The World Turned Upside Down

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K. C. Lee
Story Collector
January 15, 2012

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Here you may see what's very rare,
The world turn'd upside down;
A tree and castle in the air,
A man walk on his crown.

Roman Capital and Small Letters.


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Italic Capital and Small Letters.


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Hare and Dog

To see a butcher kill a hog, is no news;
But to see a hare run after a dog, is strange indeed!

This hare hunts the dog,
Tho' all of you know,
Most dogs hunt the hare--
But here it's not so.

Devil and Witch

To see a poor man and a rich, is no news;
But to see the devil hugging a witch, is strange indeed!

Is your name Nick, sir,
Or Old Harry,
I insist you tell before
We marry.

Rat and House

To see a cat catching a mouse, is no news;
But to see a rat building a house, is strange indeed!

Some rats take delight to gnaw
Houses down--
I want to build a good
House of my own.

Dog and Flute

To see a bird picking at fruit, is no news;
But to see a dog playing the flute, is strange indeed!

You see I am playing here,
Too, too, too, too;
When I've done with my flute,
I'll give it to you.

Lamb and Bear

To see a greyhound catch a hare, is no news;
But to see a lamb hunting a bear, is strange indeed!

The bear runs away, the
Lamb is pursuing;
If he catches the bear,
There'll be terrible doing.

Old Man in Strings

To see an eagle spread her wings, is no news;
But to see an old man in leading strings, is strange indeed!

Take care, grandpapa, lest
You should fall,
And if you want your
Chair--pray call.

Man in Quart Bottle

To see a weaver throw his shuttle, is no news;
But to see a man get in a quart bottle, is strange indeed!

You'll all be amazed to
See me get in,
And much more surprised
If I get out again.

Butcher and Hog

To hear of a Frenchman eating a frog, is no news;
But to see a butcher stuck by a hog, is strange indeed!

Don't hollo!
'Tis only a knife,
You never stuck a pig
So easy in your life.

Ass and Ballad

To see a gardener gather a salad, is no news;
But to see an ass singing a ballad, is strange indeed!

My voice is so fine,
And so charming the tune,
I expect for to sing at
The opera soon.

Man Jumping Down

To see a man get a boat, is no news;
But to see a man jump down his throat, is strange indeed!

If I once get my legs in
As far as my knees,
The rest will slip down
With a great deal of ease.

Ram Spinning Wool

To see a dog baiting a bull, is no news;
But to see a ram spinning of wool, is strange indeed!

Good lack a daisy!
How you grin,
To see a poor ram
Try to spin.

Hog Rowing Boat

To see a tailor making a coat, is no news;
But to see a hog rowing a boat, is strange indeed!

Step into my boat,
I'll give you a row,
I'm an excellent waterman,
All of you know.

Monkey and Goat

To see a man fish in a moat, is no news;
But to see a monkey shaving a goat, is strange indeed!

My lather is good, and
My razor is keen,
In two minutes time,
I'll shave you quite clean.

Ox Blowing Horn

To see a miller grinding corn, is no news;
But to see an ox blowing a horn, is strange indeed!

I blow and I run,
And I run and I blow,
And which I do best,
I'm sure I don't know.

Hound and Buck

To see a shoemaker hammer his leather, is no news;
But to see a hound and a buck drinking together, is strange indeed!

Mr. Buck, I wish you luck.
Mr. Hound, your most profound.

Goose Roasting Cook

To see a good boy read his book, is no news;
But to see a goose roasting a cook, is strange indeed!

I'll roast ye, and baste ye,
But who will may taste ye.

Horses Playing Chess

To see a beau at his toilet dress, is no news;
But to see two horses playing at chess, is strange indeed!

Mr. Horse, you don't play
Fair, but cheat:
Mr. Nag, you say so,
Now you're beat.

Cat and Mice

To see a high-bred horse when prancing, is no news;
But to see a cat fiddling and mice all dancing, is strange indeed!

Come foot it, my dears,
And when you've done,
I'll eat you for supper,
Aye, every one.

Bird and Man

To see a lady drinking of tea, is no news;
But to see a bird shoot a man in a tree, is strange indeed!

First of all, I'll shoot this clown,
And then I'll bring his bow wow down.

Fish Catching Man

To see a boy swim in a brook, is no news;
But to see a fish catch a man with hook, is strange indeed!

Spare me, good Mr. Fish,
I didn't molest you.
I'll spare you no longer
Than till I dress you.

Buck Hunting Man

To see a cat steal milk from a pan, is no news;
But to see a buck hunting a man, is strange indeed!

Hark forward, huzza,
He can't get away:
And he's not buck enough
To stand at a bay.

Goat Crying Old Clothes

To see a cobbler mending a shoe, is no news;
But to see a goat cry old clothes like a jew, is strange indeed!

'Tis alvays my vay,
To cheat ven I can,
Yet for all that I be
A very goot man.

Bear Making Plum Cakes

To see a haymaker using of rakes, is no news;
But to see a bear making plum cakes, is strange indeed!

What I have got in the pan,
I shall eat if I can,
And this cake on the shelf,
I shall keep for myself.

Goat and Trooper

To see a barrel made by a cooper, is no news,
But to see a goat act the part of a trooper, is strange indeed!

Hur will fight hur foes
For the honour of Wales,
And if the French come,
They shall turn their tails.

Cats Playing at Nine Pins

To see wrestlers kicking shins, is no news;
But to see cats playing at nine pins, is strange indeed!

I'll lay a penny, you don't get many.
I'll knock down all, and swallow the ball.

Sow with Parasol

To hear a parrot say, pretty Poll, is no news;
But to see a sow with a parasol, is strange indeed!

Like a lady I shine,
I'm so fat and so fine;
I've a right I suppose,
To a shade for my nose.