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September 16, 2016 (Fri)

Q: What is meaning of BAO?
A: BAO is 1-pin and may mean 宝 (treasure).

Q: Often wondered why the domain platforms in China do not offer English translation drop down options? Are single Chinese character domains gaining traction as Chinese centric verticals on the internal search engines?
A: I think Chinese domain platforms are still in the very early stage of going global. is an example of such attempt. I don't have any answer to your second question.

September 15, 2016 (Thu)

Q: What is the meaning of 1500?
A: 1500 rhymes with 要吻你你 (want to kiss you).

Q: Is PZZY good for China?
A: PZZY may mean 彭州中药 (Pengzhou city Chinese medicine).

September 14, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Is 000 in Chinese really bad?
A: I don't think so, because it depends on whether you can add a good meaning to the number. For example, 000 rhymes with 赢赢赢 (win, win, win).

Q: People say 4 in NNNN domain names is bad. Do you think so?
A: When I look at a numeric domain name, I don't have any rule that says 0 or 4 or any number is bad; I examine the whole name to see if any meaning can be attached to it. Remember, is a thriving business in China.

September 13, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Does 8cn (8CN) have any meaning other than it's relation to the .cn extension?
A: CN may also mean 处女 (virgin), 才女 (talented woman), or 潮女 (fashionable woman). They can be plural when used together with 8.

Q: What is the meaning of XNX?
A: XNX may mean 小女婿 (my little son-in-law).

September 12, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Does dadeshuju mean "Big data" ? If so is "Big data" a term often used in China as it is here in the USA?
A: Dadeshuju may be 大的数据 (big data), but the common term is 大数据 (Dashuju) without the "de". Note that if you are selling domain names to Chinese, Chinese characters should be included. We use Chinese characters not Pinyin words in our daily lives. Take a look at the Baidu news site and see for yourself if Pinyin words are used:

Q: What is the meaning of 9958? Is it good for Chinese?
A: 9958 rhymes with 救救我吧 (please save me).

September 10, 2016 (Sat)

Q: I hear 668 is good. What does it stand for?
A: 668 rhymes with 路路发 (make a fortune in every path you take).

Q: I have QWT and HYM is there any special meaning?
A: QWT may mean 请问他 (please ask him) and HYM may mean 会员名 (member's name).

September 9, 2016 (Fri)

Q: I own the domain name bon9, which receive a decent traffic from China, and want to know if it has some meaning.
A: Bon is not Pinyin, but the name is short. 9 rhymes with 酒 (wine).

Q: We saw your post re: Does "spx" have a Chinese meaning. In the west it is seen as the S@P 500 index.
A: SPX may mean 水平线 (horizontal line).

September 8, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Is a city name LLLLN re or (just an examples) too long for a company to use?
A: I have not come across such pattern used by end user company, so I guess it has to be special to make it valuable, for example,

Q: Is the number 0 in the beginning of a domain name bad?
A: I don't think so. For example: 0168 rhymes with 你一路发 (you are making a fortune all the way); 08376 rhymes with 你别生气了 (please don't get angry); and, 0564335 rhymes with 你无聊时想想我 (think of me when you are bored). These are all interesting names with meanings.

September 7, 2016 (Wed)

Q: We recently picked up the name 88a in a certain extension that we think has real future merit. We all know "88" works but when put with "a" as in 88a what does it mean and what type of end user company might be interested in such a name?
A: "a" rhymes with 啊 (oh!) so hopefully it'll be a pleasant surprise to see that you are making a fortune! I have no idea what kind of end user company would be interested in such names. May be casinos?

Q: Are long numeric domains OK?
A: I actually have difficulty with long numeric domain names because it's very difficult to find meanings for them and make it easy for consumers to remember them. Of course, for speculation, people don't need to care about consumers.

September 6, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Does 330 have any meaning in Chinese?
A: 330 rhymes with 想想赢 (want to win).

Q: I understand that you don't comment on extensions as a rule but it's been brought to our attention that the top 8 investors in the .in extension (india) are from China and pretty much all great pinyin words are taken. Could it be that these Chinese investors see explosive growth ahead in India or simply "trading" value?
A: India is becoming the largest population in the world so I can understand why many Chinese companies want to acquire their matching .in domain names to expand their business to India. Other than that, I can't think of other reasons -- except speculation -- for genuine Chinese demand for .in names.

September 5, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Is there any meaning for ELCI?
A: In this name, "ci" is Pinyin but "el" is not, so I can't find any easy solution that can also help consumers remember the name easily.

Q: In your recent top ten Chinese domain extensions why is .VIP not listed? It has recently sold over 439,000 domains, I think that mostly all were sold in China. It was given an award in China for being the fastest selling new domain extension also.
A:I'm using the Top 10 list provided on I just checked and only 305,458 registrations for .vip was reported, so not able to make into the Top 10 list.

September 3, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Do you think will have future merit if they make sense re: (not avail just an example) or is it too long.
A: Right now most 4C do not have much value, so I won't go beyond 4C.

Q: What's your view on Pinyin names?
A: If you want to invest in Pinyin names, make sure you have a Chinese friend or you can do research in Chinese and not have to rely on translation tools. Languages are not precise and just a slight change in spelling may ruin your investment.

September 2, 2016 (Fri)

Q: I have the domain DCTM. Does that mean something in China?
A: DCTM may mean 赌场探秘 (explore the mystery of casinos).

Q: "Here VS stands for 维胜 (Wei Sheng = maintain victory)." What would the opposite mean? SV instead of VS.
A: SV may mean 十味 (ten kinds of tastes) or 三味 (three kinds of tastes). Note that the correct spelling for the Chinese translation is SW, but many companies also use V in place of W. When many people accept it, then it becomes OK to use. Just like today you can say "my bad" when it is actually wrong grammatically.

September 1, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Does "AP" have meaning?
A: AP may mean 安评 (safety review).

Q: We've all been told that "v" and "0" (zero) are not great for Chinese names but what about say or ( no idea who owns these-just examples) they both contain the "0" and are these names preferable to or thus potentially more future value?
A: I can't say which category of domain names are better. It's all about whether a domain name is short, meaningful, and easy to remember. I never have problem with "v" and "0".

August 31, 2016 (Wed)

Q: What do you think of the .移动 extension? And what do you think of the domain name
A: According to, .移动 has only 8,373 registrations as of this writing, so it's a long way for this extension to become popular in China.

Q: What does Pinyong mean?
A: Pinyong is 2-pin and may mean 聘用 (recruit).

August 30, 2016 (Tue)

Q: What do you think of 5.GG as a domain name?
A: It's very short for sure. 5 rhymes with 我 (i) and GG may mean 哥哥 (elder brother). Together, they may mean "my elder brother".

Q: We recently noticed that names such as and were owned by Chinese companies. Does this tell us that "de" at the end of a great pinyin keyword does not have to be followed in each case by another noun verb or whatever? And what does "de" at the end of these keywords actually mean for an end user-if anything.
A: These days many end user companies use domain names in very creative way -- so creative it becomes hard to remember. I have even started a daily case study (sorry, in Chinese and on LinkedIn only) of companies using difficult domain names.

August 29, 2016 (Mon)

Q: We did a scan and came up with only 7 NNNL.coms available to hand reg could this be correct?
A: Because there are still 4C dropping everyday, the number may be changing all the time too.

Q: Do Chinese like 7?
A: I think Chinese consumers are fine if a number has a good meaning that can be remembered easily. 7 rhymes with 亲 (kiss).

August 27, 2016 (Sat)

Q: What do u say about NNLL and LLNN??
A: LLNN .com is one of my favorites. I like it because it matches the way that most Chinese companies are named. Their legal names are usually very long but their trading names (consumers facing names) often consist of two Chinese characters (2-pin), so LL is a perfect match. Then, I can either add relevant meaning to the NN part or simply use it to give uniqueness to the LL part if LL is a generic Chinese name.

Q: Do both zujin and zulin mean "rent"? If so is one preferable over the other? Thank you.
A: They are different. Zujin is 租金 (rent amount) and Zulin is 租赁 (to rent).

August 26, 2016 (Fri)

Q: What names are good for China?
A: Looking at the way things are developing in China, I think short names + short extensions are good in China. When it comes to English word, I think simple and single words such as baby, money, eat will be very popular.

Q: I saw in Godaddy auction recently. Does SMT have Chinese meaning?
A: SMT may mean 水蜜桃 (honey peach).

August 25, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Is the letter v bad?
A: v rhymes with 味 (taste), 微 (micro), or 舞 (dance). So, it can be used, particularly in a very short name. For example, UV rhymes with 优味 (excellent taste).

Q: In referring to the new real estate startup you mentioned that "e" would have been better than "i" can you explain why?
A: The company name is 一房网 (Yi Fang Wan). In this particular context, YiFang is a good match of the company name. eFang is possible as it rhymes with Yi. iFang does not match the company name.

August 24, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Can you share some article on the new gtld .store. As it is being said that this will bring revolution to ecommerce industry.
A: It's still too early to see its performance in China. reported only 20k .store domain names registered in China out of 48k total, as of August 21.

Q: Does 04 mean snacks?
A: Yes, 04 may mean 零食 (snacks).

August 23, 2016 (Tue)

Q: My question is with all the information you have offered re China registrations I find it difficult to see how one of the largest Chinese centric travel sites became so successful using the brand Ctrip. No translation that works in a cognitive way for the mass Chinese markets which means it goes against any advice, a new website starting in this way would be blowing against the wind ? is this part of the Alibaba JC Tencent cartel ? Another question touches on the VR which has no direct translation and what is available is toooo long. I registered VRgin and VRchunu VR处女 for protection. I am only really interested in VRgin (cn) as a brand name your comments please.
A: I don't know why ctrip has been successful. Personally, I find it difficult to remember the website of 携程 (Xie Cheng, the Chinese name of the company) as, but nevertheless the name is short enough that with promotion and search engine ads people can find the site. I think would be a great upgrade. Some English names don't have to be translated into Chinese, e.g. VIP, baby. VR is known within the Chinese tech industry, but it can go mainstream if VR becomes a fad. My 2c.

Q: Does 6N have meaning?
A: For 6N and beyond, usually I don't bother to look for any meaning. They are mainly for bulk trading, which is about rules such as chips and pattern but not about meaning.

August 22, 2016 (Mon)

Q: I used to have a nickname in college and it was BigMoney . What would you think is a good translation for the Chinese market?
A: Its literal translation is 大钱 (Da Qian=>Daqian). There is even a fintech startup called Shanghai Daiqian. Maybe they should hire you as the spokesman for their international markets. Ha Ha!

Q: Regarding the domain name, so does Wei mean to maintain or victory? I always thought no Chinese business would use a V in its brand.
A: VS matches its brand name Wei Sheng (维胜) where V rhymes with Wei (maintain). I've seen "v" in domain names by using the rhyming technique. If the name is very short -- which is obviously so in this case -- then consumers can still remember it.

August 20, 2016 (Sat)

Q: What are NG and 64?
A: NG may mean 农耕 (farming) and 64 may mean 乐世 (a generation of fun).

Q: Is 0 at the beginning bad but 0 at the end good?
A: It all depends on the context. There are many excellent Chinese phrases that start with zero. For example: 0918 rhymes with 你就要发 (you are going to be rich).

