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I recently read a blog post by a Chinese business executive who went and lived his dream in Beijing for many years, only to discover the very undesirable side of this great city: traffic jam, long working hours, high cost of living, air pollution, and many more. Well, this is the truth about life; you always get both the good as well as the bad in every matter. I have lived in several big cities in the world, enjoyed the materialistic part of them, and then finally chosen to move to the sail city where we now have clean air, beautiful beaches, and green parks. Here's the post.

December 31, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #19

The big news in this past week was the approval of .site and .shop by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The MIIT accreditation means that owner of a .site or .shop domain name can apply for an ICP (Internet Content Provider) license so that its website can be hosted in China legally.

For those who are not familiar, if most of your customers are located in China, you need to host your website locally for performance and accessibility reasons caused by the Great Firewall set up by the Chinese government. Now that both .site and .shop have been approved, genuine demand for them can arise from corporate China.

In a sense, MIIT-approved NewG extensions are more valuable than those otherwise, because the former is supported by real demand from end users; the latter must rely on domain speculators only.

RankExtDec 10Dec 17Dec 24Dec 31China
1xyz 620261106084604463.7%
2top 459544414312431878.6%
3win 117011731142111091.1%
5loan 54961981685295.8%
6club 83283883883063.5%
7bid 58558858859084.2%
8site 54054955957382.7%
9online 50852153154030.5%
10vip 50150551051296.1%
  • Unit in 1,000
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