English Lakeland


21. The Langdale Pikes

The Langdale Pikes. - These twin peaks, gaunt, square-shouldered and arresting, dominate the Valley ot Langdale and are the outstanding mountain forms at the head of Windermere. The valley is enclosed at its head by our highest peaks, whence they are often climbed. In the black rift above Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, seen in our illustration, is the waterfall from which it takes its name, described by Wordsworth in his "Idle Shepherd Boys."

"There is a spot which you may see
If ever you to Langdale go.
Into a chasm a mighty block
Hath fall'n, and left a bridge of rock;
The gulf is deep below
And in a basin black and small
Receives a lofty waterfall."

A large acreage of land and fell-side at the valley head has recently been acquired by the Nation.