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(2018.12.11) 德国公司也喜欢使用“英文+dotCom”策略。德国公司Fraugster 成立于2014年,提供防止支付欺诈的人工智能技术。该公司近日获得1400萬美元投资。Fraugster可能是Fraud (欺诈) + Gangster (恶棍)的组合名称。官网使用对应品牌的Fraugster.com域名。

(2018.12.10) Yes, you can prefix or suffice a dictionary word to create a brand/domain. For example, a Taiwan-based travel service provider founded in 2015 added "KK" to "day" to create the brand KKday and brand-matching domain The startup recently raised an undisclosed funding round with participation from Alibaba and Line.

(2018.12.8) 谷歌采用.new后缀,在海外推广域名新用途。比如,用户只有在浏览器输入doc.new域名,就可以在 Google Docs 建立一个新文件,并进入编辑框。而以往想要新建个“doc”文档,还需要打开Google Drive,现在可通过链接,直接创建使用新文档。除了doc.new以外,用户还可以使用,,presentation.new等等。

(2018.12.7) It's a crazy world! Netherlands-based Euronext operates on country extension domain but wanted, so early this year it used UDRP to try to grab, which was actually a China-based active business providing cryptocurrency services. The case was denied.



Every startup should own a domain

(2018.12.8 Sat) Are you running your business from your own domain? If you are serious about the long-term future of your business, you need to acquire your domain and build the foundation at this digital address.(Read)

China's 7Fresh shows even poor startups can get a good domain

(2018.12.1 Sat) Many startup founders are rich in ideas but short in cash, so spending money on a good domain is often the last thing to consider. Today's story from China will give you ideas to acquire a good domain for as little as $10.(Read)

Few tips to make your digital address stand out in ads

(2018.11.24 Sat) Domains were introduced over 30 years ago, yet many corporate executives still do not know how to write their digital address (domain) to make it stand out in ads and bring consumers directly to their online store. I felt strongly about this issue when I was visiting Japan lately. Here are some examples of digital addresses in the ads I saw while riding the subway in Tokyo.(Read)

If a crazy, stupid name/domain could become a global brand...

(2018.11.17 Sat) Such unfriendly words were given to Jack Ma in the early days of Alibaba, and the words referred to the name "ali baba". Nevertheless, the name went on to become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. What about a domain you just made up and registered for $10?(Read)

The puzzling logic of asking public help desks to find your own address (domain)

(2018.11.10 Sat) I just came back from visits to Japan and Taiwan. Because I have worked and lived in these two places, it's always a pleasure to visit them again -- if only for their delicious foods. However, what I saw there suggests that the global domain market is still in its early stage, despite the fact that domains have been available since 1985. I was shocked to see how little many companies there understand domains and their effective use in advertising.(Read)