may mean 抢票 (grab ticket), 汽配 (auto parts), or 旗袍 (Chinese-style dress). Source: sold for $30k (200k yuan) in recent auction. ML may mean 魅力 (charm), 魔力 (magic power), or 美丽 (beautiful). Source: sold for close to $75k (500k yuan) in July 26 auction. Luan can be used as 1-pin such as 乱 (disorder), 卵 (egg), or 銮 (imperial). It can also be used as 2-pin (Lu An) which may be 六安 (Lu An city), 潞安 (geo, food name, etc.), or 路安 (peaceful journey). Source:

July 27, 2016 (Wed)

Growth of 4i .com can be attributed to: (1) multiple meanings for end uers to choose, (2) price cheap enough for investors as well as end users to buy, when compared with 2i or 3i, and (3) still short enough to remember. 4i .com has a large market with over 10m of small companies. Source:

Quite a few .vip domain names developed into sites: (movie), (movie), (hot movie, tv), and (Japanese animation). VIP implies quality and belonging to special group. Source:

4i .com rose from $900 (6,000 yuan) to over $1,140 (7,600 yuan) in last 30 days. Nine 4i .com sold on July 25 with average price $1412 (9415 yuan). Source:

First domain+trademark auction held July 20 on for general public. Event was organized by and Alibaba group, and 20 sets of domain+trademark were sold, such as,, and Details of trademark not publsihed. Source:

July 26, 2016 (Tue) sold for $47k (310k yuan) in recent auction. XRR may mean 新日日 (new day), 信任人 (trust people), or 信任融 (financing with trust). Source: sold for more than $81k (540k yuan) in recent auction. YW may mean 天涯网 (faraway place net), 体育网 (sports net), or 铁友网 (railway friend net). Source:

Videos, photos, and stories about recent World Domain Conference now available mostly in Chinese on Source:

New extensions sell. sold for $915 (6.5k yuan). 8 may also suggest 八卦(gossip), so makes sense as gossip show. sold earlier for $1.1k (7.5k yuan). Also sold was $130 (888 yuan). Source:

July 25, 2016 (Mon)

Short clip of Frank Schilling during World Domain Conference in China recently. He said, "We look forward to being licensed later this year to sell .link and .click and .mom and .lol here in China." That means domain names on these extensions will be able to be used to build websites in China. URL: Source: sold recently $40k (335k yuan) recently. 3 rhymes with 生(alive), 8 with 发 (make a fortune), and 6 with 六六大顺 (idiom=everything is going smoothly). Source:

3C warehousing strategy by Hao Nan CHEN continues. Chen recently bought two more 3C domain names: and Prices unknwon. Warehouseing is a strategy by big investors collecting a large number of same type of domain names. (For more info on Chen, see my post Source: and sold on recently for $1.8 k (12k yuan) and $1.5k (10k yuan) respectively. 1212 may represent the December 12 sales festival on Taobao. 1919 is brand name of wine chainstore 1919 on Source:

July 23, 2016 (Sat) sold for $47k (310k yuan) in recent auction. LXY may mean 乐逍遥 (a happy and free life style), 流行乐 (pop music), or 量血压 (measure blood pressure), Source:

5N .com selling well. Domain investor Aqiang (啊强=nickname) recently sold fifty 5N .com in bulk transaction for more than $300k (2m yuan). In separate transactions, and also sold for more than $15k (100k yuan) each. Source: sold recently for low 6 figures (low 7 figures yuan). CC may mean 吃穿 (eat and wear), 出差 (business trip), or财产 (wealth). Source: sold for $623k (4.15m yuan) in July 21 auction. Domain name was sold for $221k (1.47m yuan) only six months ago in January by overseas owner to investor in China, then sold again to another Chinese investor in March for unknown price. Speculation running high! Lian may mean 廉 (cheap), 恋 (to love), 联 (contact), 连 (link), or 脸 (face). Source:

July 22, 2016 (Fri) sold for $25k (165k yuan) in July 20 auction. 2110 rhymes with 爱依依你 (love to rely on you). Source:

LL + English may work. Tour operator 梦想 (Meng Xiang) just received $6m (40m yuan) funding to expand its tour business. Official website is on Source:

.cn is No 2 in ccTLD behind .tk. See Considering genuine end user demand, .cn will take over .tk to become No. 1 in ccTLD in due time. Source:

5TV, video platform known for creative production, received Series A funding recently. Official website is 5 rhymes with 我 (me) so 5TV implies original TV shows for "me". Source:

July 21, 2016 (Thu)

Number of phishing sites reported 6,637 in June. 52% phishing sites used .com, followed by .cc (12%) and .tk (11%). Only 1% of .cn as real name registration deters such use. Source: sold for $60k (400k yuan) in recent auction. YLL may mean 有礼了 (good manner), 月利率 (monthly interest rate), or 又来了 (here we go again). Source: sold for $5k (37k yuan) in recent auction. HQN may mean 好青年 (a good young person), 还去哪 (where else do you want to go?), or 好千年 (good for a thousand years). Source: sold for $63k (420k yuan) in recent auction. YGY may mean 鱼肝油 (cod liver oil), 摇滚乐 (rock 'n roll), or 一个月 (one month). Source:

July 20, 2016 (Wed)

3 .win names sold in recent auction. for $9k (62k yuan, for $9k (60k yuan, and for $5k (35k yuan). 1 may mean 医 (medical), 要 (want), or 邀 (invite). 9 may mean 久 (long time), 购 (buy), or 酒 (wine). J may 价 (Price), 景 (scenery), or 金 (gold). Source: sold for about $38k (250k yuan) in July 18 auction. BZN may mean 抱着你 (embrace you), 保证你 (guarantee you), or 帮助你 (help you). Source: sold for $47k (315k yuan) in recent auction. 3 mean lively and 168 rhymes with 一路发 (making a fortune all the way). Source:

Kaifeng-born Mr. Huang paid 6 figures (7-figure yuan) and more than 15 years to acquire Kaifeng (开封) has long history being capital of many dynasties. Buyer plans to develop domain name into website on rich history of city. Kaifeng is also where Jewish community exists since AD960. Source:

July 19, 2016 (Tue)

Verisign met with domain specialists at and announced implementation of real-name registration for .com and .net domain names via Chinese registrars, starting July 18. A domain name with registrant identity not verified within 5 days of registration will not resolve within China. Source:

.co domain name auction held on scored $255k (1.7m yuan) in sales. 19 LL domain names were sold, with being highest in price. CY may mean 创业 (entrepreneurship), 创意 (creativity), 厨艺 (kitchen skills), 畅游 (easy travel), 财源 (wealth source), 车友 (car friend), or 餐饮 (food and beverage). All can be big businesses. also sold, in bulk. Source:

Verified real personal or company name required in whois information for .com and .net in China starting July 25. If not, domain name will be put on "ServerHold", meaning domain name will be deleted from DNS and therefore cannot resolve to website, and buy/sell will not be possible. Currently, 60% of domain transaction fail because of incorrect whois information. New whois information will act like certificate of ownership Source:

.shop registry signed registrar agreement with Aliyun of Alibaba group. eCommerce in China expected to double in 5 years to exceed $1 trillion. GA in September. Source:

July 18, 2016 (Mon)

Name + number getting popular. Kuang Bao Wang (矿宝网) just received $1.8m (12m yuan) funding. Official site is Other similar names reported in recent news include,, and Some numbers considered good in Chinese are 100, 58, 360, and 88. Source: sold for $40k (268k yuan) in recent auction. DJZ may mean 等兼职 (waiting for a second job), 登记证 (registration certificate), or 第九章 (chapter 9). Source:

Logistics firm Zhong Tong (中通) upgraded from to to ready for IPO in USA and going global, but domain name not exact match of company name. would be perfect by cutting out the "o" in its .com name. Source:

5L domain name used by end user spotted. Pharmaceutical firm Zhang Zhou Pian Zai Huang operates on Acronym does match company name. Source:

July 16, 2016 (Sat) is worth something. sold to end user for $45k (300k yuan) recently. PH may mean 片花 (tidbits related to a film), 普惠 (general favor), or 票号 (ticket number). Source: sold for $53k (350k yuan) in recent auction. QA may mean 去啊 (go!), 亲爱 (dear), or 请安 (greeting to wish good health). Source: sold for $40k (265k yuan) in July 14 auction. 177 rhymes with 一起去 (Let's go together). Source:

Aircar smart in getting $3m (20m yuan) funding but not so smart imo in selecting domain name. They need to drop the "port" from their domain name Source:

July 15, 2016 (Fri)

Geo in acronym excels. sold for $2k (14k yuan), almost double of current 4i .com prices. BJ may mean Beijing and QP may mean 汽配 (auto parts). Source: sold for $43k (286k yuan) in recent auction. LXF may mean 联想房 (a room to associate cognitively with...), 留学坊 (study abroad workshop), or 流行坊 (workshop on trend) Source:

