English Lakeland


2. Derwentwater, Looking North

Skiddaw fills in the north end of the valley of the Derwent, and between this mountain and the margin of Derwentwater lies Keswick town, as seen in our view, which is taken from above Ashness Bridge.

Derwentwater, Looking South, viewed from the top of Castle Head, a rocky eminence about thirty minutes' walk from Keswick. The best general view of Derwentwater is to be obtained from its top ; indeed, for the amount of effort entailed, this is perhaps the finest prospect in all Lakeland. The whole of the lake, with its islands, is visible, and the surrounding mountains form a wonderful background. This picture is of peculiar interest because almost the whole of the mountains shown in it, all of the foreground, and the left-hand islands - Rampsholm and Lord's Island - are now owned by the Nation.