English Lakeland


3. Friars' Crag, Derwentwater

The stroll from Keswick along the lake's margin, with its boat landings and pretty peeps through the trees, finds a fitting culmination at the fir-grown, rocky promontory of Friars' Crag. The snow-clad peak beyond is Grisdale Pike. Near the end of the Crag is a monument, hewn from local stone, commemorating John Ruskin's visit here when a boy.

Derwentwater from Friars' Crag. - The prospect from Friars' Crag has been described by Ruskin, in his "Modern Painters," as "one of the three most beautiful in Europe." The "Jaws of Borrowdale" converge on either hand on the central Castle Crag, the background being filled by the Scawfell group of mountains.