English Lakeland


22. Grasmere Lake

Grasmere Lake, the "Peaceful Vale" of Wordsworth and the spot which he chose for his home, is the scene of Lakeland's richest literary associations. A wonderful coterie of writers and artistic personalities - Sir Walter Scott, the Coleridges, Southey, Lamb, Arnold, Christopher North, Ruskin, and many others - stayed at Grasmere from time to time and left their imprint upon this favoured spot.

It is almost centrally situated and has been well called "The Heart of Lakeland," for it is the hub from which most of the valleys and lakes radiate. Apart from its innate natural beauty and charm, derived from the near presence of the mountains and the wild recesses of Easdale and Greenhead, the note of "ancient homeliness" and domesticity struck by its homesteads and picturesque farms earn it a warm place in the affections of all who see it. Its annual sports attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. On the right foreshore is the luxurious Prince o* Wales Hotel.