August 19, 2016 (Fri)

Q: What does XY stand for?
A: XY may mean 校园 (campus) or 西医 (western doctor).

Q: Why did you say v is 网? I thought that would be w.
A: True, the correct Pinyin for 网 is Wang, so W should be the right letter to represent it. However, because V is similar to 网 in pronunciation (by a long stretch), some domain news media started saying V is for 网 too. Scarcity of domain name is the key in such change.

August 18, 2016 (Thu)

Q: What do you think of BJ66?
A: BJ is the abbreviation for Beijing. Also, BJ may mean 保健 (health care) and 66 is associated with 六六大顺 (idiom= everything going smoothly).

Q: Is the name CR10 any good?
A: CR may mean 超人 (superman) and 10 rhymes with 要赢 (want to win).

August 17, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Does C12N have meaning?
A: Well, it's possible to give meaning to the name. For example, C may mean 常 (always), 12 rhymes with 要爱 (want to love) and N may mean 你 (you). So, the whole name becomes 常要爱你 (always want to love you). But, the name is still hard to remember. LNNL pattern may not be easy for Chinese consumers to remember.

Q: What do you think of XIJW?
A: It appears to be a mix of 1-pin (XI) with an acronym (JW). Xi may mean 西 (west) and JW may mean 急务 (urgent task). But, such combination makes it difficult for Chinese consumers to remember.

August 16, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Why hasn't .co caught on like other extensions in China?
A: I don't know. But, China's massive internet population, startup boom, and government initiatives suggest great potential in the domain market. I think short names will continue to be in good demand.

Q: How do you drop catch domain names?
A: I do it manually. I look at a domain name and imagine what kind of business I can use it to run.

August 15, 2016 (Mon)

Q: How about NNLL and LLLN?
A: As I see it, scarcity is the key on the back of rising demand for .com all over the world by Internet startups. With 4C, no new gTLD can compete with it unlike 2- or 3-word .com domain names such as vs I like LLNN best among 4C because it matches the 2-character name preference in China.

Q: Are hyphenated domain names good in China?
A: I've not come across many Chinese domain names containing hyphen.

August 13, 2016 (Sat)

Q: What's your view on LLNN?
A: I like it. If you are not too fuzzy and spend some time in the drops, you can still get, for example, a LLNN com at $10 and build it into a great business. There are many companies operating on LLNN .com. For example, is a global company.

Q: What is your view on Chinese IDN domain names?
A: On the issue of Chinese IDN.IDN, my view is they are useful for marketing purpose but I don't see most companies using it as their corporate website, which will remain as .com or .cn. For consumers, it's easier to remember IDN.IDN. With the current Pinyin domain name, they have to translate the name into Pinyin in their mind (even though it's not difficult). I think Chinese IDN.IDN can redirect to .com or .cn. Having said that, I must say it's too early to tell. Currently, Chinese IDN.IDN are simply not significant, as also shown in my study. So, Chinese IND.IDN is only a potential right now. The internet is global in nature so I believe ASCII .com is still the first choice.

August 12, 2016 (Fri)

Q: What is the meaning of 786?
A: 786 rhymes with 吃飽了 (I am full).

Q: Does DKYG have any meaning?
A: DKYG may mean 貸款銀行 (lending bank).

August 11, 2016 (Thu)

Q: What is your opinion on .com and other gtlds in China?
A: I see .com being the center of the domain universe, surrounded by other extensions for different marketing purposes. They can redirect back to .com. Here's an imaginary example:, with for news, for members, for charity, and for its mobile apps.

Q: What is BJ10?
A: BJ10 may mean 北京要你 (Beijing wants you).

August 10, 2016 (Wed)

Q: In the latest issue of The Economist, there was an article about WeChat. I am sure it is old news to you, but I didn't realize how encompassing WeChat is. If the article is correct, it seems many Chinese hardly use anything other than WeChat for both entertainment and shopping. So I was wondering if this could have a negative impact on the use of domain names? Reading your articles, it doesn't seem to be the case, but do some young internet users only use services such as WeChat and hardly know what a domain name is?
A: The Internet population in China is about 700m and is still growing. I expect it to grow to exceed 1b. More Internet users, more demand for goods and services to be available online. Internet startup boom is also underway and I expect even more companies will be created in years to come. Every company needs its own place. It's never wise to "live" under the roof of Wechat, Facebook, or any stranger. You want your own place where you have 100% control. Companies will need this privilege, and individuals will too. So, I'm confident domain names will continuously to be in demand.

Q: I don't know Chinese. Should I invest in Pinyin domain names?
A: If I were non Chinese, I would not invest in Pinyin because of the risk of not understanding it. I don't invest in Pinyin, but it appears to me that there are many non-Chinese investors who are willing to take the risks. Working with a Chinese friend may be a good solution.

August 9, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Is Pinyin is international?
A: Some can be, e.g. (百度) and乐视).

Q: I have read you post for 4c .com today. I have some 4c domain and have price it with I view the sales in the past for get me idea of the domain value. What you think about this value ?
A: I'm sorry to disappoint you. I'm the worst domain appraiser in the world. I don't know their values.

August 8, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Please correct if I am wrong but as of this writing there are 494 avail but only 117 does that tell you that the is more desirable?
A: Interesting question. Since 4C .com names are still dropping everyday, that means LLNN and NNLL available also change everyday, so I can't compare them to make any meaningful judgement.

Q: I bought the domain 82001111. It was expired after 10 years ownership of Chinese man. What do you think about this domain?
A: It may be too long for end users. For speculation, different rules such as chips are used and I know very little as I don't have much interest.

August 6, 2016 (Sat)

Q: If one owns a very good pinyin name in the .com and .cn say and .cn as an example would you think they should also try to buy other extensions if available re .net .org etc or does .com and .cn pretty much cover the China market with a great name.
A: Usually for end users, .com and then .cn are preferred. For brand protection, some also keep and even .net. That's about it right now. As new extensions become more popular, companies may have to also acquire some new extensions. But, generally speaking, .com and .cn are the majority.

Q: What's the meaning of PP ?
A: PP may mean 跑跑 (run, run).

August 5, 2016 (Fri)

Q: Any naming trends in China?
A: (1) .com and .cn are mainstream. (2) "short" is the main theme. (3) new extensions are growing rapidly in registration numbers.

Q: Is 1688 better than Alibaba?
A: While 1688 is easy to remember, I'm not sure if it will last for long as the company's common name has become shorter. Now you can enter 阿里(Ali) instead of the full spelling in Baidu search and get top results on Alibaba. I think this is the result of the company having so many subsidiaries named Ali + (something) that people will eventually remember the company as Ali. Example of subsidiaries: AliSport, Alipay, Aliyun, and Alihealth.

August 4, 2016 (Thu)

Q: What's you view on .ws?
A: Country extensions are attractive mostly for speculation reason. They are the shortest extensions possible, which suits speculators' taste for short domain names. Therefore, very short .ws may be attractive.

Q: What's the meaning of LT?
A: LT may mean 论坛 (forum).

August 3, 2016 (Wed)

Q: What do you think of the punycode Chinese domains?
A: I like Chinese IDN.IDN but at this stage, they are not popular. But, I feel Chinese IDN.IDNs have great potential because Chinese people usually remember names as Chinese characters not English or Pinyin words.

Q: What is the meaning of ZCW?
A: ZCW may mean 租车网 (rental car net), 足彩网 (football betting net), or 造财网 (wealth creation net).

August 2, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Is QQD a good name?
A: QQD may mean 钱钱贷 (money money lending).

Q: You recently wrote on NamePros about English words with Chinese names-my question is do you see that often or have you written about it here in your blog at all?
A: I think you meant, for example,, where English words are used on an extension for China. No, I don't think I have written a post on it. I think English words can be used in domain names for China. Simple words are best.

August 1, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Please can you tell us what means 1313 in Chinese?
A: 1313 may mean 医生医生(doctor, doctor).

Q: How about 77 and 770?
A: 77 may mean 亲亲 (kiss, kiss). 770 may mean 亲亲你 (kiss kiss you).

July 30, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Are names starting with "a" worth something?
A: Yes, some examples are (爱你网, health site) and (爱家纪, interior design service).

Q: What do you think of NNNL and LNNN?
A: For China, continued demand for domain names will in the long term make NNNL and LNNN on .com/.cn attractive. If they have meanings to end users, they will be sought after.

July 29, 2016 (Fri)

Q: Do Chinese companies use 5L?
A: Yes 5L .com can be used by Chinese companies, but the number is probably very small. This is because 5L means 5 characters in a Chinese company's trading name, which is rare.

Q: Meaning of 5240?
A: 5240 may mean 我愛是你 (You are my love), 我愛死你 (I love you till death), or 我愛罰你 (I love to punish you).

July 28, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Which of these says " birthday card" best. Shengrika or Shengriheka? Please correct me if i'm wrong but the first is 3 pin the second 4 pin I believe.
A: Both mean the same. I always use the 3-pin one and thought the 4-pin is more formal. Baidu search gave 生日卡 (Shengrika, 3-pin) 720k results and 生日贺卡(Shengriheka, 4-pin) 16m results. It's a surprise to me.

Q: XYZ can be translated as "next" in Chinese?
A: Yes, XYZ may mean 下一站 (next stop). It may also mean 下一章 (next chapter), 信仰者 (believer), 小宇宙 (Little universe), or 新亚洲 (new Asia).

July 27, 2016 (Wed)

Q: would be very good. Is there a number of 8s that works well?
A: 888 is probably the maximum as Chinese like to repeat the same word three times.

Q: Who does 889 mean in the Chinese? What would FU stand for in Chinese?
A: 889 rhymes with 伴伴酒 (drink with someone, usually a customer at a bar etc.) or 发发久 (make a fortune for a long time). FU is 1-pin and may mean many things, such as 富 (wealth), 付 (pay), or 服 (to serve).

July 26, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Does 84 have any meaning?
A: 84 may mean 办事 (handle affairs), 半死 (half dead), 发誓 (swear), or 巴士 (bus).

Q: What's the meaning of 158?
A: 158 may mean 要我发 (want me to make a fortune).

July 25, 2016 (Mon)

Q: What does 5 mean in Chinese?
A: 5 may mean 务 (affair), 吻 (kiss), 呼 (call), 屋 (house), 我 (i), 无 (none), 晚 (late), 武 (force), 玩 (play), or 网 (web).

Q: What is the meaning of HZ?
A: HZ may mean 合租(joint rent), 孩子(children), or 盒子(box).

July 23, 2016 (Sat)

Q: I was wondering what possible pinyin and then to English can be associated with the acronym KG?
A: KG may mean 快购 (speedy buying), 考古 (archaeology), or 跨国 (multinational).

Q: Do you know of Chinese alternatives of outsourcing sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, etc?
A: I don't have experience using this service. A Baidu search gave me and Of course, you have as well.

July 22, 2016 (Fri)

Q: What is the meaning of QTWW?
A: QTWW may mean 前途旺旺 (prosperous future).

