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July, 2021

Each month 10 stories are selected for your reading pleasure.


Atom Drive is a science fiction about a space race where the tortoise outmaneuvers the hare playing dirty tricks. Two pictures. (Read)
Not Pretty But Precious is a lovely story about how a plain looking girl wins the heart of a handsome man of fortune and social position. No picture. (Read)
The Women-Stealers of Thrayx is a science fiction about aliens on the Thrayxi planet stealing women for a special purpose. Few pictures. (Read)
How to Live on 24 Hours a Day is a practical guide to making the best use of the 24 hours available each day to improve yourself. No picture. (Read)
What You Can Do With Your Will Power teaches you simple rules on how to succeed in life. Russell Conwell is most famous for his Acres of Diamonds lecture. Two pictures. (Read)


Simple Simon is a series of silhouettes about a small boy called Simon. Many pictures. (Read)
Children's Hour with Red Riding Hood and Other Stories is a collection of five children stories with many beautiful pictures. (Read)
The Monkey's Frolic is a humorous picture story about a monkey and his playmate cat curing a patient by accident. Many pictures. (Read)
The Aesop for Children contains many well known fables such as The Hare And The Tortoise. Over a hundred of beautiful pictures. (Read)
The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Jr. is a story about the adventure of the cat Puss Junior. Many pictures. (Read)


In 2010, I came across Project Gutenberg where you can find thousands of interesting stories to read free of charge. So, I decided to help by selecting some of the stories and formatting them for easy reading on mobile phones and tablets: one set of images for phones and one set for tablets.

On February 8, 2011, I published the first story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Since then, I have created hundreds of stories.

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