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April 18, 2016 (Mon)

Best Domain Names in China

What are the best domain names being used in China? I want to know too. Recently serial entrepreneur and ecommerce veteran 鲁振旺(Zhen Wang LU) shared his view via

He thinks the best domain names in China have the following characteristics: (1) easy to spell, (2) easy to write, and (3) easy for consumers to associate with things of business nature (which I interpret as products or services). The extension must be .com. Single-pin, double-pin, 2L, and 2N are the best.

He then gave the following examples: 淘宝 (Tao Bao), 百度 (Bai Du), 聚美 (Ju Mei), 微博 (Wei Bo), 小米 (Xiao Mi), 唯品会 (VIP), 知乎 (Zhi Hu), QQ, and 58

For example: 聚美 (Ju Mei) is a cosmetics flash sale site. The domain name is -- a double-pin name on .com. The name Ju Mei hints about something related to beauty.

In short, the best investment is up to 2L, 2N, and double-pin on .com names.

Judging from the examples, I think double-pin domain names (and therefore 2L) are most popular. As I have said before, double-pin names match the general habit of remembering company names as two Chinese characters.