Q: I've been seeing's lately on namebio and have been wondering about this very topic, thanks for the post, very noteworthy. Where do you think is the best marketplace to sell a good .cc to a Chinese startup? I have one that I think a startup might want.
A: I'm not familiar with domain marketplaces because I'm not active in selling. To research, I usually just enter the name into Baidu search and see if any relevant domain name pops up in the search result. I also check the .cn and extensions to see if there is already end user. In your case, the .cn is a Chinese ecommerce site (may be operated from Indonesia).

Q: I have twenty LLLL .cc domain names for sale. Know of any parties who may be interested?
A: Well, if any of my readers is interested, let me know and I'll put you into contact with the seller. (Hey, I may even get a referral fee. Ha Ha!)

July 21, 2016 (Thu)

Q: "Chinese consumers remember major brands not in Pinyin but Chinese characters" That is most interesting. Would you please expand a little, from the mass native speaking public mindset.
A: First and foremost we remember company names by their Chinese characters, e.g. 百度. When needed, it is converted to the Pinyin equivalent "Baidu", which requires one extra mental step to perform. That's why I think IDN.IDN may have a bright future, even though the adoption is still limited right now.

Q: Any meaning of KG?
A: KG may mean 快购 (speedy purchase), 考官 (examiner), or 跨国 (multinational).

July 20, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Which of these pinyin "keywords" is the potentially most valuable in an good extension. fangdai (home loans) fangdichan (real estate) chuzu (rent) caifu (wealth) ?
A: I don't know. These words involve a lot of money and are good, but I'm the worst domain appraiser in the world.

Q: Is the letter W at the end of a domain name good?
A: W at the end of a name is frequently used to mean 网 (wang=net). For example, FDW may mean 饭店网 (restaurant net) and 房贷网 (housing loan net)

July 19, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Do this domain name is interesting for chinese market: And, if it is, what price may I ask for?
A: V may mean 微 (micro) which is a trendy word, and Z may mean 赚 (make money), but I don't know the price. I'm the worst domain appraiser in the world.

Q: Don't you think google glass type technology can or will change the landscape in future. Here's what I believe. Having so many domain extensions in a crowded world, and so few people who control the .coms which are the most popular, disruption change and innovation are bound to come. My belief is that this technology wether worn as eyeglass, wrist bracelet or watch will replace domain name extensions completely.
A: Maybe on the day we don't see,, etc, we don't need domain names anymore. Meanwhile, I'll focus on this fun.

July 18, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Why is Juiyi (to receive medical treatment) taken in dot com but available in dot cn?
A: Juiyi is not Pinyin but Jiuyi (就医) is and means what you have said. was registered in 2003.

Q: Any thoughts on possible meanings for 588?
A: 588 rhymes with 我发发 (I'm making a fortune).

July 16, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Does FQNX means anything?
A: FQNZ may mean 风情女性 (flirtatious woman) or 风情男性 (flirtatious man).

Q: Is Boqin a Pinyin name?
A: Boqin is 博勤 (knowledgeable and diligent). You can use this name to start an educational service.

July 15, 2016 (Fri)

Q: We own 8xx. What type of company may be interested in a name like this?
A: Usually I just enter the name in Baidu search, and then check the search result to see if there is any company using similar domain name.

Q: Kassey-both a question and an observation. The observation is that your post on Uncle Hang states that he owns both and - there's that "v" and that "4". My question is when you mention that you feel 4C may become of value in the future do you mean NNLL and and .cn? Thank you.
A: It can be any pattern within 4C. In my case, I try to find those with good meaning.

July 14, 2016 (Thu)

Q: what do u think about this one: eight8w
A: I feel it's a bit complicated: a word + a number + a letter. It's not my favorite combination.

Q: Does 7ya have meaning?
A: The character 呀(ya) is a suffix indicating surprise, doubt, wonder, shock, or admiration. It's commonly used in Chinese expressions to emphasize what you are saying. 7 rhymes with 去 (go), so 7ya may mean "let's go". It can be used for travel-related services.

July 13, 2016 (Wed)

Q: I'm looking for Chinese startup news website like techcrunch and such , so any recommendations would be more than helpful.
A: You may try the sites listed in the link: Note: They are all in Chinese.

Q: GXFC. Am I right in thinking this is the most common Chinese New Years greeting? Thanks.
A: Yes, GXFC is 恭喜发财 (Gong Xi Fa Cai). It literally means "congratulations on making a fortune".

July 12, 2016 (Tue)

Q: What type of Chinese is written on tech crunch , Cantonese or Mandarin?
A: It's written in Mandarin.

Q: What is JXD?
A: JXD may mean 吉祥贷 (lucky lending), 教学店 (educational store), or 吉祥岛 (lucky island).

July 11, 2016 (Mon)

Q: What is the meaning of AL?
A: AL is similar to the Ali brand of Alibaba, making this domain name attractive to investors. AL may mean: 爱丽 (want to be beautiful), 爱侣 (lovers), and 爱聊 (love to chat).

Q: Thanks for the clarification on aeiouv. I was looking at some non pinyin vowel 4L on namejet considering to buy. I bet there is more interest now.
A: As said in my post, it is possible to have aeiouv in an acronym name, research is very important in order to see if they can have any meaning. Not every domain name works.

July 9, 2016 (Sat)

Q: BJW33 is getting a lot of traffic. Any thoughts on meaning.
A: BJW may mean 北京网 (Beijing net) and 搬家网 (house moving net). So BJW33 is easy to remember. Tour, house moving etc.

Q: Any meaning of NN8 in Chinese?
A: NN is great as it has many meanings, such as 你你 (you you), 南宁 (Nan Ning city), 奶奶 (grandmother), 宁宁 (peace, peace), and 年年 (every year), 8 is a lucky number in China and it also rhymes with "bar" thus providing lots of possibilities and brands relating to money business.

July 8, 2016 (Fri)

Q: Do you have Bill Ding's email relating to the following link?
A: Try

Q: I checked the news section on your website, but it doesn't have detailed news like the news on the homepage.
A: If you are talking about the links to Chinese news, you can find them here:

July 7, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Could we ask your opinion on good pinyin names re caifu fangdai etc in other extensions than .com. We happen to own both these in the .ch extension and both are aged names. In your news section we noticed that some "car' related pinyin names are starting to sell for some real money. We own the names and also Any comments on these names? Thank you. John
A: Sorry, not much help. I don't pay much attention to Pinyin domain names because it's very difficult for me to find a good one, even though I understand the Chinese language.

Q: GQ80 Kassey are these names good for an end user and the meanings please?
A: GQ many mean 歌曲 (songs) and 80 伴你 (accompany you), so the whole name may mean "songs to accompany you", a music-related site?

July 6, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Can I please ask you when you have time if you have help me make sense of what does these domains means? I have no clue. XUEZUOWANGZHAN and XUANCHANGFANG
A: I don't enjoy guessing meanings of long Pinyin names. Please provide the Chinese characters. In fact, I don't pay much attention to Pinyin domain names because it's very difficult for me to find a good one, even though I understand the Chinese language.

Q: What do you think about the others, especially the 5000, I'm so frustrated that I didn't found the meaning yet.
A: 5000 is an easy to remember number, so that alone is good. If you really want Chinese meaning, here's one: 我赢赢赢 (I win win win). Cheers

July 5, 2016 (Tue)

Q: We just picked up is xi90 but we did try to research it by looking at your posts re numerics etc and hopefully it comes out as "hope/admire for a long time" . Forgot to ask-where does a fellow like Mr Chen sell his 3C names? on or ?? Thank you! John
A: Xi may mean 喜 (happy), 洗 (wash), 西 (west), 细(slender) and many more. 90 may mean 久赢 (win for a long time). He did not discuss publicly where he sold his domain names, so I don't know.

Q: One of the new domain extensions scheduled to come out is .WEB. Although popular with Americans, do the Chinese connect with .WEB (like they do with .CN and .VIP)? And do you think this suffix will be popular with the Chinese? 
A: I don't think .web will ever match .cn in value and status. Most Chinese companies (and consumers) are already comfortable with .com and .cn, so changing their habit is very difficult. .web may become like the many new extensions as subject of speculation. In that case, anything can happen.

July 4, 2016 (Mon)

Q: I recently bought a handful of 4C names such as 7ujn not because they were catchy names but because they had simple vertical alignment with a pattern memory advantage that could be perfect for the mobile phone industry. Love to hear your thoughts and keep up the good work.
A: Hi Neil, I like 4C with meanings because I can still pick them up at the drops. We all have different investment rules so I can't judge yours. As long as you have done your research, found meaning, thought about end user application, and confirmed how easy to pronounce a domain name, then hold on to your conviction. Do a search on the sale of a few years ago at the unbelievable price of $1m. Use it to remind yourself that the majority can be wrong.

Q: I recently acquired 聊天室. Is the name any good?
A: Baidu search confirms 聊天室 (chat room) as a common phrase in Chinese. However, Chinese IDN is not popular yet. See the Stats page on my website on the number of resgistrations of various Chinese .IDN and you'll see what I mean.

July 2, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Google translation of YYAOP as meaning "Pharmaceuticals" accurate?
A: Google Translate gives 医药品 (pharmaceuticals) for YYAOP. In this case, the translation is incorrect. The correct one for "Pharmaceuticals" should be YYP (医药品=pharmaceuticals). A and O are not needed. YYAOP does not look like an acronym.

Q: Hun hau/ting hao - I've seen both of these mean 'very good' but using my knowledge of Chinese (I only know nee hau!) I thought the first way looks like it's used in formal greetings and the second is more general - is that right?
A: I'm not sure but it looks like your spellings are based on Taiwan's Pinyin system. For example: NeeHau (你好=How are you?) is Pinyin used in Taiwan. But, NiHao (你好=How are you?) is Pinyin used in China.

July 1, 2016 (Fri)

Q: How about GF in terms of Pinyin?
A: GF may mean高分 (high score), 功夫 (effort), 股份 (stocks), and 贵妃 (senior concubine).

Q: What is the meaning of JG?
A: JG may mean价格 (price), 酒馆 (tavern), 机构 (organization), and 金刚 (King Kong).

June 30, 2016 (Thu)

Q: JTDK is a meaningful phrase ?
A: JTDK may mean 集团贷款 (group lending).

Q: Does LLKT have any meaning?
A: LLKT may mean 乐乐课堂 (fun in classroom), good for educational websites.

June 29, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Do the following names have meanings? 421, XZ32, and 43W
A: 421 may mean 示爱意 (show love). XZ may mean 仙姿 (heavenly beauty) so the domain name can be used for beauty-related products or services. I'll keep 32 without translation to make the name unique. For 43W, names ending with "w' are good because "w" means 网 (net). So in this case 43W can mean 时尚网 (fashion network)

Q: What is the meaning of ZHEN. Is it Pinyin?
A: ZHEN is 1-pin and may mean 真 (true), 珍 (rare), and 朕 (i as in a royal person).