Single letters and sold recently via for $1,455 (9,700 yuan) and $1,470 (9,800 yuan). N may mean 你 (you), 女 (woman), or 男 (man). L may mean 乐 (fun), 旅 (travel), or 龙 (dragon). Source: sold for mid 6-figure yuan in private transaction. 99 is luckly number and 9927 rhymes with 久久爱情 (long lasting love). Source:

July 14, 2016 (Thu) sold for $33k (220k yuan) in July 11 auction on X can represent many good Chinese characters, such as 信 (trust), 喜 (joy), 学 (learn). 性 (sex), or 戏 (game). Source: sold for $25k (164k yuan) in recent auction. 5102 is an excellent number because it rhymes with 我要你爱 (I want you to love me). Good meaning definitely beats "0". Source: sold for $66k (437k yuan) in July 12 auction. ZSB may mean 正式版 (formal edition), 掌上宝 (treasure in your palm), or 知识宝 (treasure of knowledge). Source: sold for $25k (166k yuan) in recent auction. Domain name reminds us of 哦,QQ! (Oh! QQ) where QQ is brand of instant messaging service by Tencent. Source:

July 13, 2016 (Wed) sold for near $150k (1m yuan) recently to end user company. Leba is 2-pin and may mean 乐吧 (happy bar), 乐爸 (happy dad), or 乐霸 (happy tyrant). Buyer is internet startup and plans to build local social network. Source:

"short" is better than perfect match. Online lender Li Min Wang (利民网) recently upgraded its perfectly matched domain to Maybe they'll drop "wang" (meaning net) from their company name? Source:

.ee registrations reportedly shot to over 100,000 in 2015 from 30,000 before. Domain registration costs about $8 or 56 yuan. Source:

Real estate startup closed $30m (200m yuan) Series B funding to expand business in providing shared work space and social networking for entrepreneurs. Official website is Domain name matches company name and nature of business is about "work". Source:

July 12, 2016 (Tue)

Package of three .wang domain names sold for $18k (120k yuan) in private transaction: (康=healthy), (钢=steel), and (糖=sugar). Source:

Another end user company launching new service on NN + English domain name. Startup just received angel funding of about $8m (50m yuan) and official website is 3 may mean live (生) and 9 long long time (久). Other similar domain names owned by end user companies are and Source:

An LLNN .com spotted in news. Xing Cheng (新橙) just launched as game site. XC matches this game startup's name and 10 may imply digital (1 and 0). Xing Cheng has been voted best game company in Asia. Source: sold for $235k early this year has gone live. Domain name was acquired by Chinese genome research company BGI to upgrade from Chinese like "short" domain names. Source:

July 11, 2016 (Mon)

.xin, first extension launched by Alibaba, is being promoted as credit rating service for businesses, according to Aliyun director Ying Qiao SONG in interview at World Domain Conference. XIN means 信(credibility) in Chinese and Aliyun is working with Alibaba and Antgroup to provide this service. Source:

Domain experts in World Domain Conference predicted dramatic rise of popularity of Chinese IDN within 5 to 10 years. One driving force is voice input on mobile phones. Source:

e does not need translation. e背调 went online recently using domain name e rhymes with Yi (易) so is a good letter to start with any business focusing on "easy so and so". Source: sold for $135k (900k yuan) in July 7 auction. 36 is associated with Chinese ancient essay titled Thirty-Six Stratagems for solving problems. Similar name already developed into job site. Source:

July 9, 2016 (Sat) sold for $50k (330k yuan) in July 7 auction. ZJP may mean 中间派 (moderate party), 传记片 (biography film), or 终结篇 (final chapter) Source: sold for $46k (306k yuan) in July 7 auction. GZD may mean 公主贷 (princess lending), 鸽子蛋 (dove egg), or 关注度 (degree of interest). Source:

Top Chinese domain registrar (美橙互联) is having a bargain sales. How about 45 cents (3 yuan) for .pw, 75 cents (5 yuan) for .top, and very low prices for more than 10 extensions. Will low prices create another boom in the Chinese market? Source:

35m domain names in China, which shares 40% global domain sales. Zhejiang province accounts for more than 50% of domain sales in China. If you read this news article, you want to move to Zhejiang right away. Source:

July 8, 2016 (Fri)

Zai Huang Bao (仔皇煲) completed Pre-A series $1.5m (10m yuan) funding. Official site is matching At 11 characters, I think it's a bit long. How about acronym Sorry, it's a developed Chinese site already. Source:

At World Domain Conference interview, well-known investor Xiao Hang SHEN (沈晓航) suggested numerics up to 5N .com are investment grade. I think he meant 6N and beyond are for speculation only (traded between domain speculators). Source: sold for $32k (210k yuan) in July 6 auction. 3 rhymes with 生 (alive), 9 with 久 (long time), 8 with 发 (make a fortune), and 2 with 爱 (love). All the good meanings to lift the value of this name. Source: sold for $16k (104k yuan) in recent auction. Meaning comes from rhyming of 7 (旗) and acronym of P (袍). Together as a name, 7P may mean 旗袍 (Chinese-style dress). Source:

July 7, 2016 (Thu) sold for $17k (114k yuan) in June 5 auction. This domain name was registered in 2004. Someone had the foresight to grab it 12 years ago! Similar name already developed into game site. Source: launched as microboss (small business owners) encyclopedia. Well, it's more like a search engine for small business listings. Source:

6L .com sold for $32k (210k yuan) but it's a Pinyin name: AnPin is 2-pin and may mean 安平 which is a geo name. Other possible translations are 安瓶 (safe bottle) and 安评 (safety review). Source: sold for $27k (180k yuan) in recent auction. 666 rhymes with 溜溜溜 (stroll) and is a lucky number favored by Chinese. Similar names such as,, and are already developed into websites. Source:

July 6, 2016 (Wed) sold again, this time for close to $1.5m (10m yuan) on July 4. Buyer is entrepreneur Hang Zhong REN (任杭中) and landing page indicates new business will be related to virtual reality. was sold two months ago for several million yuan, showing end users' big appetite for premium domain names Source: sold for $46k (305k yuan) in July 4 auction. ZFY is a great name and may mean 支付易 (easy payment), 真房源 (true source of houses), and 租房易 (easy house renting). Source: sold for $17k (112k yuan). Chinese news article translated FQI as 福气 (blessing), 夫妻 (husband and wife), and 分期 (by installment), but I think it's a stretch. Their method used is F (acronym) + Qi (Pinyin), which is confusing to consumers imo. Source:

According to Chinese news, have sold for more than $500k to Tencent subsidiary Epic Games. Currently, forwards to Reversed whois check reportedly shows same email for, thus proving ownership by Tencent. Source:

July 5, 2016 (Tue) sold for 6 figures yuan recently. LNX may mean 靓女秀 (pretty girl show), 辽宁秀 (a show about Liaoning province), or 老年秀 (a show about the elderly). Source: sold for $35k (235k yuan) recently. RKL may mean 绕口令 (tongue-twister), 入库量 (amount of inventory shipped in), or 人口论 (population theory). Source:

.mobi in action. Old man tricked by domain registrar into buying IDN .mobi and paid $12k (80k yuan) to acquire 美食汇.mobi. He sued and got back half. Chinese IDN .mobi costs less than $100 to register. Source:

Short 3-pin is worth something. sold for 5 figures yuan recently. Huluche means 葫芦车 (gourd car). Despite 3-pin, name has only 7 characters, so imo is good. Source:

July 4, 2016 (Mon)

.me can work. announced last month that it has become the No. 3 platform to receive the most online orders in China, following No. 1 Taobao and No. 2 Didi Kuaiche. Quite an achievement for a non-mainsream domain extension. means 饿了么 (Are you hungry?) and works in this case as both sides of the dot work together to form one meaningful Chinese phrase. Source:

Tower enables you to collaborate with others like working in a virtual office. The company recently received $3m (20m yuan) A+ series funding. Official site is where ccTLD im is marketed as "instant messaging". May work as it is not targeting general consumers. Source: sold for $55k (365k yuan) in recent auction. YGY may mean 摇滚乐 (rock 'n roll), 鱼肝油 (cod liver oil), or 玉观音 (the jade Goddess of Mercy). Interior design firm should be interested in this domain name. Source: (起步学车=learn driving) just received $1.5m (10m yuan) angel funding to expand its marketplace on driving lessons. Idea is good but domain name is a bit long at 4-pin. How about upgrading to Lucky you, it's still available for purchase. Source:

July 2, 2016 (Sat) sold but buyer name not known. Seller is domain investor Jandy who bought from overseas owner for low 6 figures yuan in 2006. Source: sold to Internet company in Hong Kong bearing same name (拾网络科技有限公司). Price reported to be about $1.5m (10m yuan). Source: sold for $60k (400k yuan) in recent auction. GZB may mean 工资表 (list of wage info), 工作表 (worksheet), or 果汁杯 (fruit juice cup). Possible future sale to end user already using Source: sold for $17k (110k yuan). Q2 may mean 企鹅 (penguin), 球儿 (small ball), or 晴儿 (name of a character in TV drama). Source:

July 1, 2016 (Fri)

NNLL spotted. official site of Chinese printing startup which received 350m CNY C series funding recently. ep is for "easy printing". Source: sold for 14k CNY in June 29 auction. DLJT may mean 道路交通 (road traffic), 大连交通 (traffic in Dalian), or 电力集团 (electricity group). Source: sold for 128k CNY in June 29 auction. Qing is 1-pin and may mean 晴 (clear), 情 (feeling), 庆 (celebrate), and 轻 (light). Source: sold for 350k CNY in recent auction. GZD may mean 公主贷 (princess lending), 鸽子蛋 (dove egg), or 关注度 (degree of interest). Source:

June 30, 2016 (Thu) launched as fee-based answer from experts service. Gewan means 格问 (to study and ask). The service is about individual persons asking questions, so appropriate choice of .me extension. Source:

Upgrade by going long? Live streaming operator YY recently "upgrade" name to "YY Live". Fortunately, the company has not upgraded their official site to a longer domain name. Source:

aeiouv work in some cases. sold for 140k CNY in recent auction. ASZ may mean 暗杀者 (assassin), 爱数字 (love numbers), and 爱深圳 (love Shenzhen). Source:

J and D are money letters because J(金) is gold and D(贷) is loan. Recently, (金开贷)was launched as a lending service. Source:

June 29, 2016 (Wed) sold for 280k CNY in recent auction. ZFL may mean 脂肪粒 (fat pills), 支付令 (instruction to pay), and 支付乐 (payment fun). Source:

NLNL valuable too. just launched as official site by a printing company. Name matches 三设六印 (3 setups and 6 prints) brand but still difficult to remember, imo. Source: sold for 280k CNY in recent auction. V rhymes with 微 (micro) and 味 (taste), so VQ may mean 味千 (thousand tastes), 围棋 (the game of Go), and 微钱 (micro money). Source: sold in June 27 auction. BZCJ may mean 包装车间 (package workshop), 标准场景 (standard scene), and 壁纸厂家 (wallpaper factory). Source:

June 28, 2016 (Tue) sold for 600k CNY in recent auction now launched into website where 1755 means 一起玩玩 (let's play together), a game-based education service for children. Source: sold for 11k CYN in recent auction.RKJR may mean 瑞康金融 (lucky and peacefulfinance) and 仁康金融 (humane and peaceful finance). JR, too, is a money acronym in China. Source: sold for 9k CNY in recent auction. HXRZ may mean 华夏融资 (China financing) and 宏信融资 (magnificent trust financing). RZ is a big money acronym in China. Source:

Even seemingly random 4C .com has value. (盛世阅读=goden age of reading) has been developed into a reading site. Normally, this 4-pin name is turned into acronym which is likely owned by someone else. 4 is used instead as it rhymes with name. Source:

June 27, 2016 (Mon) sold for 20k CNY in recent auction. LDLD may mean 溜达溜达 (to stroll), 利达乐贷 (favorable and happy loan), 劳动乐贷 (happy loan for labor work). It just shows some 4L are better than others. Source: sold for 248k CNY in recent auction. HRN may mean 鹤瑞年 (crane luck year), 好热闹 (very lively), and 火热男 (a passionate man). Source: (7,400 CNY), (7,400), and (7,600) sold in recent auction. YBYN may mean 御宝羊奶 (sheep's milk with imperial seal), FCTB 房产淘宝 (real estate treasure hunting), and QZPZ 泉州盆栽 (Quan Zhou bonsai). Source: sold for 260k CNY in recent auction. TWH may mean 题外话 (conversation outside the topic), 调味盒 (seasoning box), and 台湾话 (Taiwanese language). Source:

June 25, 2016 (Sat) sold for 172k CNY in recent auction. By using acronym and rhyming approach, H9 may mean 好酒 (good wine), 喝酒 (drink wine), and 很久 (a long time). Can be used for ecommerce, social networking, and wine. Source:

Investor bought back sold for mid 6 figures CNY 5 years ago. What's so special about KEAI? It's actually a 2-pin meaning 可爱 (cute). Source:

U+Pinyin name spotted. YouBo just received 10m CNY funding for expansion of its valet parking service. Main website is where u=You and BoChe is a 2-pin meaning car parking. Source: sold for 300k CNY in recent auction. ZXK may mean 整形科 ( plastic surgery section), 在线看 (view online), and 自习课 (self study course). Source:

June 24, 2016 (Fri) sold for 172k CNY in recent auction. Similar name used by end users is (comic books). Also sold was for 90k. Source:

0 is good. sold for 1.5m CNY. Reason? 0592 is dialing code for Xiamen (厦门), a coastal city famous for tourism. Check my 123 page for dialing codes of other Chinese cities Source: sold for 260k CNY in June 22 auction. RCQ may mean 入场券 (entrance ticket), 人才圈 (talent circle), and 人才区 (talent zone). Source: sold for 200k CNY in recent auction. Domain name ends with number 8. Source:

June 23, 2016 (Thu)

Good 8N still sells. sold for 800k CNY in recent auction. Also sold is for close to 3m. Source: sold for 260k CNY in June 21 auction. Similar name is a fresh juice business in China. VQ stands for Vanar and Quin, both English names of main characters in a Chinese movie. Source: sold for 790k CNY in June 21 auction. NZ may mean 女装 (women's clothes), 男装 (men's clothes), and 牛仔 (cowboy). NZ is also name of a movie actress. Source:,, and sold in bulk transaction for close to 700k CNY between investors. Domain names contain no 0 and 4. Source:

June 22, 2016 (Wed) sold in June 21 auction for 7.4k CNY. TBKG may mean 天保控股 (heavenly protection of share holding) and 腾邦控股 (galloping country of share holding). Source: sold in June 21 auction for 7.4k CNY. SXWJ may mean 盛兴五金 (prosperity hardware) and 生鲜万家 (ten thousand homes of fresh items). Source:

Chinese love 2-word domain name in English too. just received Series Pre-A funding. Logo is a white bear. Bearead provides novels for reading. Hey, is there an "r" missing? Source: sold for 31k CNY in June 21 auction. KQTZ may mean 快钱投资 (fast money investment). TZ is a big money word so domain names ending with TZ are popular. Source:

June 21, 2016 (Tue) sold for 1.62m CNY in recent auction. 9 is a lucky number and 791 is the dialing code of 南昌 (Nanchang). Similar domain names already developed into websites are and Source:

Some 4L .com sold at recent auction. (10k CNY) may mean 中国博览 (China exposition). (8.8k) may mean 广东骨科 (Guangdong orthopedics). (8k) may mean 酷牛投资 (cool cow investment). And, (7.6k) may mean 齐鲁法律 (Shandong law). Source: sold for 150k CNY. 77777 rhymes with 去去去去去 (go, go, go, go , go). Can be used for games and travel. Source: sold for 7.4k in recent auction. YWNL may mean 艳舞女郎 (erotic dance girl) and 业务能力 (business ability). Source:

June 20, 2016 (Mon) (430k CNY), (410k), (520k), and (720k) sold in recent auction. QGW may mean 全国网 (national network),RJW 软件网 (software net), HYW 行业网 (network of industries), and DDZ 斗地主 (Fight the Landlord game). Source: (1.4m CNY) and (950k) sold in recent auction. PK may mean 扑克 (poker) and PX 培训 (training). Source: and sold for 550k and 282k CNY respectively in recent auction. 919 rhymes with 就要酒 (I want wine). Source: and sold for 2.92m and 1m CNY respectively in recent auction. Both numbers are very easy to remember and 86 means easy to make a fortune. But, 4 wins and was sold for more than double the price of Source:

June 18, 2016 (Sat)

Disney opened it first themed resort in China on June 16. But, look at the official website it uses for Shanghai Disney: Isn't it a bit too long for consumers to remember? Not if you are using voice input, some may say. Source:

eName upgraded its trademark platform from to, indicating its ambition to expand their trademark business. Other registrars are trying to sell TM+DomainName. Will Godaddy follow? Source: and sold for 350k and 250k respectively in June 16 auction. YCS may mean 云超市 (cloud-based supermarket), and GNP 概念品 (concept product). Source:

Three 4N .com sold in June 16 auction. (240k CNY), (160k), (11ok) . 3935 contains no 4 and has highest price. Source:

June 17, 2016 (Fri) moved to China but buyer and price unknown. ZQ can be used in a variety of business fields. It can refer to many big money words such as 证券 (stocks and bonds), 足球 (football), and 债券 (bond). Source:

Another 51 prefixed name spotted in news. (51社保) is an Internet startup in insurance. While not explicitly stated, 51 may mean 唯一 (one and only one), 我要 (I want), and 无忧 (without worries) in this name. Source:

Few more 4i domain names sold during eName 4i auction campaign. sold for 8800, for 8600, and for 8200 CNY. YCYM may mean 英才移民 (talent migration), ZFXD 政府信贷 (government lending), and YMTW 域名天王 (domain god). Source:,, and sold for 405k, 385k, and 255k CNY respectively in recent auction. WZG may mean 微众购 (micro group buying), WKQ 外快圈 (circle of extra income earners), and TFS 淘服饰 (hunt for good clothes). Source:

June 16, 2016 (Thu) (252k CNY), (190k), and (235k) sold in June 14 auction. Numbers 195 and 557 are already used in gaming areas. Source: sold for 385k CNY in recent auction. Not very good when compared with 2015 sale of (1m CNY), (7 figures), and (high 6 figures). Source:

Where do you find the best registrars in China to promote your new gTLDs or other TLDs? Xiamen in Fujian province. Half of domain names registered in China are done so through a registrar in this city. At its peak, Xiamen owned 80% of domain names in China. Source:

.store gains support from big name. Internet giant Tencent registered on May 31 and now forwards it to, one of Tencent's best ecommerce sites. Tencent is active in the new gTLD scene, owning,, and Source:

June 15, 2016 (Wed)

Chinese investor sold 303 new gTLD domain names in bulk to overseas domainer for 801k USD. Portfolio includes names using "com" on left of the dot such as and, or identical name and extension such as and Source: sold for 300k CNY in recent auction. DXZ may mean 低胸装 (low-cut dress), 独行者 (a loner). and 大新镇 (Daxin county). Similar names such as and are operating sites. Source: sold for 222k CNY in recent auction. DXZ may mean 绕口令 (tongue-twister). is an operating site owned by a consumer electronics company. Source: sold for 700k CNY in June 13 auction. Apps are hot in China right now. Tencent owns and Alibaba has Source:

June 14, 2016 (Tue) sold for 8,200 CNY during eName auction campaign (June 8 to June 30). MMPD may mean 妈妈频道 (mother's channel), 美眉频道 (pretty girl channel), and 名模派对 (top model party). Source: sold for 8,800 CNY during eName auction campaign (June 8 to June 30). QKZJ may mean 顷刻之间 (instantly), 钱库之家 (the home of money storage), and 期刊之家 (the home of periodicals). Source:

Fifty 5N .com sold in bulk for more than 2m CNY by investor 啊强 (A Qian, nickname, Weixin/wechat:72367), averaging 40k CNY per domain name, much higher than market prices between 10k and 20k CNY. Domain names include,,, and Source:

Price of 5N sold double that of 4N in recent auction. Compare (255k CNY) with (138k) and (120k). 9 (meaning forever) is better than 5. Also, the patterned names are better than the non-patterned 3497. Source:

June 13, 2016 (Mon) sold for more than 500k CNY in private transaction between investors. WZX may mean 微整形 (mini plastic surgery), 微直销 (mini direct sales), and 微资讯 (mini information). Plastic surgery is a hot market right now. Source:

.cn registrations just reached 19,364,064, growing 2,553,327 since January. If this trend continues, I think we'll see about 22m .cn registrations in total. Compare it with .com of about 11m reported early this year. So, .cn is number 1 in terms of number, but .com is still king in terms of value. Source: sold for 240k CNY in recent auction. JHQ may mean 净化器 (purifier), 交货期 (date of delivery), and 江湖圈 (the circle of itinerant peddler or entertainer). Can be used for ecommerce and social networking. Source:

eName launched auction campaign between June 8 and June 30 to promote 4i com/cn/net domain names. Some nice names already listed are: (男人女人=men, women), (快钱投资=fast money investment), and (基金管家=fund housekeeper). Source:

June 11, 2016 (Sat)

Some stats about the auction held during the 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit June 3 to 6 in China. Over 100,000 auction attendees. 150 domain names were sold at total value of 171m CNY. Note that this value is much smaller than the 300m CNY reported by another source ( Source:

Not much mentioned in the news is the fact that Godaddy was one of the three organizers of the 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit held June 3 to 6 in China, indicating Godaddy's commitment to the Chinese market. This is good news for those of us having Godaddy as our registrar. Selling to China will become easier. Source:

June 10, 2016 (Fri)

Very CD founder Yi Meng HUANG explained why he acquired for 120k USD some years ago. The difficult-to-remember taught him that he must have a top class domain name in order to become a top class global company. Source:

June 9, 2016 (Thu) sold for 3.6m CNY in recent auction. J may mean 酒 (wine), 经 (via), 金 (gold), 景 (scenery), and 京 (capital city). Source: sold for 4.1m CNY in recent auction. R may mean 融 (in harmony), 乳 (milk), 热 (hot), and 肉 (meat). Source: sold for 268k CNY in recent auction. JFM may mean 减肥梦 (dream to lose weight) and 加菲猫 (Garfield cat). Source: sold for 500k CNY in recent auction. FJZ may mean 副局长 (deputy bureau chief), 风景照 (scenery picture taking), and 房价涨 (house price hike). Can be used for travel and real estate. Source:

June 8, 2016 (Wed) sold for 2m CNY in recent auction. SS may mean 硕士 (Master's degree), 时尚 (fashion), 上市 (to list on stock market), and 胜诉 (win court case). Source: sold for 2.04m CNY in recent auction. GG may mean 故宫 (the Forbidden City), 广告 (advertising), 谷歌 (Google), 哥哥 (elder brother), and 公共 (public). Source: sold for about 10m CNY in private sale. PT may mean 葡萄 (grape), 平台 (platform), 莆田 (Putian city), and 菩提 (enlightenment). Very versatile application. Similar domain name developed into website: Source: sold for 1.94m CNY in recent auction. TT may mean 天天 (everyday), 谈谈 (discuss), 头条 (headline), 太太 (Mrs.), and 团体 (group). Source: sold for 6m CNY in recent auction. Was sold for 620k in December, 2010. See the price hike. Compare it with similar past sales: (rumored to be 8 figures CNY), (10m), (10m), and (13m). Source:

June 7, 2016 (Tue) sold for 3.8m CNY in 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit auction. This is a crazy time. A 4L .com starting with 0 getting about 600k USD? Source: sold for 5.5m CNY in 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit auction. Compare it with sold for near 10m last year and you can see a big difference between 9 and 8. Source: sold for 8m CNY at 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit. DI may mean 帝 (emperor), 迪 (to enlighten), 滴 (a drop), 笛 (flute), and 地 (land). Source: sold for 22.4m CNY at 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit. Was sold for 13.2m in auction last year. Similar domain names already used by Chinese companies include,, Android app Banana, and Android app Banana streaming. Source: sold for 4.86m CNY at 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit. REN may mean 人 (people), 仁 (humane), and 忍 (to endure). Source: sold for 4.99m CNY at 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit. Wang may mean 旺 (prosperous), 王 (king), and 网 (net). Source: sold for 4m CNY at 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit. LIAN may mean 脸 (face), 联 (contact), 恋 (to love), and 莲 (lotus). Source: sold for 11.1m CNY in 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit auction. Was bought for 800k USD (or about 5m CNY) only in 2015. What a spectacular rise! Similar names already developed into websites are,, and Source:

June 6, 2016 (Mon) sold for 7.7m CNY at auction during 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit in China. Nanjing can refer to the well known city 南京 or the popular tourist spot 南靖 in Fujian. Source: sold for 6.42m CNY at auction during 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit in China. CX may stand for Cathay Pacific airline, or it may mean 车险 (car insurance), 出行 (travel afar), 财险 (money risk), and 储蓄 (savings). Big money words. Source: sold for 5.65m CNY at auction during 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit in China. There are many end user companies using similar domain names, such as,, and Source: sold for 6m CNY at auction during 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit in China. 21 rhymes with 爱医 (love doctor), 爱意 (love), 爱衣 (love clothes), and 爱一 (love one). Was sold for mid 5 figures in 2009, then 1m in 2013, showing strong performance of 2N domain names. Source: sold for 18m CNY at auction during 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit in China. HG may mean 华贵 (sumptuous), 皇冠 (imperial crown), and 韩国 (Korea). Was sold for 17.88m in September, 2015, so not much change. Source: sold for 13m CNY at auction during 2016 Global Domain Industry Summit in China. 73 rhymes with 情深 (deep love). Source:

June 4, 2016 (Sat)

eName sharply cut .cc renewal fee from 160 to 22 CNY for renewal done between June 3 and December 31 this year. Well, it looks like the price war is extended to renewal. Source: sold for mid 5 figures CNY recently. HSG may mean 红薯干 (dried sweet potato), 会收购 (will buy), and 好时光 (good time). Can be used for food, ecommerce, and entertainment. Source: sold for 390k and for 158k CNY in recent auction. 6 is a lucky number associated with Chinese idiom 六六大顺 (everything is going smoothly). 5 rhymes with 我 (I). Source:

June 3, 2016 (Fri) sold for 278k CNY in recent auction. HUI may mean 回 (Chinese Muslims), 会 (conference), 灰 (gray), 惠 (favor), 慧 (intelligence), 辉 (splendor), and 徽 (badge).The domain name was sold for 120k in 2014. is a developed site offering exhibition setup services. Source: sold for 259k CNY in June 1 auction. QZK may mean 亲子课 (parent and children class), 泉州库 (Quanzhou city warehouse), and 抢注客 (customers rushing to register). Can be used for education, travel, and domain name. Source: sold for 268k CNY in June 1 auction. XDJ may mean 信贷圈 (credit circle), 新顶级 (new but top class), and 小电机 (small electrical machinery). Can be used for finance, travel, and electrical appliances. Source:

.Club and to hold auction during Dragon Boat Festival on premium domain names such as F.Club. F may mean 发 (make a fortune), 富 (wealth), 房 (house), and 翡 (jade). ranks top among new gTLDs registrars. Source:

June 2, 2016 (Thu) sold for 289k CNY in May 31 auction. GNP may mean 公牛牌 (bull brand), 工农牌 (worker and farmer brand), and 给你拍 (shoot photo of you). Source: sold for 280k CNY in May 31 auction. QNF may mean 青年房 (young people's house), 全能房 (all capable house), and 钱哪放 (where to put money). Source: sold for 810k CNY in May 31 auction. RP may mean 锐普 (always shrewd), 日评 (daily comment), 肉片 (meat slice), 乳品 (milk product), 人品 (character), 瑞普 (lucky everywhere), 软盘 (floppy disk), and 饶平 (Raoping county). Source: sold for 260k CNY in May 31 auction. BDZ may mean 不打折 (no discount), 八点钟 (8 o'clock), and 布袋子 (small bag). Can be used in ecommerce, education, and apparel. Source:

June 1, 2016 (Wed) sold for 224k CNY in auction. 2 rhymes with 爱 (love) and 8 with 发 (make a fortune), so the name may mean "love to make a fortune". Source: first 2L domain name developed as game site. RO is taken from title of company's game called 仙境传说RO (the legend of RO in fairyland). Source: sold for low 6 figures CNY. Buyer is overseas Chinese and reason is that ZG means 中国 (China). ZG may also mean 中公 (China public), 掌柜 (shopkeeper), 专柜 (sales counter), and 职工 (staff). Source: launched comprehensive domain information service on, which includes detailed analysis of daily sales data, and whois search and reverse search. You can find out what domain name types and extensions people are buying/selling, where money is flowing to, who the big players are, and much more. Source:

May 31, 2016 (Tue) sold for 280k CNY in recent auction. ZFY may mean 支付易 (easy payment), 祝福语 (words of blessing), and 租房易 (easy house renting). Can be used in mobile payment, real estate, and general services. Source: sold for 450k CNY in recent auction. ZWB may mean 债务宝 (treasure in debts), 总务部 (general affairs department), and 账务宝 (treasure in bills). Can be used in finance, debt services, and government agency. Source: sold for 230k CNY in recent auction. 8326 rhymes with 百商安乐 (hundred merchants with peace and happiness). Can be used in business services. Source: sold for about 15m CNY. 7 rhymes with 奇 (wonder), 棋 (chess) , 妻 (wife), and 趣 (fun). Can be used in games, dating, and education. Seller bought domain name in September, 2014 for less than 10m, making more than 5m CNY within only two years. Source:

May 30, 2016 (Mon) sold for 155k CNY in recent auction. Tao is 1-pin and may mean 淘 (panning or treasure hunting), 逃 (escape), 讨 (discuss), and 桃 (peach). Tao is a hightly sought after word. Source:

Aliyun first in China to offer 0 CNY registration for one .com or .xin, with free virtual host (shared web hosting) and Ali email services thrown in. Source:

May 28, 2016 (Sat) sold for 150k CNY in recent auction. Huan is 1-pin and may mean 环 (loop), 欢 (happy), and 幻 (fantasy). Source:

More story to sale reported recently. Buyer sold a year ago for mid 6 figures CNY, then 1m CNY to buy it back this time. Reason? Emotional attachment. Source: sold for 463k CNY in May 25 auction. QDW may mean 起点网 (starting point net), 情豆网 (the love seed net), 青岛网 (Qing Dao city net), and 求道网 (truth seeking net). Source: sold for 320k CNY in May 25 auction. XWL may mean 新闻论 (news commentary), 学网络 (academic network), 新网络 (new network), and 新未来 (the new future). Source:

May 27, 2016 (Fri) sold for 345k CNY in May 24 auction. JGS may mean 金刚石 (diamond), 讲故事 (story telling), 交管所 (traffic control department), and 嫁给谁 (who to marry?). Source: sold for 294k CNY in May 24 auction. DSQ may mean 电视圈 (TV celebrities), 单身群 (group of singles), and 多省钱 (save more money). Source: sold for 265k CNY in May 25 auction. YJM may mean 要加盟 (want to join alliance), 要就买 (buy it if you want it), and 宜家美 (a suitable and beautiful home). Source: sold for 280k CNY in May 25 auction. HZL may mean 号召力 (power to draw support), 合众力 (power of the crowd), 海之蓝 (blue sea), and 海之恋 (romance at sea). Source:

May 26, 2016 (Thu) was sold for mid 5 figures CNY recently. Che means 车 (car) is already a live site for buying and selling used cars. Source: sold for 450k CNY in recent auction. 7800 may mean 去发你你 (you go and become rich). Source: sold for 860k CNY in auction. PB may mean 泡吧 (go clubbing), 平板 (tablet), 跑步 (run), and 庞贝 (Pompeii). Source: sold for 311k CNY in May 24 auction. 560 is easy to pronounce and there are already end user application on related domain names: (stories) and (game). Source: sold for 385k CNY in May 24 auction. QZQ may mean 前奏曲 (prelude), 签字权 (right to sign=certified), and 抢注期 (landrush period). Source:

May 25, 2016 (Wed) sold for 310k CNY in May 23 auction. RXL may mean 任性了 (headstrong), 乳腺瘤 (breast tumor), and 人行路 (sidewalk). Source: sold for 288k CNY in May 23 auction. JXD may mean 经销店 (retail store), 假想敌 (imaginary enemy), 家乡地 (hometown), and 吉祥岛 (lucky island). Source: and sold for 166k and 172k CNY respectively in May 23 auction. FD may mean 房东 (landlord), 饭店 (restaurant), 辅导 (to tutor), 房贷 (home loan), and 奋斗 (strive). Source: sold for 430k CNY in May 23 auction. RJW many mean 人际网 (human relationship net), 软件网 (software net), 日记网 (diary net), 如家网 (as home net), 儒家网 (Confucian School net), 瑞金网 (Ruijin city net), and 融金网 (financing net). Source:

May 24, 2016 (Tue) sold for 320k CNY in May 22 auction. 4N .com selling for about 6 figures, with best ones reaching 1m CNY. Source: sold for 770k CNY in May 22 auction. 79 may mean 千军 (a thousand soldiers), 去购 (go shopping), and 钱酒 (money & wine). was registered in 1977. There are only 100 2N .cc, making this domain name valuable. For reference, is an entrepreneurship portal. Source: sold for 800k CNY in recent auction. LV may mean 旅 (travel), 侣 (companion), 驴 (donkey), 绿 (green), and 律 (law). was sold in 2014 for 342k, so the increase in price is big. Source: sold for 450k CNY in recent auction. YCS may mean 云超市 (cloud-based supermarket), 云测试 (cloud-based test), 云车商 (cloud-based car merchant), and 云出售 (cloud-based selling). This name can be used in cloud-based business. Source:

May 23, 2016 (Mon) sold for about 80k CNY. Even long .cm can sell! Domain redirects to, a knitting company. Source: sold via domain marketplace. CB may mean 唱吧 (singing bar), 传播 (propagate), 出版 (publishing), and 翅膀 (wing). Can be used for mass communication, music, and entertainment. Price not disclosed. 2L .cn usually sell for 6 to 7 figures CNY. Source:

May 21, 2016 (Sat) sold for about 100k CNY in recent auction. Site already active. ecommerce solution provider. Source:

.nikon found to be reported by only one Japanese news source. Japanese text is "obtained" not "started". Also mentioned Sony and Ricoh registered respective .brand. Source:

.nikon reported by many Chinese news sources to have started. Site check revealed only active. Source:

May 20, 2016 (Fri)

Tencent invested in personal care product seller 小红书 (Xiao Hong Shu), making it a Chinese unicorn valued at 1b USD. Domain name used is Too long to remember. Time to upgrade domain name. Source: and together sold for 6 figures CNY in private transaction. .pe is for Peru but positioned as "private equity" by Chinese investors. Both buyer and seller are Chinese. Source:

May 19, 2016 (Thu)

Inernet Society of China released latest number on mobile Internet users: 780m. Most visited site is Report can be downloaded from Source:

Chinese investor paid 250k CNY for before GA. Registration cheap at 25 CNY. Source:

.VIP registration hit 100,000 within an hour of GA. The term is commonly understood in China. Source:

Domain investor bought for more thn 10k CNY. Sun overthrew Qing dynasty to found Republic of China. Do we need that hyphen? Source:

May 18, 2016 (Wed)

51 as prefix popular as 51 rhymes with 我要(I want). 51+Pinyin (eg - want to buy happily), 51+English (, 51+acrnym ( - want to self-study). Source: sold for close to 10m CNY. Date unknown. TAO is 1-pin and may mean 淘 (pan), 桃 (peach), 逃 (escape), 掏 (pay), 讨 (beg). Source:

Chinese unicorn 平安好医生 (Ping An Hao Yi Sheng) received Series A funding. Corporate site at JK may mean 健康 (health), matching company name but not exact match. Source: sold for 99k CNY in recent auction. 8C relates to 巴川 (wish river), 靶场 (shooting range), and 霸宠 (tyrant's favorite). Source:

May 17, 2016 (Tue)

.cn registration in April hit 280,000 to reach 18,787,105, or 1.5% growth. If this trend continues, I think we may see close to 20% growth for the year. .cn future is solid. Source: was sold for 495k CNY in recent auction. WYH may mean 微银行 (micro bank) and 微银河 (micro galaxy). Source: sold for 525k CNY in recent auction. GQW may mean 供求网 (supply and demand net), 枸杞王 (wolfberry king), 钢琴网 (piano net), 歌曲网 (song net), 高清网 (high definition net), 广汽网 (Guangzhou car net), 搞趣网 (create fun net), and 钢企网 (steel enterprise net). Source:

Ali Auction (of Alibaba) will be auctioning premium .top domain names such as,,,, and on May 20. Some well known .top websites are,, and Source:

May 16, 2016 (Mon)

.vip aggressive with price. Only 28 CNY or about $4 first year but renewal is 48 CNY. Considering the popularity and recognition of the term VIP in China, .vip has a good chance to succeed in China, imo. Source: sold for 280k CNY. QLL may mean 情侣路 (lovers's path), 晴朗朗 (sunny and cloudless), 钱来了 (money has come), and 齐乐乐 (let's have fun together). Source: sold for 230k CNY in recent auction. SS may mean 时尚 (fashion), 上市 (to list on stock market), 书生 (student in ancient China), and 胜诉 (win court case). Source:

Two .mobi domain names were reportedly bought by two of the Australian Big 4 banks. was acquired by National Australia Bank (domain name does not resolve) and by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (domain name redirects to Source:

May 14, 2016 (Sat) sold for 750k CNY. YQW may mean 运气王 (lucky king), 易趣网 (easy and fun net), 圆圈舞 (a cultural dance), and 一起玩 (play together). Source: sold for 219k CNY in May 12 auction. NFR may mean 南方人 (southerner) and 南非人 (South African). Source: sold for 310k CNY. 1055 rhymes with 邀您玩玩 (invite you to play), very easy to remember. Source: sold for 360k CNY in May 12 auction. TQQ may mean 淘全球 (seek treasure globally) and 淘情趣 (enjoy one's interests). Source:

May 13, 2016 (Fri) sold for 7 figures CNY while most 3I .com can only get 6 figures. Reason may be XYK represents big money businesses such as 信用卡 (credit card), 校园卡 (campus card), 心愿卡 (your wish card), 小鱼卡 (small fish card), and 下一课 (next class). Source: sold for 7 figures CNY on platform. 27 may mean 爱妻 (beloved wife), 爱钱 (love money), 爱吃 (love eating), 爱情 (love and romance), 爱财 (love wealth), and 爱车 (love car). Similar brand is kitchen product maker Source: and sold for 249k and 226k CNY respectively in recent auction. CIE is similar to 词儿 (poem son) and 刺儿 (thorn). ZLT may mean 钟丽缇 (Chinese actress), 泽拉图 (Zeratul), and 在旅途 (while traveling). Source: sold for 6 figures CNY to investor after 2 years of negotiation with seller in Thailand. KUHU is 4L but also 2-pin meaning 酷虎 (cool tiger). Same brand already exists on gaming and tour sites. Source:

May 12, 2016 (Thu) sold for 143k CNY in recent auction. JP may mean 精品 (gifts), 金牌 (gold medal), and 金票 (golden ticket). Source: sold for 7 figures CNY. RZ may mean 融资 (financing). Acquired for brand protection. redirects to, an investment and lending platform. Buyer also owns Source:

Experienced domain investor shared wisdom in Pinyin investing: (1) Up to 6 letters (2) Words with multiple meanings, such as Zi which may mean 字 (letter), 子 (child), 紫 (purple), 自 (self), and 滋 (breed). (3) .com first, but .cn OK. Source:

.vip domain names will be available for registration on May 18. Some tidbits about the word "vip". 800k of Weibo account names contain "vip". Baidu gives 99m search results on this term. Most famous domain name containing "vip" may be More to read. Source:

May 11, 2016 (Wed) sold for 370k CNY in May 9 auction. 2829 may mean 爱发爱酒 (love fortune and love wine). Easy to remember number. Source:

Fresh fund coming in but domain name still confusing. Cloud-based serviced provider 金山云 (Jin Shan Yun) still using still available while gone already. Better spend some of fresh fund and get the right domain name, imo Source: sold for 1.82m CNY in May 9 auction -- big increase in price over 590k sale in 2014 auction. 920 may mean 就爱你 (I just love you). Source:

Do you see opportunities? Wen Sheng CAI grabbed best Pinyin .com when all attention was focused on English words, and became Chinese domain king. When .cn was released, it was considered inferior because of "Made in China" image, now it accounts for more than half of all domain names in China. How about bulk trading in 2015? What's the next one? Source:

May 10, 2016 (Tue) sold for 410k in recent auction. It was last sold in 2014 for about 90k CNY, indicating big increase in price. KYM may mean 看域名 (look at domain names), 烤玉米 (grilled corn), 酷乐猫 (cool and fun cat), 口语猫 (a talking cat), 可以买 (can be bought), and 可以卖 (can be sold). Source:

Change yourself before complaining you have made little money in domaining, according to an article today. Some suggestions to change yourself are: (1) Don't be compulsive and follow hot trends. (2) Study and do your research. (3) Don't lose a sale just because of a small difference in price. (4) Learn from each domain transaction. (5) Buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying. (6) Know your domain assets and set prices with confidence. (7) Pick a domain type and focus on it. Source: is 4L but not chip, yet name has excellent meaning: a single-pin 康 (meaning health), very appropriate for the successful brand of blood pressure monitor series. Source: sold for 475k CNY in recent auction. FKW may mean 凡客网 (a network or common people with unique lifestyle), 妇科网 (gynecology net), and 富康网 (wealth and health net). Source:

May 9, 2016 (Mon)

Prices of domain names starting with "v" may go up fast in China, according to an article. The reason is that "v" rhymes with 微 (micro). Using VMB as an example, many terms are possible, such as 微美白 (micro skin whitener), 微米饼 (micro rice cake), 微面包 (micro bread), and 微名表 (micro famous watch) Source:

A funny account by a domainer of his selling an LL .com for 50k CNY in order to start a design company. Ten years later, the company finally became profitable and he made about 100k CNY. Then, he read the news that the domain name he sold ten years ago was sold again -- for 16m. Source:

Worthless domain name? A game startup recently acquired as its corporate website. Wrong gramma and difficult to pronounce? Maybe. But the domain name rhymes with the company's name 微游. "we" and "your" also translate well into its tag line. Source: reportedly sold by investor Qi Xiu (nickname) but price is not disclosed. The domain name was sold January, 2015 for about 1m CNY. TTT may mean 跳跳糖 (jumping candy), 他他他 (he), 她她她 (she), 太太团 (the wife club), and 通天塔 (sky tower). Very versatile name. Source:

May 7, 2016 (Sat)

Listed pump maker Leo ( ventured into new field by launching as a car buying and selling marketplace. Che (车=car) is 3L but also a big money single-pin word. Very smart domain acquisition! Source:

End user companies like Pinyin domain names. Its quantity is large but prices vary to a large extent (unlike 4N or 4L). Meaning of a Pinyin name is most important. Some recent sales are (can be single- or double-pin) for 700k CNY and for 2.2m. Source: sold for 420k CNY in May 5 auction. ZDW may mean 直达网 (nonstop net), 知道网 (knowledge net), 指导网 (guidance net), 注定网 (destiny net), 战斗王 (battle king), 账单王 (billing king), 镇党委 (town party committee), and 终端网 (terminal net). Source:

eName just cut .wang renewal fee from 55 to 23 CNY. When the company launched "9 CNY .wang registration" in October last year, they sold close to 100,000 .wang domain names overnight. Currently, .wang registration has reached 1.07m. With eName's aggressive pricing, .wang is poised to continue to grow in number. Source:

May 6, 2016 (Fri)

.top registrations reached 2.1m and Chinese registry Jiangsu Bangning Group is releasing reserved 2-pin and 3I domain names for registration at 139 registrars across the world. Source: sold more than 1.5m CNY recently. 2 may mean love and 8 is assoicated wih fortune. Also, sold for 266k, 115k, and 20k. Source: sold for 260k CNY in May 4 auction. CXN may mean 嘲笑鸟 (sneering bird), 程序鸟 (programming bird), 潮汐能 (tide energy), 粗心男 (careless man), 出行牛 (a cow setting out on a long journey), and 查询牛 (inquiry cow). Source: sold for 6 figures CNY recently. Bibo is 2-pin which may mean 碧波 (blue wave), 毕博 (complete and extensive), and 必博 (will fight). Last one good for betting sie. Source:

May 5, 2016 (Thu) sold for 280k CNY in May 3 auction. SCQ may mean 杀出去 (kill to get out), 生成器 (generator), 生产区 (factory district), 朔城区 (Shuocheng district of Shuòzhōu city), 生存权 (right to live), 删除期 (deletion period), and 商城圈 (mall circle). Source: sold for 6 figures CNY, same range as those having no 0 and 4 in names. Similar results also achieved by (340k) and (169k) sold recently. Source: sold for close to 380k CNY in May 3 auction. Pug may mean 普工 (general work), 普光 (general light), 普高 (senior high school), and 蒲瓜 (white flowered gourd). Note that the name is Pinyin "pu" + letter "g" so difficult for Chinese consumers to remember. Source: sold for 281k CNY in May 3 auction. PKQ may mean 皮卡丘 (Pikachu), 跑酷圈 (Parkour circle), 浦口区 (Pukou district of Nanjing city), 贫困区 (poor area), and 赔款期 (reparations period). Source:

May 4, 2016 (Wed)

Ali Paimai (, subsidiary of Alibaba, sold 18 .club domain names in recent auction, including best one at 245,344 CNY. S may mean 搜 (search), 商 (business), 赏 (appreciate), and 食 (eat). Such auction using consumer-oriented Taobao platform may push domain investment to mainstream. Source:

Good result from April 29 auction by, with sold for 1.2m, 1.09m, 1.6m, 2.72m, and 7.7m CNY. Even .cc did well, with sold for 360k and for 130k. Source:

Not knowing how to find a desired domain name is the biggest reason end user companies cannot buy the domain names that they want, according to a survey by Aliyun. The 2nd reason is the lack of understanding how domain purchase is transacted. Source:

.ee extension (Estonia) being repositioned as gTLD meaning Internet+ (first "e" interpreted as "Internet" and second "e" as "+"). Because .ee is ccTLD, registrants can apply for ICP licenses and build websites in China. 2016 Q1 sales exceeded 100,000 registrations. All 2N, 3N, 4N are bought out. Source:

May 3, 2016 (Tue)

2nd largest .wang registrar lost momentum. Growth in .wang registration stalled at a mere 435 versus over 100,000 in previous month. Source:

What does 426 in domain name mean? is an intellectual property portal and 426 refers to April 26, Source: recently acquired by Chinese buyer. DDD may mean 大嶝岛 (Dadeng island in Xiamen city), D大调 (D Major), 多多贷 (lend a lot), and 贷贷贷 (lend, lend, lend). Source:

Investor "Mars" (nickname) recently bought 288 LLLL .com domain names for mid 6 figures CNY from an overseas seller. His reasons for the bulk purchase are: (1) LLLLs are short and easy to remember, (2) There are many end user companies for LLLLs, and (3) LLLLs can be used in China and the rest of the world. Source:

May 2, 2016 (Mon)

Well-known legal service provider 华律网 (Hua Lv Wang) activated its Chinese IDN.IDN 华律网.世界 (Hua Lv in Chinese) which redirects to the company's corporate site at This may illustrate future direction of Chinese IDN.IDN being used only a name for redirecting consumers to main site. Source:

.cn registration ended long upward growth. CNNIC reported total number of registrations as 18,507,125 in March, with about 1% drop over previous month. Source:

New rich in domaining? A Chinese article named Rick Schwartz, Mike Berkens, Frank Schilling, Mike Mann, Daniel Negari, Castello Brothers, Mike Robertson, and Michael Cyger as the 八大土豪 (the eight big Nouveau riche or new money) in the domain circle. Really? Source:

Latest stats on new gTLD registrations: .top has 1,999,969, . wang 1,069,881, and 网址(website address) 339,532. All three belong to Top 10 new gTLD. Source:

April 30, 2016 (Sat) sold for 230k CNY in auction. 5191 rhymes with 我要就要 (I want, and I just want) and can be used in many consumer-oriented products or services. The number 1 is increasingly liked by end user companies because it rhymes with 要 (want), 意 (opinion), 艺 (art), and 衣 (clothes). Source: and sold again, for 1.09m and 750k CNY respectively in April 29 auction. has been sold several times, with the most recent one being April 12 for 1.12m. GP has excellent meanings, such as 股票 (stock as in stock market), 挂牌 (listed on stock market), 购票 (buy ticket), 光盘 (optical disc), and 公平 (fair). RF rhymes with 瑞丰 (lucky and abundant), 日丰 (abundant every day), 日付 (daily pay), 热风 (hot wind), and 乳房 (breast) Source: sold for 1.6m CNY in April 29 auction. 32 rhymes with 相爱(love each other), 三爱 (three loves), and 商爱 (love business). was sold in April last year for 1.7m, then resold again in September for over 2m. So, its price has dropped significantly. Source: sold for 2.72m CNY in auction. 533 rhymes with 我想想 (I think about it) and can be used for educational games and ability testing. Similar to the sale of I reported on April 23, this domain name still has a operating site owned by a company founded in 2003 providing study abroad programs. Are they closing the business? Or they are having cashflow problem? Reason for sale is unknown. Source: was sold for over 900k CNY in recent auction. 746 is the dialing code for the Yongzhou city in Hunan province (湖南永州). Already, is a portal on Yongzhou. Source:

April 29, 2016 (Fri)

Total Chinese IDN .公司 (company) registration as of April 27 is 50,441. Top 3 registrars are Xin Net, Aliyun (HiChina), and Xiamen. So, this extension is still too small to impact the corporate world of China. Source: sold for 6 figures CNY. RGM may mean 热干面 (hot dry noodles), 热感冒 (catch cold), 人工面 (artificial face), 热歌门 (hit song gateway), and 认购门 (subscription gateway). Domain name can be used in food, music, medicine, and shopping. Source:

每日优鲜 (Mei Ri You Xian) has received massive Series B funding, but domain name does not match company name. Corporate site is Name is two relatively easy to understand English words, but they don't match the company name. Company owns unused Will the company upgrade to Source:

凹凸租车 (Ao Tu Zu Che) has just received a fresh round of funding, but its domain name is which is half acronym and half Pinyin. It also owns (live but not promoted as corporate site, a bit long too). I think will be best and it's on sale for 391,908 CNY on eName. Source:

April 28, 2016 (Thu) sold for 200k CNY in April 26 auction. QB may mean 钱包 (wallet), 钱币 (money), 抢宝 (grab treasure), 情报 (spy intelligence), 铅笔 (pencil), 奇兵 (ambush by soldiers), and 七宝 (sever treasures). Source:

Registration of .top continues to grow -- from 205,232 a month ago to the latest of 341,952, which is about 67% increase month over month. Top 3 registrars are West, Alpnames, and eName. Top 10 registrars are dominated by Chinese companies. Source:

The .ren extension, launched in Dec, 2014, is nearing 300,000 in registrations. The .ren registry has been approved by MIIT so that registrants can get ICP (Internet Content Provider) licenses for their websites to operate in China. Source:

eName interviewed several experienced domain investors and here are the major points. (1) Most focus on .com or .cn (2) Consideration of end user application is important. (3) Investor may buy a Pinyin for one Chinese meaning, but actual buyer may use it for another meaning. (4) For speculation, timing in buying and selling is critical. Source:

April 27, 2016 (Wed) sold for 830k and for 100k CNY in April 25 auction. RP may mean 人品 (character), 乳品 (milk product), 饶平 (Raoping county), 软盘 (floppy disk), 瑞普 (lucky everywhere), 锐普 (always shrewd), 日评 (daily comment), and 肉片 (meat slice). Source: sold for 690k and for 595k CNY in April 25 auction. XX may mean 消息 (news), 信息 (message), 学校 (school), and 形象 (image). QQB may mean 跷跷板 (see-saw), 曲奇饼 (cookies), 亲亲宝 (kiss kiss baby), and 抢钱宝 (grab money treasure). Source:

In Top 23 DNS Providers list as of April 24, Godaddy ranks first, followed by Aliyun (No. 2) and eName (No. 3). A total of 6 Chinese registrars are on the list, including, DNSPod, West, and Xin Net. Source: sold in auction for 480k CNY. WYS may mean 武夷山 (Mt Wuyi in Fujian), 微养生 (micro health care), and 微医生 (micro doctor). Source:

April 26, 2016 (Tue) was sold at an auction for 6 figures CNY. 6 rhymes with 溜 which literally means 'skate'. In many games, winners are praised to 玩的很溜 (play very well), so Chinese associate 6 with 'smooth' and 'doing well'. 2 rhymes with 'love', so 626 is a good number to keep. Source:

Le TV is a big money spender on domain names and also big news maker. Last year it bought for itself and then for its related company Faraday Future. When it broke the news on purchase, it became talk of the town. Unfortunately, the company is not able to acquire, which belongs to a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. Source: is running a campaign on .我爱你 (I Love You) by slashing the price by 40% from 178 to 108 CNY (about $27 to $17), which is still not cheap when you compare with .世界 (world) at 18 CNY only. More than 20,000 .我爱你 domain names have been registered since this extension was launched a year ago. Source: sold recently in an auction for 108k CNY. 6 and 8 are lucky Chinese numbers and 608 as a whole rhymes with 又要发 (to make a fortune again). The name is very much associated with money so can be used in betting, online buying, and personal finance/investment. Source:

April 25, 2016 (Mon)

中国网络品牌大会(China Internet Brand Conference, by Google Translate) was held on April 23 in Shandong province. Main theme is Internet Brand = Domain Name + Tradmark. Wansai president Jian LI (黎俭) said attention must be paid to Internet brand protection: company name, product/service name, and trademark. A multi-name domain strategy to register all related domain names was suggested. Source:

Emergence of set collectors. Investor Xi CHEN (陈曦) just spent 6 figures CNY to acquire a set of Pinyong (聘用=Hire) on 6 extensions, which are com, net, org, cn,,, and Will these 6 extensions become a standard for collectors? Source: {MsgID}zn16.04.23

Medical startup 名医主刀 (Min Yi Zhu Dao) just completed a funding round. Its official website is The domain name is 4-pin, which is quite long to remember and type. Whois indicates the company also owns which does not resolve. What a waste on a better domain name! Source:

Startup 宅米(Zhai Mi) just completed US$ 10m Series B funding. The company's official website is .me is chosen because it rhymes with 米 (rice), part of its name. The company has secured but does not own the .com and .cn names. .me is popular with Internet startups in China to create cool brands when .com and .cn are not available. Source:

April 24, 2016 (Sun)

This article is saying that Chinese companies and individual should not register domain names in China. Reasons mentioned are: policy change, technical risks, and registry. Source:

The Chinese Internet has reached its 22th year. What are the names that were first acquired in China? (media, 1998), (C2C ecommerce, 1999), (B2C ecommerce, 1999). Note that all of them are .com and one of them is a numeric name. Source:

Video is hot. Baidu just set up a separate company to focus on video service, using subdomain For branding purpose, Baidu will likely upgrade the domain name. But, they don't own relevant names such as, and Source:

Suffix "mall" names are getting popular. (太力商城) just went online, following recent example of Other well known "mall" domain names include (乐视商城), (华为), (天猫), (土猫网), and (多点). Source:

April 23, 2016 (Sat) was sold in April 21 auction for 1.308m CNY. Most attractive meaning of JR is 金融 (finance) which is a very hot industry now. Other meanings include: 今日 (today), 巨人 (giant), 军人 (military personnel), and 假日 (holiday). Source: {MsgID}zn16.04.23 was sold for 375k CNY (Edit: should be 3.75m). 677 rhymes with 乐趣趣 (fun and interesting). This sale is quite unusual because is still a live site owned by a company providing architect training. Are they closing the business? Or they are having cashflow problem? Reason for sale is unknown. Source: {MsgID}zn16.04.23 was sold for 310k CNY. CANG is a single-pin name that can mean 藏 (store), 仓 (storehouse), 苍 (deep green), and 舱 (cabin). Also, was sold for 860k CNY. KQ means 快钱 (fast money). Source: {MsgID}zn16.04.23 was sold in April 20 auction for 305k CNY. The domain name is 2-pin and stands for 永久 (permanent). The name is also a popular bicycle brand by a Shanghai company which is using as its official website. Could the company be the buyer? Source:

April 22, 2016 (Fri)

Four in Top 10 registrars of .science extension come from China, according to the latest statistics. Todaynic (3), Xiamen (5), West (7), and Aliyun (HiChina, 8). By the way, Godaddy ranks number 10. Source: may have been sold to a Chinese buyer. DY has many Chinese meanings, such as 电影 (movie), 打印 (to print), 斗鱼 (a fighting fish), 抵押 (mortgage), and 典雅 (elegant). The name can be used in many areas. Source:

Three 3L .com domain names were sold in April 20 auction. (丽江网=Lijiang city net) was sold for 500k, (天桥区= a district of Jinan city) for 425k, and (溃疡宁=peace with ulcer) for 247k CNY. LJW also means 李佳薇 (name of a singer), 链家网 (chain home net),亮居网 (bright home net),辣椒王 (pepper king), and 链接网 (chain connection net). Source: was sold in an April 20 auction for 1.01m CNY. RF can stand for 瑞丰 (lucky and abundant), 日丰 (abundant every day), 日付 (daily pay), 热风 (hot wind), 乳房 (breast), and many more. Applications are numerous, such as car, finance, and personal hygiene. Source:

April 21, 2016 (Thu)

3-pin收藏品=collectible) sold for 160k CNY. Name is a bit long but meaning is clear and good. Chinese like antiques and collectibles and can spend a lot of money on them. Source:

Listed company in Shanghai spent 6 figures CNY to acquire (上海频道=Shanghai channel) as upgrade. Previous domain name was not mentioned but Baidu search revealed it as Good upgrade in my opinion. Shorter, easier to remember for Chinese. Source: sold for 185k CNY. MF can translate to 魔方(Magic cube), 免费 (Free), and 买房 (Sell house). Potential buyer for this name is Application areas are many. Source: sold for 300k CNY. V rhymes with 微 (Micro), 味 (Taste), and 维 (Maintain), so VQ can translate to 味千 (Thousand flavors), 微圈 (Micro circle), 微企 (Micro enterprise), 维奇 (Pope Vigilius), 围棋 (game of Go), and 微钱 (Micro money). Potential applications include restaurants, games, and finance. Source:

April 20, 2016 (Wed) sold for 495k CNY. HDD can translate to 好低调(Quite low profile) and 豪大大(Grand and great). Good for end users such as (clothing) and (food) as upgrade. Source:

Total .cn registrations is 18.5 millions as of end of March, 2016. Share of .cn (one dot only) is 71.7% (up from 70% a month earlier), followed by (13.9%) and (5.4%). Shift to one-dot domain names on .cn continues. Source:

Some .cc registrars are aggressively promoting this extension. For example, 美橙互联( now offers 18 CNY first year registration. Included in the package is a phone number registration with 800 CNY worth of calls, and a free website. Source: sold for 6 figures CNY. Prices for 3L not containing 0 and 4 are 6 figures, such as (300k),, and 583 is short and easy to remember Source:

April 19, 2016 (Tue) sold for 6 figures CNY. 58 translates to 我发 (I'm making a fortune) and 3 to 生 (alive). Chinese love this kind of lucky numbers. Source:

Domain collector Xi CHEN spent 6 figures CNY to acquire 2-pin Pinyong (聘用=Recruit) on com, cn(includes,, and, net, and org as a set. Earlier, he also purchased 2-pin Wangzhuan (网赚=making money on the Internet) on com, cn(includes,, and, net, and org. Source:

Investor sold (东风牌=Easterly wind[mahjong tile]) for high 6 figures CNY, and said some words of wisdom: Good domain names are not affected by the market. Source: sold in auction for 960k CNY. 83 can translate to 拜山(Sweep the graves of ancestors), a tradition observed by many Chinese people. Source: