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There are two things I don't understand: high walls around houses and widespread use of security systems. Burglars like high walls which prevent neighbors from knowing what's happening next door. Security systems do not work because they often give false alarms so no one cares when real crimes occur. Instead, I build relationship with our neighbors so that we look out for each other. I find this approach much cheaper but more fun. Here's the post.

December 24, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #18

NewG .vip extension did very well in last week's domain sales on, taking away 6 spots on the top 10 list. They were for $2.1k (14,000 yuan), for $1.9k (12,500), for $1.8k (12,300), for $1.6k (10,500), for $1.1k (7,000), and for $960 (6,400). They were sold mostly via auctions.

You may notice that all of the six .vip domain names are very short: five of them are NNN and one LLL pattern. Here, TTZ may mean 天天赚 (make money daily), 天天在 (is here daily), and 探拓者 (adventurer). So, what we can learn from these sales is that when it comes to NewG domain names, they must be very short.

Now let's look at the top 10 in the new extensions. provides wonderful charts which give you long term view of each extension. If you want to see the growth of, for example, .club, just go to

Even if you just casually look at the charts of the top 10 extensions, you'll be impressed by the long term growth trends of following names: club, loan, bid, site, online. The rise of .loan within a very short time is spectacular, and further study is required to verify a genuine growth which will continue. Most interesting is .online which shows a growth pattern at an angle of 45 degrees.

RankExtDec 03Dec 10Dec 17Dec 24China
1xyz 622662026110608464.1%
2top 458645954441431278.6%
3win 117611701173114291.6%
5club 82183283883864.3%
6loan 54354961981695.9%
7bid 58158558858884%
8site 53254054955982.3%
9online 49750852153129.9%
10vip 47950150551096.1%
  • Unit in 1,000
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