June 28, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Do Chinese like or tolerate English letters with numbers in dot cn. Like they would in dot com? Example: versus Or 啊啊 versus 啊啊
A: Hi Ed, this is copied from my Feb 27 Q&A: "LLNN domain names are commonly used in China. LL indicates company names in two Chinese characters, which is perhaps the most common naming pattern in China. Some companies use the NN part simply to provide a unique identity, such as financial news site巨人). Some companies also 'translate' the NN part to provide additional meaning, such as logistics site (BY=百运, 56=物流). LLNN gives you branding flexibility." The usage on .cn and .com should be the same, but the prestige is different. .com is usually considered better than .cn. Also, personally I don't like IDN mixed with ASCII because you have to switch between Chinese input and English input. I have not seen any domain name with the pattern. They may succeed but in my opinion they post difficulty for consumers to remember. In your case, Chinese consumers may remember them as and

Q: What can XXL mean?
A: XXL may mean 信息路 (information path), 喜喜楼 (happy building), 笑笑楼 (smiling building), and 讯息路 (message path).

June 27, 2016 (Mon)

Q: What do y'all think of these? XRWW and ZQXZ.
A: XRWW may mean 笑容娃娃 (smile doll) and ZQXZ 证券信站 (securities information station).

Q: Why domains with 'w' at end sell higher?
A: "w" can stand for "wang" (net) so this letter is good for Internet-related business with name ending with "wang".

June 25, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Any meaning for 4484?
A: 4484 may mean 试试办事 (try and do the job).

Q: W is for internet or web at the end is good. Right?
A: Yes, completely agreed.

June 24, 2016 (Fri)

Q: I have just had a look at cities abbreviations on your page: There is a city Liaoling - isn't Liaoning the correct spelling? If so, is LL correct abbreviation? I got curious about it, because I own LLL (three L's). If that's "Fun, fun, fun!" then it sounds great.
A: Thanks Mike. You are right. 辽宁should be Liaoning province and its abbreviation LN. L can refer to many Chinese characters, such as 乐乐乐 (fun, fun, fun) as you mentioned. Another good one is 来来来 (come, come, come).

Q: RRXD has any good meaning?
A: RRXD may mean 人人信贷 (credit for everyone) and 人人小贷 (small lending for everyone).

June 23, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Is Google Translate a reliable source when researching 4 and 5L CHIPS?
A: GT is OK for general translation, but not very reliable if you ask GT to translate acronyms. Always check with a Chinese friend after the translation.

Q: I understand they are longer than is desirable. What do you think? 888234888, 88882228888, and 88883338888.
A: I don't understand long numbers much. My focus is always on end users, which means picking names that are easy to remember. For me, numbers beyond 4N or 5N are probably for the speculator market, which is developing and I'm not against it. Like currency trading where 95% currencies traded daily are among traders, the same can happen to domain names. I feel your domain names are less for end users and more for speculators.

June 22, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Another question, bkt = 报刊亭 meaning newsstand? Also, how is CN understood? Always as China or it has a pinyin meaning too?
A: BKT may be 报刊亭 (newsstand), so YES. For CN, it may mean 才女 (talented woman), 处女 (virgin), 成年 (adult), 宠你 (spoil you), 超女 (super woman), and 潮女 (fashionable woman).

Q: I have a LLNN starting with KH. Google translates KH as "client" , do you think this is accurate?
A: In this case, Google is correct. KH is 客户 (client).

June 21, 2016 (Tue)

Q: I have a domain name that perhaps you could enlighten me on. y-888. I see on your site that Y can mean win, and 8 is the lucky Chinese number. So the main problem could be the hyphen. I would appreciate your input.
A: I did a Baidu search on y-888 and it listed a few products, such as Y-888 music box. They may be interested in your domain name. shows the domain name is owned by a technology company. You may use the Whois email address to contact them.

Q: What's the meaning, if any, of 8iqq?
A: 8 should go well with IQQ which may mean 爱钱钱 (love money money).

June 20, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Does "baiwanfu" indeed mean "Millionaire" in Pinyin? Does it have any use/potential in Chinese culture?
A: The phrase is not complete. You need the "W" at the end. It's a common term we use often. Bai Wan Fu Weng is 百万富翁 (millionaire).

Q: Could you please explain what the event listed below was about at the Chinese Summit? Forum: "Western investors collision domain"
A: I didn't attend the conference. I checked its agenda and found a panel discussion titled 中西方域名投资者碰撞 which means collision between Chinese and western domain investors. So, it's probably some sort of panel discussion to contrast the different thinkings of Chinese and non-Chinese investors.

June 18, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Is Q a premium letter in Chinese? I see lots of Chinese websites with Q+keywords..
A: Premium or not, I don't know, but Q is a very versatile letter which means many things, such as 七 (seven), 强 (strong), 枪 (gun), 球 (ball), 请 (please), 谦 (modest), 趣 (fun), and 钱 (money).

Q: Just got PPPVY for $3. What can it mean?
A: Sorry, I don't know. For 5L and more, I usually don't try to find any meaning. It is quite long. In few cases you can get geo+ LLL. In your case, I couldn't find any.

June 17, 2016 (Fri)

Q: Are chinese IDN gtlds in traditional or simple chinese? looking at 在线.
A: 在线 is simplified Chinese. See: You can also have traditional Chinese IDN extension, such as .台灣. See台灣.htm.

Q: What would SHHS stand represent? I know SH represents Shanghai but is there any other meaning within this acronym?
A: Let's start with Shanghai. SHHS may mean 上海婚纱 (Shanghai wedding dress) and 上海花生 (Shanghai peanuts). Also, SHHS may mean 生活好事 (good things in life), and SH may refer to 上杭 (Shanghang County, Fujian) as well.

June 16, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Can you tell the abbreviations for the following cities: Qiqihaer, Shenyang, and Nanjing?
A: Qiqihaer is QQHE, Shenyang is SY, and Nanjing is NJ.

Q: What do you think about zzqq combination?
A: Something like: 仔仔亲亲 (young boy, kiss kiss).

June 15, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Your views on GJYR? Appreciate it
A: Baidu suggests 硅胶义乳 (silicone breast) and Google Translate gives 感觉有人 (feel someone is here). My suggestion is 国际友人 (international friend).

Q: I saw that on Namepros or elsewhere someone pointed out to you that one can see how many sites are being used by searching in (or whatever it might be). So anyway, I was surprised to see that there are quite a few .公司 sites. It was very interesting to see, and thought it might be worth posting about.
A: Good observation. I like few .公司 (company) and I've said many times it's good because it's already used in the names of may Chinese companies. So, semantically, it works. For example, 百度.公司 ( But, in terms of domain registration, this extension has only 50,193, See the stats page on my site. It's not mainstream yet.

June 14, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Owing to your latest newsletter, I've registered:,, and Couldn't resist - an educated guess, no, greed, I suppose...
A: I like Here, you are talking about "money for business opportunity", like funding startups. I can see it's an educated guess. I think they are long-shot investment. (To be honest, I have registered and then dropped many domains for long-shot investment along the way of my own education. )

June 10, 2016 (Fri)

Q: What do you think of tr888?
A: TR888 may mean 通融888 (Short-term loan 888).

Q: What is meaning of
A: PZZY may mean 品质重要 (quality is important) or 彭州中药 (Pengzhou city Chinese medicine).

June 9, 2016 (Thu)

Q: What is your take on palindromes?
A: I don't know. In fact, I don't understand much about chip etc. I only look at whether I can create meaning/brand out of a domain name.

Q: What is KFZ?
A: KFZ may mean 开发者 (developer), 客服组 (customer service), 康复者 (recovering patients), 孔夫子 (Confucius), and 看房子 (view house).

Q: I own the domain SaiMie and I noticed that .cn hosts a website. So maybe my domain is worth money.
A: The name of the site is 美食博客 (Gourmet Blog) but it does not look like an ordinary blogging site. Apart from food, it also has a variety of categories such as entertainment, sports, games, and military. It's more like a portal. The About Us page is not available, so I couldn't figure out who is behind this site.

Q: If opportunity allows, could you please check and do a summary to share whether two word pinyin is popular in China like ZhongguoLvyou? Because two word is in demand in the West but if in Pinyin, would it be too long?
A: Here you are talking about 4-pin (e.g. ZhongGuoLvYou). They are generally considered a bit long (yes there are exceptions) so many companies choose to go with their acronym name if possible, such as or in this case.

June 8, 2016 (Wed)

Q: 8on8 and 8by8. What price it may fetch if sold?
A: I don't know. Who could have thought would sell for 1 million USD when most 4L .com were getting only 4 or 5 figures?

Q: I was wondering if S88W had any meaning?
A: Sorry I have no idea. I never understand this LNNL pattern. Of course, 88 is a favorable number. S & W together are good and may mean 商务 (business) and 税务 (tax affairs).

June 7, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Any tip on ykd?
A: YKD may mean 易快递 (easy and quick delivery), 易快贷 (easy and quick loan), 游客多 (many tourists), and 要快点 (want to hurry). Good.

Q: 7on7. What do you think of its value? Does it mean anything?
A: For the Chinese domain market, buyers prefer 8 more than 7. I'm not sure if most Chinese understand what 7on7 means. I don't.

June 6, 2016 (Mon)

Q: My number one question at the moment is because I have received many Chinese enquiries for a domain name I own (NYBR). Is there an obvious reason for Chinese interest?
A: I don't know the real reason. Baidu search does not reveal any obvious reason for NYBR. However, is a operating site owned by a petrochemical products distribution and NYBR is its acronym (南阳博锐 = Nan Yang Bo Rui). NYBR may also mean 纽约半日 (half day in New York), 纽约百日 (hundred days in New York), and 纽约八日 (eight days in New York).

Q: What do you think of this one?
A: I have trouble telling 0 from O. 550 rhymes with 玩玩赢 (play, play, win) but I don't like O because it's hard to form a meaningful Chinese phrase using O.

June 4, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Need an advice for LZF.
A: HFZ may mean 龙珠坊 (dragon ball square).

Q: BS888 does it have any meaning
A: BS may mean 宝石 (gem), so together with 888 is good.

June 3, 2016 (Fri)

Q: Do you think Chinese .IDN has potential?
A: Chinese IDN.IDN is best used in consumer marketing as a label or pointer, but the best corporate domain name should be ascii and .com simply because the Internet is global. While I do think Chinese .IDN have great potential, the fact is, currently they are not popular yet. Their registration numbers are still tiny. I think in a company’s domain strategy, they need to include many different extensions for different purposes. Suppose you are Amazon. You can have,,,,, 亚马逊 公司, etc. but they are all labels sending visitors to a specific page on, the center of its domain universe.

Q: What does BL mean?
A: BL may mean 百联 (hundred connections), 爆料 (expose), 便利 (convenience), 宾利 (Bentley), 巴黎 (Paris), 柏林 (Berlin), and 伴侣 (companion).

June 2, 2016 (Thu)

Q: BJ99 meaning?
A: BJ can mean Beijing and 99 is 救救 (save). May be some sort of emergency services in Beijing?

Q: Can I ask for your interpretation of BCSWC?
A: BCSWC may mean 奔驰商务车 (Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles) but is it useful? Trademark is an issue, I think.

June 1, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Hey Mr Lee I'd like to know what CRV means.
A: CRV may mean 超人网 (superman net). Maybe supermen do need a place to mingle.

Q: What would GI mean?
A: GI is not a Pinyin word. As acronym, GI may mean 给爱 (give love). The Pinyin for 爱 is AI, but some folks also use I for 爱 too.

