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January 7, 2017 (Sat)

NewG talk #20

.vip seems to be going well. This extension was launched in May, 2016. Even though its registry Minds + Machines is located in UK, activities happen mostly in China. According to, China has 99.6% of all .vip domain names registered in the world. So the future of .vip depends very much on China.

The good news is, .vip has experienced steady growth since its launch (except a dip this past week). Here are some of the latest sales of .vip domain names in China.

  • was sold for $780 (5200 yuan). THW may mean 特好玩 (especially fun), 童话网 (fairy tale website), 跳好舞 (dance a good dance), and 特惠屋 (house of special offers).
  • was sold for $728 (4850 yuan). MBW may mean 没把握 (not sure), 目标位 (target position), and 面包网 (bread website).
  • was sold for $548 (3650 yuan). XKW may mean 星空网 (website about stars), 学科网 (website about study subjects), and 新口味 (new taste).
  • was sold for $502 (3350 yuan). SBT may mean 三胞胎 (triplets), 书报亭 (newsstand), and 双胞胎 (twins).

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