The Story of Miss Moppet

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The Story of Miss Moppet by Beatrix Potter was published in 1906.

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This Is A Pussy

This is a Pussy called Miss Moppet, she thinks she has heard a mouse!

This is the Mouse peeping out behind the cupboard, and making fun of Miss Moppet. He is not afraid of a kitten.

Jumping Just Too Late

This is Miss Moppet jumping just too late; she misses the Mouse and hits her own head.

She thinks it is a very hard cupboard!

The Mouse Watches

The Mouse watches Miss Moppet from the top of the cupboard.

Miss Moppet ties up her head in a duster, and sits before the fire.

He Comes Sliding Down

The Mouse thinks she is looking very ill. He comes sliding down the bell-pull.

Miss Moppet looks worse and worse. The Mouse comes a little nearer.

Poor Head In Her Paws

Miss Moppet holds her poor head in her paws, and looks at him through a hole in the duster. The Mouse comes very close.

And then all of a sudden--Miss Moppet jumps upon the Mouse!

She Will Tease The Mouse

And because the Mouse has teased Miss Moppet--Miss Moppet thinks she will tease the Mouse; which is not at all nice of Miss Moppet.

She ties him up in the duster, and tosses it about like a ball.

There Was No Mouse

But she forgot about that hole in the duster; and when she untied it--there was no Mouse!

He has wriggled out and run away; and he is dancing a jig on the top of the cupboard!