May 31, 2016 (Tue)

Q: What could JRT possibly represent in Chinese?
A: JRT is a good name with many possibilities, such as 金融厅 (hall of finance), 金融通 (expert in finance), 今日谈 (talk about today), 假日谈 (talk about holiday), and 佳人谈 (talk about beautiful woman).

Q: I made the word MOUFU using a Pinyin directory. Is it correct and and has meaning?
A: In Chinese, it is Pinyin and may mean 謀福 (seek blessing). It can also be a Japanese word, meaning 毛布(blanket).

May 30, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Is Geiai Pinyin?
A: Yes, GeiAi is 2-pin meaning 給愛 (give love).

Q: Do you see .Org becoming more common in Asia?
A: Yes, it's good for non-profit entities. It'll take some time, imo. I like this extension because it has a distinctive identity.

May 28, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Is there a 'keyword planner' type tool to check for keyword search in China?
A: Baidu offers several tools such as Baidu Keyword Suggestion Tool, Baidu Index, Baidu Data, and Baidu Analytics. I've not used them so can't comment.

Q: I knew shihiluntai was a tester, but in order to close the circle, what 2/3 pin would you have used to advertise the term "Cheap Tyres" ?
A: Cheap Tyres in Chinese is 便宜轮胎 (Pian Yi Lun Tai).

May 27, 2016 (Fri)

Q: Meaning of FYBBS?
A: The Chinese name shown on the site is 阜阳论坛 (Fu Yang BBS). Fu Yang is a city name and BBS is English abbreviation for Bulletin Board System. So you see Chinese do use English words in domain names.

Q: got sold in more than $1,000. Why?
A: I don't know why it was sold for a certain price, but I do know the HG prefix + number is popular. HG may mean 皇冠 (imperial crown). 1816 is easy to pronounce in Chinese and may mean 易发易来 (fortune is easy to make and come)/

May 26, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Any meaning to XZQJ?
A: XZQJ may mean 西藏全景 (Tibet panoramic view) and 西藏趣记 (Tibet fun note). Tour-related sites?

Q: Your opinion please of: PianyiLuntai & ShiheLuntai
A: They look like 4-pin names. 1-pin is premium. 2-pin is mainstream. 3-pin is less. 4-pin is even less. 5-pin, you can almost forget it.

May 25, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Whats the meaning of BIDBD?
A: 5L is usually too long for end user adoption. If I have to target end users, I may just keep the "BID" part as English and BD may mean 宝店 (treasure store), so a shop full of treasure that can be bought via bidding. Brand becomes BID宝店. The issue remaining is to educate consumers the meaning of BID. Quite tough, I think.

Q: I recently got this 5 letter name. It was this truck-container company. But the letters SJYJF do not seem to be in the company name. Any idea?
A: The company name is Shang Hai Jiao Yun Jí Zhuang Xiang Fa Zhan (上海交运集装箱发展). SJYJF is taken from Shang Jiao Yun Jí Fa, part of the name but unusual abbreviation. JYJ would be a better choice, in my opinion.

May 24, 2016 (Tue)

Q: What is the meaning of 4994884?
A: Usually I don't try to find meaning for long numbers because most of them have no meaning, are difficult to remember, and so are not suitable for end users. For speculation, there are all sort of rules such as chip which says 4 is bad but 8 and 9 are good.

Q: What is the mean of "444" in China?
A: 444 may mean 思思思 (think, think, think), 视视视 (see, see, see), and 谢谢谢 (thanks, thanks, thanks).

May 23, 2016 (Mon)

Q: What about HK are there any other meanings apart from Hong Kong?
A: HK may also mean 货客 (freight and passenger), 会客 (meet visitor), 会考 (examination), 汇款 (money transfer), 河口 (estuary), 湖口 (entry of lake), 航空 (aviation) and 黑客 (hacker).

Q: Are tools like Google translate reliable for translating domain letters?
A: I use it only to explore possibilities. It's not the only tool. Sometimes it is not accurate.

May 21, 2016 (Sat)

Q: What about sjv?
A: SJV may mean 数据网 (data network), 手机网 (mobile phone network), 设计网 (design network), 世界网 (world network), and 商机网 (business opportunity network).

Q: What about qz and kj?
A: QZ may mean 裙子 (skirt) and KJ many mean 科技 (science and technology) and 空间 (space).

May 20, 2016 (Fri)

Q: Sichuan. what do you think?
A: SCZ may mean 四川站 (Sichuan station).

Q: For 100N88, what are the possible meanings that 100 has and 88 too separately and could the combined make great sellable meaning.
A: 100 may mean 又赢赢 (win again). 88 may mean 发发 (make a fortune). Long name and "n" in the middle makes it challenging.

May 19, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Can you help me on this 110010?
A: How about 易易赢赢又赢 (easy easy, win win, and win again)

Q: Please confirm KFZ meaning. Does it mean: Confucius?
A: Yes, KFZ may mean 孔夫子 (Confucius).

May 18, 2016 (Wed)

Q: What are possible meanings for GXF and NZC ?
A: GXF may mean 高雪峰 (a high and snowy peak), which can be used for sports gear or related product business. NZC may mean 你租车(your rent car). How about a mobile app for car rental?

Q: I've a few 4Ns. What do you think?
A: If you have 4N on .com or .cn, they are becoming blue chip names in China.

May 17, 2016 (Tue)

Q: What's your favorite Chinese IDN.IDN?
A: My favorite is .公司 (company) but currently it has only 50k registrations. The reason I like it is because these two Chinese characters are already present in the legal names of many companies, and we actually use these two characters when referring to a Chinese company in our conversation. The other one is .世界 (world) which has two meanings: (1) everything about a company, (2) global operation. However, there's no clear winner at this moment. To track the trend of Chinese domain names in general and IDN.IDN in particular, I've added a stats page on my site so that I can update the info as data comes in.

Q: You've said you don't own Chinese domain names. Why?
A: My perspective is always global, so I own no .cn, Pinyin, and IDN.IDN. To me, .com is the safest investment because it is managed in a country of democracy with the rule of law being above any government official. The price of .com will remain stable and it's unlikely .com domain names will be confiscated by the government.

May 16, 2016 (Mon)

Q: What are the meanings of BK and DC?
A: There are many possible meanings. For BK, examples are 博客 (blog), 宝库 (treasure house), , 百科 (encyclopedia), 报考 (sit for exam), 报刊 (newspapers and periodicals). For DC, you can have 地产 (real estate-land), 大潮 (tidal wave), 打车 (take a taxi), 订餐 (order a meal), 豆豉 (black bean), 调查 (investigate), and 电池 (battery).

Q: Chinese government now allows use of number as a company name. How would this affect pinyin names?
A: I don't see numerics competing with Pinyin. Chinese IDN.IDNs may be the real competitors.

May 14, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Would a name like sell ( I know not as valuable) if it were
A: Not sure about, but my several 8LLL .com domain names have much higher traffic than other CCCC .com I have, as reported by Google Analytics.

Q: What do you think of the punycode Chinese domains?
A: Are you referring to Chinese IDN on traditional extensions or Chinese IDN.IDN? I'm not a fan of the former but like the latter because I never like mixing two languages. Even for the Chinese IDN.IDN, at this stage, they are still not very popular. But, I feel Chinese IDN.IDNs have great potential because Chinese people usually remember names as Chinese characters not English or Pinyin words.

May 13, 2016 (Fri)

Q: What do these mean, 58 and PB?
A: 58 may mean 网吧 (Internet cafe) and 我发 (I make a fortune). PB may mean 跑步 (run) and 抛宝 (toss treasure).

Q: What would stand for in Chinese? I'm hoping you could give me a nice amount of meanings for it.
A: DP is a very versatile name and it has many meanings, such as 打牌 (play mahjong), 短片 (short video clip), 盾牌 (shield), 店铺 (store), 搭配 (pair up), and 订票 (book ticket).

May 12, 2016 (Thu)

Q: BP can also be fearless. Correct ?
A: YES. And few more possible Chinese phrases: 不怕 (not to be afraid), 宝牌 (precious brand), 不胖 (not fat), and 百品 (hundred things).

Q: and were sold recently in China. What are their meanings?
A: Many, such as 元宝 (ingots), 邮编 (zip code), 月饼 (moon cake), 医保 (medical insurance), 仪表 (appearance), 鞭炮 (firecracker), 宝品 (precious items), 补品 (tonic), 豹皮 (panther skin), and 北漂 (drift to the north).

May 11, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Any meaning for 177785?
A: Not very good translations, but should work. 要钱钱钱帮我 (want money, money, money, please help me!) and 要妻妻妻伴我 (want wife, wife, wife, to accompany me). Please note usually I don't try to translate long numbers because they are mostly for speculation only.

Q: Meaning of HYP?
A: I like it. Some translations may be 欢迎牌 (welcome sign), 好友派 (group of good friends), and 哈佛耶鲁普林斯顿 (Harvard, Yale, and Princeton).

May 10, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Is TP good?
A: I think so. It may mean 突破 (breakthrough), 图片 (picture), 投票 (vote), 甜品 (dessert), and 退票 (ticket returned).

Q: 896968 does it have any good meaning?
A: 8, 9, and 6 are liked by Chinese. Long numbers are mainly for speculation, so I don't try to find meanings for them.

May 9, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Does 00446688 have any special meaning or significance. Thanks to all.
A: I usually don't bother to work on long numbers because end user companies seldom use such domain names. But, here is one that I tried: 你你世世乐乐发发 (you are forever happy and wealthy). Not a very good one in my opinion, but at least it's OK.

Q: What does QCK mean?
A: QCK may mean 取存款 (withdraw money from bank account), 请参考 (please refer to), 求财客 (guest seeking wealth), 汽车快 (fast car), and 钱财库 (money and wealth store).

May 7, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Here are a few names I was wondering what they meant. Puerh (tea?), Xiuh (last name?), 72 (lucky?), and 177785.
A: Puerh: 普洱, a popular Chinese tea. Xiuh: Baidu returns nothing meaningful. 72 may mean 亲爱 (beloved), see the 123 page on my site for more. 177785: For long numbers usually I don't bother to try to find meaning. Only very few have meanings. They are bought mostly for speculation.

Q: What's your view of the appeal of the extension for the Chinese buyers?
A: For end user companies, they would be interested in .uk ( is going away gradually as the world standardizes on just one dot) if they have/are entering the UK market. Of course, for speculators, anything is possible. I can't think of other reasons why Chinese want .uk.

May 6, 2016 (Fri)

Q: What does 598 represent?
A: 598 may mean 我就发 (I'll be rich soon). Good for casino, personal investment, and similar areas.

Q: Do you have any translation for TRZZY please?
A: Trzzy may mean 陶然自助游 (joyful self-service tour).

May 5, 2016 (Thu)

Q: 792 has Chinese meaning?
A: It may mean 去就爱 (go and just love).

Q: Do you think LBY has meaning in Chinese?
A: Yes, quite a few, such as 绿博园 (green expo garden), 龙博苑 (dragon plentiful garden), and 利比亚 (Libya).

May 4, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Do you think long numbers are worthless?
A: There are always gems in each category. The following numbers are good. 1314527: 一生一世我爱吃 (I love to eat forever), 5203344587: 我爱你生生世世不变心 (I love you forever with the same heart), and 8807701314520: 抱抱你亲亲你一生一世我爱你 (hug you, kiss you, I love you forever).

