Classic Stories


Emma is a romance story about a privileged girl trying in vain to arrange a marriage for a friend. No picture. (Read)
Pride and Prejudice is a very popular novel about two people whose pride and prejudice spark romance and drama leading to a happy wedding. No picture. (Read)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of twelve detective stories. No picture. (Read)
The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure story about a man wrongly put into jail, and how he escapes, obtains great fortune, and then seeks revenge. No picture. (Read)
Wuthering Heights is a classic of English literature -- a story about love, jealousy, and revenge. No picture. (Read)


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a classic children story of the adventures of little Alice. Many beautiful pictures. (Read)
Mother Goose contains many beautiful pictures and nursery rhymes for small children to enjoy. (Read)
The Peter Pan Alphabet helps children to learn the twenty six alphabets. Many pictures. (Read)
The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny is a children story about Peter Rabbit's return to Mr. McGregor's garden with his cousin Benjamin. Many beautiful pictures. (Read)
The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a children story about the adventure of Peter Rabbit in the garden of Mr. McGregor. Many beautiful pictures. (Read)


[A Christmas Carol] [A Frenchman in America] [A Gamble with Life] [A Kiss In The Dark] [A Little Princess] [A Pair of Clogs] [A Splendid Hazard] [A Vista In Central Park] [Accidental Flight] [All About the Little Small Red Hen] [An Alphabet Of Old Friends] [An American Robinson Crusoe for American Boys and Girls] [An Elegy On The Death Of A Mad Dog] [Anne Of Green Gables] [Around the World in 80 Days] [Ashton-Kirk Investigator] [Atlantis] [Atom Drive] [Be It Ever Thus] [Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare] [Beyond the Frontier] [Bones in London] [Breeder Reaction] [California Gold Book] [Canadian Fairy Tales] [Candle and Crib] [Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes] [Certain Success] [Children's Hour with Red Riding Hood and Other Stories] [Cleek of Scotland Yard] [Colonel Starbottle For The Plaintiff] [Dangerous Ground] [Dawson Black: Retail Merchant] [Ema Chu] [Fine & Sinter] [Fire-Side Picture Alphabet] [Fishy-Winkle] [Fundamentals of Prosperity] [Getting Even With Reggie] [Golden Rules for Making Money] [Great Escape Stories] [Grimm's Fairy Stories] [Hidden Treasures] [How I Know God Answers Prayer] [How to Invest Money] [How to Live on 24 Hours a Day] [Intra Muros] [Jolly & Pasta] [Jolly Sally Pendleton] [Just So Stories] [Laugh and Play] [Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son] [Letters from Mannoh] [Light On the Child's Path] [Little White Barbara] [Little White Fox and his Arctic Friends] [Little Wizard Stories of Oz] [Mansfield Park] [Michael Strogoff: The Courier of the Czar] [Michael's Crag] [Miss Lydia Katitas] [Miss Nume] [Miss Sala House] [Momotaro] [More Dollies] [Mr. Wicker's Window] [My Father's Dragon] [My Young Days] [No Pets Allowed] [Not Pretty But Precious] [Of Stegner's Folly] [On Secret Service] [Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens] [Piccadilly Jim] [Pier & Thirty] [Police!!!] [Pretty Tales for the Nursery] [Prima & Ham] [Room Number 3] [Rudder Grange] [Simple Simon] [Six Girls] [Songs From Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass] [Survival Tactics] [The Adventure of Ben Irei] [The Adventure of Mark Styler] [The Adventures of Grandfather Frog] [The Adventures of My Cousin Smooth] [The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Jr.] [The Adventures of Tom Sawyer] [The Aesop for Children] [The Best Policy] [The Blonde Lady] [The Brass Bowl] [The Buckle My Shoe Picture Book] [The Cave by the Beech Fork] [The Cheerful Smugglers] [The Chinese Fairy Book] [The City Curious] [The Clicking of Cuthbert] [The Cockatoo's Story] [The Copper-Clad World] [The Cruise of the Noah's Ark] [The Crystal Crypt] [The Dominant Strain] [The Eldest Son] [The Farmer's Boy] [The Firing Line] [The Game and the Candle] [The Gift of the Magi] [The Golden Goose Book] [The Good Shepherd] [The Great Painters' Gospel] [The Guests Of Hercules] [The Happy Prince] [The Heatherford Fortune] [The Importance of Being Earnest] [The Inn at the Red Oak] [The Japanese Fairy Book] [The King Of The Fishes] [The King of the Golden River] [The Legend Of The Christ Child] [The Letters of Jane Austen] [The Lottery] [The Mark of the Knife] [The Mayor's Wife] [The McCloskey Primer] [The Mexican Twins] [The Moneychangers] [The Monkey's Frolic] [The Mouse and the Christmas Cake] [The Newsboy Partners] [The Old Man's Bag] [The Place Of Honeymoons] [The Plate Of Pancakes (The Story-teller)] [The Reason Why] [The Red Symbol] [The Six Fingers of Time] [The Sleeping Beauty Picture Book] [The Solitary Farm] [The Stars My Brothers] [The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit] [The Story of a Stuffed Elephant] [The Story of Miss Moppet] [The Sunken Empire] [The Tailor and the Crow] [The Tailor of Gloucester] [The Tale of Buster Bumblebee] [The Tale of Ginger and Pickles] [The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck] [The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse] [The Tale of Solomon Owl] [The Tale of the The Muley Cow] [The Test Colony] [The Thunder Bird] [The Tiny Picture Book] [The Troubles of Biddy] [The Vulture Maiden] [The Wall Street Girl] [The Water-Babies] [The Weight of the Crown] [The Wisdom of Father Brown] [The Women-Stealers of Thrayx] [The Wonders of Prayer] [The World Turned Upside Down] [The Young Railroaders] [Tommy Trot's Visit to Santa Claus] [Us and the Bottle Man] [Vanity Fair] [Warrior Race] [Washer the Raccoon] [What You Can Do With Your Will Power] [Why They Married] [Zeta Exchange]