Q: Is there any business name starting with P, Q on Pinyin?
A: Yes, for example, both of the following companies are financial service providers. 平乐贷 (peaceful and happy financing), and 奇乐融 (wonderful and happy financing)

May 3, 2016 (Tue)

Q: How about GQX?
A: CQX may mean 高清晰 (high definition) and 高青县 (Gaoqing county).

Q: HZH and TWT. Any translations?
A: Yes, HZH may mean 皇中皇 (king of kings) or 好智慧 (good wisdom), and TWT may mean 天文台 (observatory).

May 2, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Is 88856 good?
A: 88856 may mean 发发发物流 (make a fortune in logistics). While everyone knows 888, 56 rhymes with 物流 (logistics) so the name is good for the logistics industry.

Q: What do you think of numbers ending with 75?
A: It depends on what's before 75. For example, 575:我去玩 (I'm going to play) and 175:一起玩 (play together) are fine.

April 30, 2016 (Sat)

Q: What are meanings of 938 and 8558?
A: 938 may mean 酒商发 (wine merchant making a fortune) and 8558 may mean发我我发 (I make a fortune).

Q: Does 191 have any meaning?
A: Many, such as: 要就医 (medical treatment), 易就医 (easy for medical treatment), 要就业 (to be employed), 易就业 (easy to be employed), and 要就要 (take it).

April 29, 2016 (Fri)

Q: Meanings of CNDQ, CNXQ, and CNKP please.
A: CN stands for China, so CNDQ can be 中国大全 (Chinese encyclopedia), CNXQ 中国戏曲 (Chinese opera), and CNKP 中国科普 (Chinese popular science).

Q: Please comment on "v".
A: "v" offers very limited choices when I want to create a brand. Of course, there are always exceptions, such as: VVQ:微微圈 (small small circle) and BMV:便民网 (convenience net).

April 28, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Is QC also a Chinese acronym?
A: QC is good as it has many Chinese translations, such as 汽车 (car), 钱财 (money and wealth), 青春 (youth), 前程 (future), 雀巢 (nest), and 器材 (equipment)

Q: Do you know any Chinese company using 6N as their website?
A: is a good example. It's owned by a Chinese medtech startup. 91 rhymes with 就医 (literally meaning "seek doctors". Once you remember the 91 part, then the 160 part is relatively easy when you say it in Chinese. The average consumer can now remember this website name when they want to see a doctor.

April 27, 2016 (Wed)

Q: What does X mean?
A: X is associated with many Chinese characters, such as: 写 (Write), 想 (Think), 选 (Select), 心 (Heart), 学 (Learn), and 鲜 (Fresh).

Q: Can you tell me the translation of 271?
A: 271 can refer to 爱奇艺 (love fantastic art), 爱企业 (Love enterprise), 爱妻呀 (Love wife!)

April 26, 2016 (Tue)

Q: What is the meaning of Pinyin name CANJU?
A: CANJU may mean 餐具 (tableware)

Q: What do you think of JJZ name?
A: I like it. JJZ can translate to 经济站 (economy station), 家具展 (furniture show), 佼佼者 (leader), and 纪检组 (discipline inspection group)

April 25, 2016 (Mon)

Q: I like repeating letters. Are they good?
A: Yes, there is no problem in Chinese translation. For example, LJJ can be 辣椒酱(chili sauce) and 亮晶晶 (shiny)

Q: What is this Pinyin name igeqiu?
A: iGeQiu is 爱个球(Love balls, as in basketball)

April 24, 2016 (Sun)

Q: Meaning of XLD good?
A: Yes, many translations. For example: 喜来登 (Sheraton), 小铃铛 (small bell), 喜乐多 (more joy), 小乐贷 (small joy loan), 新辣道 (new spicy road)

Q: Do you see any trend in registering phone numbers? Eg.: 4007577888 and many others, all 10digits, in .CN and .COM extensions. Many contain very attractive digits. I've noticed that some of the largest Chinese businesses have their info phone numbers registered, but there are some that don't. Do you have any observations/comments on that? Future technology developments may "unify" web and phone functions of the smartphone...
A: Yes, there are Chinese companies using phone numbers as their domain names, e.g. This Corporate Website Uses an 8N .com. Why?, but I think for most people a long number is still hard to remember. As messaging apps take over phone conversation, there is no need to remember long phone numbers. However, a short number is a different story. Beijing has started allowing companies to register a number (up to 5N) as company name, I see short numbers (up to 4N) on .com and .cn continue to be in high demand.

April 23, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Meaning of 348 and 54?
A: Here are some examples. 348: 想死吧 (want to die) and 商事吧 (business affair bar). 54: 我是 (I am) and 我死 (I die).

Q: Is Google Translate reliable?
A: No, always check result with a native Chinese speaker. Example: Google translates DJDDP to 大酒店点评 (Hotel Reviews), but, the correct translation should be "Large Hotel Reviews".

April 22, 2016 (Fri)

Q: What's the meaning of 774 in Chinese?
A: 774 rhymes with 亲亲视 (Kiss Kiss TV) so it can be used as a TV station focusing on romance and love.

Q: Is XLY good?
A: I like it, as it can be used in many areas. Some meanings: 夏令营 (summer camp), 新领域 (new field)

April 21, 2016 (Thu)

Q: How do you see the potential of English/Western names in the .CN extension?
A: Simple words such as baby, love, and money are obviously good names Chinese consumers can recognize and remember. Generally speaking, I use Baidu search to see how popular an English term is used in China. Just enter the term and look at the results. If there are already websites using the term in their domain names, that's good. If you understand Chinese, you can also read the search results to find hints. That's what I often do. Also, check the term on and They may give you some hints.

Q: What is DI?
A: In this case, it's a single-pin name. It can translate to 滴(Drops as in drops of water etc) and 帝(Emperor).

April 20, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Could I just bother you in checking if this phrase makes any sense in Mandarin? CN: 五个数.COM域名同AABCC格局
A: I would write the Chinese description this way: CN:域名属于AABCC型五数字COM

Q: This 4L Duan has chips. What do you think?
A: It is in fact a very good, single-pin name. Duan can be 短(Short), 段(Section), and 端(End).

April 19, 2016 (Tue)

Q: What is the meaning of QN?
A: Some examples are 去哪(Go where?), 青年(Young people), 青鸟(Bluebird), and 千牛(Thousand cows).

Q: Is QIE a Chinese acronym name?
A: QIE can be a double-pin name for 企鹅 (Penguin). There is already a live streaming website with the same name on

April 18, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Does CL mean anything?
A: Yes, it can be CL:车轮>Car wheel.

Q: What is JMZ in Chinese?
A: For example, JMZ: 金拇指>Gold finger

April 17, 2016 (Sun)

Q: Chinese meanings for 41 and 74, please.
A: 41:四妖>Four witches
41:司仪>Master of ceremonies

74:骑士>Horse rider
74:奇石>Strange stone
74:棋士>Chess player
74:奇事>Strange event

Q: Are domain names beginning with "0" bad?
A: No. Some are good, e.g. 0556 which is a zipcode for Anqing City, Anhui Province.

April 16, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Where can I find a list of Chinese cities and their abbreviations?
A: Please see my GEO page.

Q: DLCX and DLJK. Any Chinese meanings?
A: DLCX:大连车协网>Dalian car association
DLJK:大连驾考网>Dalian driving test net

April 15, 2016 (Fri)

Q: What is translation of 786 in Chinese?
A: 786:吃飽了>Done eating already

Q: Are repeating letters good in Chinese?
A: Yes, for example:
QBB:钱爸爸>The dad with a lot of money
QBB:趣宝宝>Fun baby
QDD:钱多多>Lots of money

April 14, 2016 (Thu)

Q: discount car?
A: jian jia che: 减价車. Literal translation is "discount car" but Baidu shows that this term is not commonly used.减价車
Investing in Pinyin names requires a good understanding of the Chinese language. is still available though.

Q: Does WPJ have any meaning?
A: WPJ:外婆家>Grandmother's home

April 13, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Meaning of LMD please.
A: Here are some:
LMD:联盟贷>Alliance lending
LMD:浪漫店>A romantic shop
LMD:拉面店>Ramen shop
LMD:利民贷>Lending for the benefit of people

Q: Would you please confirm the meaning of caipiao youxi?
A: As I've said many times, if you invest in Pinyin name, it is very important to know the Chinese characters as well. However, you can try Yabla:
Cai Piao: 彩票>Lottery
You Xi: 游戏>Game

April 12, 2016 (Tue)

Q: I have a 4C Western name; 2 EEZ and would be curious if there a good Chinese translation for it?
A: I find 'e' very challenging to work with because it is associated with very few meaningful Chinese characters. In my experience, the 'e' is usually the first character and it means 'easy'. In your case, you have a number in front of the vowel, which makes it even more challenging. I can't find a meaningful and easy-to-remember translation for the whole name.

Q: Can you help me find good meanings for FLYQ?
A: Some examples:
FLYQ:芬兰幽情>Exquisite feelings about Finland (good for tour business)
FLYQ:房里有钱>Money in the room
FLYQ:福禄眼前>Fortune and wealth right before your eyes

April 11, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Is HU not good because of 'u'?
A: HU is a single-pin word, and can mean:
HU:虎>Tiger (end user
HU:胡>A surname

Q: Please tell me FJ translation.
A: FJ is very good. See the examples below.
FJ:房价>House prices
FJ:福建>Fujian province

April 10, 2016 (Sun)

Q: Meaning of 74?
A: 74:骑士>Horse rider
74:奇石>Strange stone
74:棋士>Chess player
74:奇事>Strange event

Q: What's the meaning of EQ?
A: The 'e' is associated with very few meaningful Chinese characters, and sometimes you don't need to translate it. For example:
EQ:二区>Two areas
Don't forget that EQ also has meaning in English -- as Emotion Quotient

April 9, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Are domain names beginning with "0" bad?
A: was sold for 180k CNY last year. 0556 is a zipcode for Anqing City, Anhui Province.

Q: Why did sell for 300,000 RMB last year? It's not a CHIP name.
A: Actually, it's a Pinyin word.
NAI:奶>Milk (for parenting or milk products?)
NAI:耐>Able to bear

April 8, 2016 (Fri)

Q: Do Chinese use English words in domain name?
A: Yes, for example, Alibaba has started new services on two domain names containing English words: and

Q: Comment on LXZ and CZR?
A: LXZ:领先者>Pioneer

CZR:常州人>Changzhou people

April 7, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Are three-word Pinyin domain names acceptable?
A: When it comes to Pinyin domain names, the most popular one is one-word pinyin, followed by two-word pinyin and then three-word pinyin. Usually, three-word pinyin names are long and difficult for consumers to remember. But, there are always exceptions, such as QuChaoGu:趣炒股>Fun in stock speculation.

Q: Could you please translate RRX, KYS, and 521?
A: Example:
RRX:日日鲜>Everyday fresh (e.g. grocery business)
KYS:看医生>See doctor
521:我願意>I'm willing

April 6, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Do you think Chunjie (春节) is worth something?
A: 春节(Chunjie) = Chinese New Year. Chunjie is the most important event during the whole year, which means this name is associated with a lot of money.

Q: Is NXW a good name because it contains X?
A: NXW:宁乡网>Ningxiang net or NXR:宁乡人>Ningxiang people. Ningxiang is a county with a population of about 1.4m -- not really large by Chinese standard, but with high per capital income exceeding 12,000 US$. Note that each Chinese usually carries multiple identities. Someone can be a Chinese, Hongkongese, Cantonese, and Hakkanese simultaneously. There are many Chinese associations in the world catering to the different identifies of Chinese.

April 5, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Are there Chinese companies using 5L .com?
A: There are some. For example:
DGJZS:大功将装饰>Da Gong Jiang Zhuang Shì
This is an inerior design company. The full name is: 广州大功将装饰工程有限公司

Q: Do Chinese companies use 5L .com?
A: Yes, there are some Chinese companies using 5L .com. For example:
DGJZS:大功将装饰>Da Gong Jiang Zhuang Shì (an interior design company). Actually the company's legal name is very long: 广州大功将装饰工程有限公司. While it is possible to have 5L domain names used to develop websites, usually they are too long to remember.

April 4, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Hello, if you don't mind what is your opinion about 25764?
A: Not a very elegant choice, but it should work, imho.
25764:爱玩钱乐世>Love playing, money and happy life

Q: PTW. Any meaning?
A: PTW:葡萄网>Grape network

April 3, 2016 (Sun)

Q: Is HJF a good name?
A: HJF can be 海景房 (House with seaview), a very good name in my opinion. Can be used to sell beachfront houses.

Q: What do you think of the letter Y?
A: Y is associated with the character 云 (cloud), and cloud-based names are popular. For example: YGX = 云供销 (Cloud-based supply and marketing)

April 2, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Do you know the meaning of 772?
A: 772=亲亲爱 (Kiss, Kiss, Love).

Q: Is 568 a good number? It contains 5.
A: 568 = 我又发 (I'm going to make a fortune again), so it's a number many Chinese people like.

April 1, 2016 (Fri)

Q: Does cqx have any meaning?
A: Such as:
CQX:超清晰>Super clear
CQX:长期性>Long term

Q: What does WY mean?
A: Some possible translations are:
WY:微云>Tiny cloud
WY:网易>Easy net
WY:网友>Net friend

March 31, 2016 (Thu)

Q: YYB any meaning?
A: Some possible names are:
YYB:应用宝>Treasure in apps
YYB:英语班>English class
YYB:银元宝>Silver ingots
In particular, the term 应用宝 (Treasure in apps) is already being used by Tencent in its mobile apps store using the subdomain currently.

Q: DJW meaning plese.
A: Some examples are:
DJW:代驾网>Chauffeurs net
DJW:低价网>Low price net
DJW:大家网>A net for everyone
DJW:斗酒网>Drinking contest
DJW:独家网>Exclusive net

March 30, 2016 (Wed)

Q: What is the meaning of 568?
A: The name contains the lucky numbers 6 and eight, which are placed in the ascending order to symbolize going up. 568 can stand for 我又发 (I'm going to make a fortune), a very popular name in China. The name can be used for games, investment, securities, and trading.

Q: What's the value of Chinese IDNs? Is there a market for these? Or will English letters always be priority for most to use?
A: More and more Chinese IDN extensions such as .中国 (China) and .公司(company) are being launched, so there may be a market. It's still early to see the direction.

March 29, 2016 (Tue)

Q: How do you translate Pinyin to acronym?
A: For example: The Pinyin for 北京网 is Bei Jing Wang, so you can buy Or, just take the initial of each of the 3 Pinyin words and you have BJW. will be very valuable because it's easier to remember than its Pinyin name.

Q: Do you think domains such as have any hope in Chinese domain market?
A: The market is crazy, and so anything is possible. I have no idea what will be next.

March 28, 2016 (Mon)

Q: What's the value of Chinese IDNs? Is there a market for these? Or will English letters always be priority for most to use?
A: More and more Chinese IDN extensions such as .中国 (China) and .公司(company) are being launched, so there may be a market. It's still early to see the direction.

Q: How do Chinese type IDN such as 百度.中国(Baidu.China) into their browser address bar? Do they have a special IDN keyboard for this?
A: In my Namepros wekly blog post titled My Toolbox for Translating Chinese Acronym Domain Names, there is a section that explains in details how to use your standard keyboard to enter Chinese characters.

March 27, 2016 (Sun)

Q: What is the meaning of WRB?
A: WRB may mean 万人帮(a group of 10,000 people) and 文人吧(a bar for scholars). This domain name can be used for dating and novel writing.

Q: What are you thoughts on Google Translate for Chinese characters to English?
A: My experience with Google Translate has been average. Actually, I looked at this issue in my Namepros weekly blog post titled Can You Use Google Translate to Read Chinese Domain News?.

March 26, 2016 (Sat)

Q: What is the meaning of 882?
A: How about 爸爸爱(father loves).

Q: Does LZZTT have any meaning?
A: 5-pin is quite long for Chinese end companies to use. Usually, for 5-pin or longer, I don't bother with its meaning. Anyway, here's one if you really want it: 来找找挑挑 (come, let's find and pick. Like in bargain hunting?)

March 25, 2016 (Fri)

Q: Any opinion on the "4" and "0"?
A: I like 0 and 4 as long as they make sense within the context of the domain name. Both 0 and 4 rhyme with many Chinese characters so sometimes they do make sense. 0814.CC was sold for 3,100 CNY in an auction on last year. Possible reason for this sale? 0814 is a telephone area code.

Q: What is the meaning of 11 and 77?
A: 11 can be, for example, associated with: 游游(tour, tour) or 易易(easy, easy). 77 can be, for example, associated with: 去去(go, go) or 钱钱(money, money)

March 24, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Would you please offer a general critique of the character / meanings of阄 - 押注 - 僦 - 免费玩.
A: According to Yabla:
阄>lot (in a game of chance)
押注>To bet
免费玩>Free to play

Are these betting-related words? I'm not familiar with betting words.

Q: I would like to know if there is any meaning for: C12N.
A: Chinese translation is quite flexible. If I want to, I can find something, such as:
C12N:常要爱你>Always want to love you
It looks good, right? But, does it really sense to the average Chinese person on the street? Probably not, in most cases. So, I would not bother to find meaning for the LNNL pattern.

March 23, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Is there a good place to list .CO domains? I have many 4N, 4L and 3L co domains I am thinking about listing for sale but have zero experience on the Chinese Market.
A: I'm not aware of any place specially good for .co. Also, Chinese buyers are only one type of buyers. There are also many non-Chinese buyers in the world.

Q: Based on your experience, is there a forum/platform you recommend US sellers use to sell their domains to the Chinese market? Is there any site/forum that is better for numbers verse letters?
A: I'm not aware of any particular one specially set up for US sellers. Some investors have used with success and there are threads on Namepros discussing people's experience using to sell domains.

March 22, 2016 (Tue)

Q: I was wondering what you thought for a domain name with a Korean drama: is it better to go with the traditional Chinese title/ pinyin?
A: Not sure if I understand your question. I do not acquire domain names related to names of movies or TV drammas because their popularity may fade soon. Remember, Chinese don't type Pinyin unless they have to. Chinese characters are what they naturally remember and write.

Q: My now looks like "smile safely,in a wine network". Isnt that obvious??
A: Usually when I see aeiou, they are the first letter of a name, so I'm not sure if the domain name will work.

March 21, 2016 (Mon)

Q: May i ask you about your opinion on .rent domains?
A: For me, there are only two types of domain names: those ending with .com and otherwise. For .com domain names, I don't need to look at the extension. Good names left of the dot are good names. For non com domain names, the left of the dot must flow well with the right of the dot. So, there may be some names that flow well with .rent, but I can't think of any right away. Maybe, for example? I find it challenging to find a good word that goes well with .rent.

Q: Any suggestions re 6 zeros and 6 sixes NNNNNN. Any angle to promote on such numerical domains.
A: Except for few special numbers, 6N domain names are generally too long for end users, and branding is another issue. However, 000000 and 666666 are the exceptions.
000000:赢赢赢赢赢赢>Win, win, win, win, win, win
666666:乐乐乐乐乐乐>Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun

March 20, 2016 (Sun)

Q: By the way,I once owned bao which I let go for very cheap.I hear bao has major significance in China?? Is that right
A: Just enter the Pinyin into Yabla. In this case, look for the exact match, such as 爆(to explode), 宝(a jewel or gem) , etc.

Q: Do you know the character 遨? I think "travel" ? áo? not sure. Single-pin name? with positive reading as it is by itself? I hope it is auspicious dn.
A: 遨 is a Chinese character which means "travel". The Pinyin is áo and it's a single-pin word. The meaning is positive.

March 19, 2016 (Sat)

Q: I was wondering if BRCR has any meaning either in relation to gambling or as a negative connotation.
A: Yes, I saw quite a few negative Chinese characters but nothing related to gambling. Being a positive person, I came up with BRCR:八人超人>Eight persons, supermen. I could imagine a design company founded by 8 men.

Q: How about QQU ( 钱钱优 ) ? It seems to me it literally means money-money-excellent Can we say something like: lots of money for you? Does that make sense?
A: Interesting name. It's not a common term. Baidu returns mostly 钱钱贷 (QQD, money money lending) which is a great term. Still, I think QQU ( 钱钱优) can be considered as a brandable name. 优 in particular may mean 'excellent quality' or 'favorable term', which can be used in a a money lending business.

March 18, 2016 (Fri)

Q: I've been just started speculating on some 3 letter hyphen .com. What do you think?
A: In general, I don't acquire hyphenated domain names because it is not mainstream. Out of 4C .com, I like LLNN, LLLN(only when LLL is a word), and to a lesser degree NLLL(only when LLL is a word). I like LLNN best because it matches the Chinese consumer habit of remembering Chinese company names as 2 characters (i.e. 2L). If you want to invest in 4C containing a hyphen, my recommendation is to focus on those containing real words, for example

Q: Would I be right in thinking that FKY is Wealthy Fast Win?
A: You are probably referring to FKY:富快赢>Wealth, fast win. Yes. It's more like a Chinese brandable in that it's not a common term but the phrase has meaning, unlike the English brandable which usually has no meaning. I also like FKY:付款云>Payment cloud. This will be good for a cloud-based payment company. 云(cloud) is getting popular now.

March 17, 2016 (Thu)

Q: What is this talk of letters L,N,R,P,Q being undesirable? Have you addressed this already?
A: I am totally ignorant. I don't understand. Sorry, can't help.

Q: TXHY and KQML - do they mean anything?
A: Yes, and here are two examples:
TXHY:同心合意>Same heart, same mind (on the same wavelength)
KQML:孔雀美丽>Beautiful peacock

March 16, 2016 (Wed)

Q: What does Pinyin "de" mean? I'm getting a lot of results for it.
A: Yes, "de" has many Pinyin words, thus the long list, such as 的(of), 得(gain), and 德(Germany).

Q: Last year I picked up baoxy as something I saw then as a lively/happy sounding brandable. Google translations aside (bǎoxiǎn yè - insurance and underwriting), what would you suggest as meanings that actually make sense to Chinese as native speakers?
A: It looks like Bao is Pinyin and XY is acronym, so mixing the two is generally not a good idea because the name is not easy for the Chinese consumers to remember. I generally avoid this kind of domain names. However, you can still 'translate' them as Bao (保) and XY(信誉). So, BaoXY:保信誉>Reputation Guaranteed. Baidu confirms 保信誉 as a generic term.

March 15, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Pinyin is not international. Right?
A: Some can be, e.g. (百度),乐视).

Q: Is xingyiquan single pin? Because when I put it into Yabla it splits into 3 words: 形意拳(Xíng yì quán).
A: Yabla is correct. In this case: 3-pin.

March 14, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Do companies in China always use Chinese names?
A: Most Chinese companies have Chinese names, but some don't. For example, voting and discussion app UMU does not have a Chinese name. See their About Us page at

Q: I believe Pinyin names are "tiered" or in English terms in syllables. Tier one is one "syllable" tier two 2 syllables etc. In general the more tiers the less value and 3 tiers plus a gtld really is not the way to go. But maybe Kasey has a different view?
A: Good observation! Yes, single-pin is usually the most expensive, e.g.,, and 4-pin is probably the longest you should go.

March 13, 2016 (Sun)

Q: I was told means Android APP or application and wanted to confirm it with you.
A: AZ can refer to 安卓(Android) and YY to 应用(appliccation), so AZYY:安卓应用>Android application. Here's a place where this term is used:

Q: The best thing a Non-English speaking domainer can do if he wants to invest in Pinyin domain names is work with a Chinese speaking person who knows English, Chinese, all things Chinese, and the domain industry.
A: Agreed. If I were non Chinese, I would not invest in Pinyin because of the risk of not understanding it. I don't invest in Pinyin, but it appears to me that there are many non-Chinese investors who are willing to take the risks. You are right. Working with a Chinese friend may be a good solution.

March 12, 2016 (Sat)

Q: How are Pinyin domains perceived in other extensions such as .xyz, .top, .club etc.. Are they still sought after if the keyword is sought after?
A: I don't know. I imagine there are always some names very valuable even in other extensions. For example,,, because of Otherwise, .com and .cn are still the safe places for Pinyin. But, I see the biggest threat coming from Chinese IDN.IDN which I believe are much easier than Pinyin to remember for consumers.

Q: Out of zg and cn which one is popular in Chinese domain names?
A: I did two simple searches using Baidu: (1) "cn zg" and (2) "zg cn". Interestingly, in both cases the first page of Baidu gave me more domain names containing "zg" than "cn". cn zg zg cn

March 11, 2016 (Fri)

Q: What do u say about NNLL and LLNN?
A:I don't acquire NNLL .com but LLNN .com is one of my favorites. I like it because it matches the way that most Chinese companies are named. Their legal names are usually very long but their trading names (consumers facing names) often consist of two Chinese characters (2-pin), so LL is a perfect match. Then, I can either add relevant meaning to the NN part or simply use it to give uniqueness to the LL part if LL is a generic Chinese name.

Q: Any idea on what 176P means, i looked on wayback machine and it seemed to be some kind of tech/game site.
A: I looked at the archived page of It was first used in 2006 by a company called 广东省通信公司, but there's no hint on why they chose this name. I don't see any link between them. I use Wayback Machine almost everyday so I've seen lots of Chinese websites with no link to the domain name they use. While I'm not a fan of NNNL, I think LLNN is good for China because we tend to use 2 Chinese characters in names so LL is a perfect match, with NN either to give additional meaning or simply to give the name uniqueness as a brand. There are many sites using LLNN pattern in China.

March 10, 2016 (Thu)

Q: I have these two 4L that have one non-premium letters each (u and a). However, I feel these can be used as mix of Chinese premium letters and Pinyin words. For example:
* XHuK - In this X and K are premium letters, while Hu is pinyin which can mean either of these - official short name for Shanghai/tiger/family/to complete winning hand at playing cards.
* FCaK - In this F and K are premium letters, while Ca is pinyin which can mean "to polish/to clean".
So, my questions are:
1. Will these types of domains (mix of premium letters and pinyin) really have in them to attract Chinese buyers?
2. If I go by stand-alone meanings of each letters (as given in your blog), will these domains hold value to Chinese buyers?
A: While I have seen Chinese domain names beginning with aeiouv, I have not seen your pattern where these characters are in the middle. I find it confusing for Chinese consumers to remember. My next weekly blog post to be published on Namepros also covers the problem of aeiouv and how some Chinese companies solve it. Of course, being 4L has value already because of scarcity.

Q: What 15220 stand for in Chinese? 15220 is an interesting one, perfect balance of odd + even + a neutral, but is this combo interesting for a Chinese business.
A: I generally don't try to find meaning for 5N and beyond because it's more for domain speculators not end users. Anyway, here's an OK (not great) 'translation'. 15220:要吻爱爱你>Want to kiss, love love you. A dating site?

March 9, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Do you think using an IDN.IDN would hinder a company's ability to grow and expand internationally?
A: Very good point. I have talked about the Chinese consumer habit in my post. I see .com being the center of the domain universe, surrounded by all sorts of extension acquired for different marketing purposes. Only their names are used but they all redirect back to the mother ship .com. Here's an imaginary example:

Mother ship:

gTLD: (news only) (members) (charity) (mobile app)

IDN for each country as necessary:
百度.公司 (for China)
バイドゥ.会社 (for Japan)

Q: Are there different Pinyin words that translate to the same Chinese characters?
A: Yes, for example:
Jiang -> 降
Xiang -> 降

Q: I recently registered thinking similarly, looks like BETS.
A: 8 is a lucky number and ETS:易淘食>Easy finding bargains in food products (ecommerce site).

March 8, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Have you noticed any naming trends among China Corp. sites that operate on a global scale?
A: (1) .com and .cn pair as foundation (2) very short and expensive name (there's a race going on in China to brag about which company has bought the most expensive domain name).

Q: Checking to see if I have the right characters: 癌保險 & 癌症保險 as unfortunately this will be an awful problem for China. What do you think?
A: I'll pick 癌症保險 instead of 癌保險, because entering 癌保險 into Baidu returns results of 癌症保險. Cancer is a big issue all over the world, so cancer insurance does make sense.

March 7, 2016 (Mon)

Q: Have you heard of other things used in this gifting, for example stock shares? How far from the traditions would be a gift of, say, a LLL or
A: Yes, things have changed. Even the red packet for Chinese New Year has progressed to an electronic version.
I have read about a guy buying a domain name for himself as a birthday gift, but domain name as new year gift is not in the mainstream news yet. Once domain name becomes part of the daily fabric of the Chinese society like real estate, then it's possible.

Q: I need to know what might "ZY4C" mean. There was a site developed which you can check at Wayback Machine.
A: The archived page shows the company name 上海自动化仪表 = ShangHai ZiDongHua Yi Biao. So, ZY may stand for part of its name, but I could not find anything in the name that is associated with 4C.

March 6, 2016 (Sun)

Q: Do China Registrars release inventory numbers?
A: I'm not sure what "inventory" means in your question. If it's about the number of domain names under management, then yes, this information is published regularly but in Chinese. For example, you can find the February figures here.

Q: Can you evaluate Pinyin domain names for me?
A: If you are investing in Pinyin domain names, always be sure to get the Chinese characters as well. This will greatly help me save the time having to translate Pinyin back to Chinese characters. Remember, Chinese read Chinese characters in their daily lives, not Pinyin words that they understand but seldom use.

March 5, 2016 (Sat)

Q: Any meaning of 330?
A: 330:想想赢>Want to win

Q: Does TPWJ have any meanings?
A: Yes, many. Here are some:
TPWJ:图片文件>Image files
TPWJ:太平我家>My peaceful home
TPWJ:突破危机>Breakthrough in crisis
TPWJ:甜品无尽>Endless dessert
TPWJ:童品玩具>Toys for children

March 4, 2016 (Fri)

Q: Do you envisage any potential for the .SU extension in China?
A: Possible, as part of the "short" trend focusing on short names on ccTLD (2 letters only).

Q: If I understand right could translate to win win win?
A: Yes. 000:赢赢赢>Win, win, win

March 3, 2016 (Thu)

Q: Does the name 88ai88 make any sense?
A: ai can mean 爱(love) and 8 is a lucky number, but I'm not sure about the combination.

Q: Does box38 have any appeal for the Chinese?
A: Maybe. 'Box' be can understood by Chinese, and 38 is a luck number.

March 2, 2016 (Wed)

Q: Do domain names containing 0 and 4 have value?
A: Yes if it make sense. For example, 0814.CC was sold for 3,100 CNY last year. The domain name begins with 0, ends with 4, and is on a .cc extension. 0814 is a telephone area code.

Q: Does any Chinese company use NLL to develop website?
A: 广州七乐康药业连锁有限公司 (Qi Le Kang) uses for its corporate site. It's a online drugstore. Qi rhymes with 7.

March 1, 2016 (Tue)

Q: Can you help me sell IDN to China?
A: No, I have no experience with IDN domain names because I want to focus on the whole world.

Q: Is Heung a Pinyin word?
A: Not likely. You can enter the name into Yabla ( If there is no match, then your domain name is likely not a Pinyin name.

February 29, 2016 (Mon)

Q: May i ask what you feel 1500 would mean?
A: 1500:要吻你你>Want to kiss you

Q: Any idea what BTD would stand for?
A: D is a money letter because it stands for 贷(lending).
BTD:必妥贷>Smooth lending

Q: Read your blog and wondering where i can sell mine dot xyz and dot club domains in asia (auction).
A: A lot of .xyz and .club are listed on, so maybe you can check it out.

February 28, 2016 (Sun)

Q: What do you think about the value of 5L?
A: I like 5L .com. My focus is always on end user companies so I try to find 5L that contains at least one word together with good characters such as x, ez (for easy), or u(for you) that can be developed into website offering products or services.

February 27, 2016 (Sat)

Q: I recently picked xlx and someone in the comments said "xlx" means Psychology Chinese, would you be able to confirm that?
A: Yes. XLX:心理学>Psychology

Q: does .io have any value in China?
A: It appears Chinese like ccTLD as part of the "short" trend. Two letters are the shortest extension you can get

Q: does "si" have any meaning?
A: Many. Such as:

Q: On your list you have number, Chinese and English meaning, the Chinese part is the traditional or simplified?
A: Simplified, which is the mainstream.

Q: Are you willing to sell me "The list" with subscription on weekly basis?
A: I'm still making a lot of changes to my database, so at this moment I have no plan to release it to the public.

Q: What is the meaning of JBJ?
A: JBJ:搅拌机>Food mixer

Q: Are LLNN names acceptable in China?
A: LLNN domain names are commonly used in China. LL indicates company names in two Chinese characters, which is perhaps the most common naming pattern in China. Some companies use the NN part simply to provide a unique identity, such as financial news site巨人). Some companies also 'translate' the NN part to provide additional meaning, such as logistics site (BY=百运, 56=物流). LLNN gives you branding flexibility.

February 25, 2016 (Thu)

Q:What is Pinyin?
A: Pinyin is the use of Roman letters to represent Chinese characters. For example:
Chinese: 你好 Pinyin: Ni Hao or NiHao or simply Nihao
Chinese: 百度 Pinyin: Bai Du or BaiDu or simply Baidu