Old Format

[A Bicycle of Cathay] [A Bottle of Old Wine] [A Canterbury Pilgrimage] [A Day with the Poet Burns] [A Handful of Stars] [A Man Four-Square] [A New Century of Inventions] [A Noble Woman] [A Nobleman's Nest] [A Princess in Calico] [A Set of Six] [A Sheaf of Corn] [A Victorious Union] [Across the Pond] [Adventurers of the Far North] [Air Service Boys Flying For Victory] [Alice Cogswell Bemis] [Alone on an Island] [Asteroid of Fear] [Behind The Scenes] [Better Meals for Less Money] [Betty's Battles] [Biltmore Oswald] [Bird Stories] [Blanco y Colorado] [Blessed Are the Meek] [Blue Robin, the Girl Pioneer] [Bride Roses] [Brown John's Body] [Bumper The White Rabbit] [Burma Peeps at Many Lands] [By Canadian Streams] [Cathedral Cities of England] [Chantecler] [Charley's Museum] [Cheerfulness as a Life Power] [Child-life in Art] [China and the Chinese] [Clear Crystals] [College Friends] [Commodore Barney's Young Spies] [Crome Yellow] [Cruisings in the Cascades] [Daughter of the Sun] [Delia's Doctors] [Denny's Imperial Gas Machine] [Dick's Desertion] [Dominican Missions And Martyrs In Japan] [Egmont] [Elsie's Motherhood] [Equatorial America] [Everychild] [Everyday Life In Cape Colony] [Excellent Women] [Fair and Warmer] [Fairy Tales; Their Origin and Meaning] [Fast Nine] [Field and Forest] [Fires of St. John] [First Battles And How To Fight Them] [Flames Of The Blue Ridge] [Forgotten Tales of Long Ago] [Four Winds Farm] [From Xylographs to Lead Molds] [George at the Fort] [George Bowring - A Tale Of Cader Idris] [Ghost Beyond the Gate] [Great Englishwomen] [Handel] [Here are Ladies] [Hurrah for New England!] [If You Touch Them They Vanish] [In the Eastern Seas] [In the Year 2889] [Initiative Psychic Energy] [Invaders from the Infinite] [Ivory Apes and Peacocks] [Jack Harvey's Adventures] [Jane Journeys On] [Japan] [Japanese Colour-Prints and Their Designers] [Japanese Fairy Tales] [Jimmy, Lucy, and All] [John Ermine of the Yellowstone] [Joseph Stalin A Short Biography] [Joy] [Judith Trachtenberg A Novel] [Key-Notes of American Liberty] [Lady Susan] [Land of the Burnt Thigh] [Lavender and Old Lace] [Les Heures Claires] [Little Black Sambo] [Lives of Poor Boys Who Became Famous] [Marsman Meets The Almighty] [Mary Olivier: A Life] [Mazelli] [Memoir of Old Elizabeth, A Coloured Woman] [Memories Awakened] [Mothering on Perilous] [Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson] [Niagara An Aboriginal Center of Trade] [Night Bombing with the Bedouins] [Of Beauty And Death] [Old Greek Stories] [Olivia in India] [Orientations] [Out of Mulberry Street] [Outwitting Our Nerves] [Pascal] [Peach Blossom Shangri-la] [Petticoat Government] [Pieces of Hate] [Plea For A Simpler Life] [Polaris of the Snows] [Praying for Money] [Prince or Chauffeur?] [Princess Maritza] [Purple Springs] [Reading the Weather] [Revelation Pottery Kilns And High Heat Furnaces] [Revelations of a Wife] [Revolution] [Robinson Crusoe's Money] [Roxy] [Ruth Fielding in Moving Pictures] [Saint Bartholomew's Eve - A Tale of the Huguenot Wars] [Sarah Dillard's Ride] [Secret Power] [Shanty the Blacksmith] [Sketches of Japanese Manners and Customs] [Soldier Al Metax] [Squinty The Comical Pig] [Steel] [Stories about Famous Precious Stones] [Strongest Tide Winds Blew] [Sundown Slim] [Sunny Slopes] [Tales of Ind] [Tales of lonely trails] [The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge] [The Adventures of Akbar] [The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki] [The Big Bounce] [The Bridal March & One Day] [The Ceramic Of Japan] [The Champagne Standard] [The Chink In The Armour] [The Cold Snap] [The Colored Inventor] [The Comforts of Home] [The Conscript] [The Crown of Success] [The Discovery of Yellowstone Park] [The Disturbing Charm] [The Dominion of the Air] [The Door Through Space] [The Dragon's Secret] [The Dukeries] [The Eagles Nest] [The Empire Makers] [The English Lakeland] [The Evolution Of New Japan] [The Farmer Boy] [The Fire-Fly's Lovers] [The Four Corners in Japan] [The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse] [The Free Range] [The Gibson Upright] [The Gilded Age] [The Gold Horns] [The Gorgeous Girl] [The Great Salt Lake Trail] [The Greatest Thing In the World And Other Addresses] [The Green Helmet] [The Hunted Woman] [The Instant of Now] [The Intoxicated Ghost] [The Invisible Censor] [The Jest Book] [The Kindergarten in Japan] [The Last of the Chiefs] [The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe] [The Long Day] [The Man from the Bitter Roots] [The Man Who Staked the Stars] [The Mythological Zoo] [The Nameless Island] [The Net] [The Oriental Story Book] [The Pearl of the Antilles] [The Penalty] [The Perfect Tribute] [The Planet Savers] [The Pocahontas-John Smith Story] [The Rambles of a Rat] [The Ranger Boys and the Border Smugglers] [The Real Hard Sell] [The Silver Island Of The Chippewa] [The Slowcoach] [The Spell of Japan] [The Story of a Bold Tin Soldier] [The Story of Eclipses] [The Story of Silk] [The Stronger Influence] [The Tent Dwellers] [The Tribune of Nova Scotia] [The Unknown Wrestler] [The Vision of the Fountain] [The Voyage of the Steadfast] [The Wailing Octopus] [The Watchers of the Plains] [The Wharf by the Docks] [The Wild Geese] [The Women of the Caesars] [The World of Waters ] [The World's Great Sermons] [The Young Lady's Equestrian Manual] [The Young Trail Hunters] [Thinking] [Three Little Women] [U.S. Presidential Inaugural Addresses] [Verses for Children] [Viking Tales] [What Answer?] [What the Blackbird Said] [When the Birds Begin to Sing] [Wildflowers of the Farm] [With The Night Mail]


I have been publishing classic (old) stories since 2010. Most of them can be found in Project Gutenberg or other public domain sources. Those written in the old format were designed with a mobile phone version and a tablet version.

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